The Immortal Wisdom of EmmaLou

I have decided that lately my life is akin to blueberries.  Now I love blueberries; in fact, I eat them every morning for breakfast with my cottage cheese.  But blueberