I Pity the Fool Who Gets to Look at My Autopsied Brain…


Anyone recognize the following few bars of this song…hmmm?

I could wile away the hours
Conferrin’ with the flowers
Consultin’ with the rain
And my head I’d be scratchin’
While my thoughts were busy hatchin’
If I only had a brain

I’d unravel any riddle
For any individ’le
In trouble or in pain

I would not be just a nuffin’
My head all full of stuffin’
My heart all full of pain
I would dance and be merry
Life would be a ding-a-derry
If I only had a brain

It has become my theme song these days as I have told so many stupid stories lately — my brain is full to the max and I’m overloading my senses and my multi-tasking meter is in the red zone – It’s one stupid thing after another.

This will be a short post because I simply can’t add to the picture below – the pic itself is a re-creation for your viewing pleasure but I TRULY DID THIS last evening as I was getting ready to leave the family room to go upstairs to bed.  And I remarked to Devoted Spouse, gawd why does my foot hurt – and he couldn’t believe what I had done.  So without further ado…here is the latest in the evergrowing list of Stupid Things Linda Has Done Lately…


Not that it isn’t obvious to the most casual observer, but check the right foot.  I have absolutely no defense.  I need 24-hour surveillance in a room where I won’t hurt myself.  God obviously knew what He was doing when He gave me no children – at least I haven’t passed on my stupid gene to another generation.  Gah…..


12 thoughts on “I Pity the Fool Who Gets to Look at My Autopsied Brain…

  1. Bwahahahahaha! Oh Linda! Linda, Linda, Linda! You crack me up! You SO need a break. And some sandals to replace those flip flops!
    I have come to the agonizing decision that I will take this upcoming semester off as a break and return to school in January. I cannot wear sandals because I suffer from plantars faschitis – no arches – these flip flops are specially made with arch support and I love them – so I simply need to pay closer attention to where I’m putting my silly chubby little toesies! LOL

  2. Love the color.
    Wish I could do it myself – I have to pay for this because my eyes are so bad that when I get that close I can’t focus right even with bifocals and I end up painting everything BUT my toenails~! Ah the joys of aging…

  3. I think maybe you need to stop wearing flip flops. That would take care of that toe problem.
    That will happen very soon as it’s already getting chilly here in Ohio – then it’s time to break out the ugly Crocs which I will wear daily regardless of fashion coz they feel soooo good (like my flip flops). I’m all about comfort these days.

  4. I might comment after I pick myself up from the floor and stop giggling… 🙂
    Don’t think we didn’t laugh coz we did – neither one of us could believe I had done that and didn’t realize it till it hurt – okay maybe I knew I was capable of this nonsense…I just need a break I’m hoping…

  5. ROFLMAO………..now crying cause I have done that before…..back to LOL….oh okay, it actually took me a few minutes of looking at the picture to try and figure out what was wrong, so what does that say about my brain. I could not figure it out, and kept thinking about how could that nail polish cause your feet to hurt. Then I was looking at your ankles trying to see what was wrong. Still no clue and I had to just keep staring at the right foot because you said it had something wrong, and then finally the light clicked on.

    So I just had to laugh and laugh and laugh at my stupidity along with what you did.

    You do need a break. And I think the swelling is finally starting to go away since I am no longer eating any fresh garlic or cayenne pepper rubbed on the meat that hubby is cooking. Hives are still there, but not as bad. I’m afraid to look in the mirror, maybe in a few more days.

    God bless.
    Now I KNOW we are long lost sisters since it took me about as long as it took you to figure out what the problem was. Gah….I am taking this upcoming semester off and God willing (my back) will take a few short trips around the local area w/hubby to see the fall colors and rest up. Then I’ll go back to school in January. Nobody said I had to get this degree done quickly. Actually nobody said I needed this degree at all; my own stupid bull-headed idea. There is a distinct possibility I won’t finish and ya know that idea doesn’t bother me either. I’d like to get my back in some type of shape where I could find a part time job and be productive again. I need my life back as I know you understand. Glad you don’t suffer quite so much from the “celebrity over-collagen” fat lip syndrome — now watch out for that garlic in future pls so we don’t go through this again. Love ya!

  6. OMG, I’m cracking up here in Kansas…. but look at all the entertaining blog stories your brain has been providing…. LOL. 🙂
    Hi sweeetie – I’m so glad u made it back to the land of OZ safe and sound – I got such a kick out of the pictures — those first couple of pics with just our bellies had me in stitches – and the next few with us stooping down thinking our heads would get cut off were even funnier – I look like a 3ton grizzly bear with my big ole butt jutting out – what a hoot — finally we stood up and those were some nice pics! I had such a wonderful time having coffee with you – love ya tons! Hugs!

  7. Hi Linda, this is Mari’s friend. The neighbor around the corner.
    And a comment…
    Linda – I recognized the song and when I seen those pretty toes, somewhat off kilter – yah I kinda laughed, like one of those where you get choked! Like Mari, I admired the color, then choked. Us gals have our priorites. Color first, we notice silly later.
    Nice to meet you.
    Hi Judi welcome to my little piece of insanity. They were certainly off kilter – couldnt figure out for the life of me why my toes hurt – duh. I took a pic today of my nicely-colored toes in the proper order in flip flops and put it up on Twitter and we laughed about it. I really DO know how to put on my shoes…I just need a little break – I’m kinda runnin on empty and when I get this tired I start doin some really stupid things…stick around heaven only knows what’s next! Thanks for visiting; and it’s very nice to meet a friend and neighbor of my friend Mari – she’s such a swee’pea and she always makes me giggle!

  8. Linda, I’d like to linger, but can’t. Loved the blog, the photo and, I understand: I, too, sometimes feel that I could use a “keeper”. Love, Mary
    That’s the word I was searching for – a keeper – I need a handler, too, and a long tether would probably be a good idea; that way I can’t wander off too far. Hugs, Linda

  9. You do NOT look like a 3 ton grizzly bear. We both looked pretty silly stooping down for the pic since we thought our heads would get cut off again. Pretty funny schtuff.

    I had sooooo much fun meeting you, that it hit me… me and MLS are not that far from one another when she’s in OK working (only 3 hrs). So we’re going to see if we can hook up in the weeks to come. I hope we can, I don’t envy her crazy, busy life!! :-0

    Sweet dreams tonight, enjoy watching Survivor. I’m going to make an early night of it I think…
    Okay, maybe 2 ton. Close enough. LOL I just had so much fun-it was like I’d known you always, not just met you – isn’t that the great part of being bloggy friends? We get to know each other so well before we even meet. I want to come to OK or TX and meet MLS, too – she’s been awful good to me during my many months of recovery – all of you have been so supportive. One of these days… Hugs!

  10. Linda, just play it off like it is a new fashion trend. I mean after all, people have gone crazy for Crocs. Just try not to look like you are in pain as you tell friends and family how wonderfully better this way of wearing flip flops works and most importantly, looks.

    And really, nothing you do is stupid when compared to Pelosi, Reid, Obama, etc….
    Well, thanks for putting it into perspective — thank you for SO not comparing me to Pelosi (oh just the thought of that over-Botoxed broad makes me break out into a sweat mustache…) And I’ll bet I could start a new trend coz I just know there are people dumb enough to do something like what I did and actually think it’s trendy. Gah….people are SO like sheep it scares me kiddo. I really need to get to your broadcast — I’ve been so overwhelmed by not feeling good and by school I don’t have the time to visit my bloggy friends hardly at all – I get through part of my list and have to go back to studying. Taking next semester off and hope to “catch” you then coz I check in on you occasionally and you’re really telling it like it is and I only wish more would listen to you (and to me of course) sweetie – Love ya!

  11. I am so glad you are taking a semester off. I’ve been concerned cause you’ve been sounding more and more like a woman who has cut her candle in two and is burning all four ends.

    Taking advantage of being older than you, I can say for sure, the pace I kept up in my 20’s is long gone. I take a lot more time to do things now, and I do less, but the upside is that I enjoy what I am able to do more.
    Thank you for being concerned – I know I’m pushing myself way too hard. School would not have been an issue had I not been STILL healing and recovering from this stupid broken back. I think when you feel in pain it raises your stress level; add to that the stress of being under a severe time limit (an 8 week semester) to learn a tremendous amount of information (3 different textbooks plus outside references) and produce a large amount of work (2 weekly discussion questions of 400 words each PLUS a reply to at least 2 other students) AND a 20 page research paper with at least 6 scholarly (not Wikipedia nonsense) sources, then top it off with I’m NOT 20 years old – I’m in my mid 50s, and yes you have the recipe for complete and total meltdown which is my destination if I dont stop and take this next semester off. I’m glad that I recognize this – I see it in my relationships, I see it in my health (me who loves to eat is not eating), I see it in my lack of happy-spiritedness and I see it in the fact I am thinking of closing this blog down because I’m not finding much funny. You are so right – I’m burning all four ends and that behavior stops in a little over 3 and one half weeks when this course is DONE – I dont even care what my grade is – I simply wish to pass and be done with it. We’ll worry about the next 8 courses in January and in the meantime I shall keep working on recovering my health and strength and continue to pray that my healing is granted and my life is returned to me in a somewhat normal fashion! LOL I’m truly thankful for your concern – I love all my bloggy friends! Hugs!

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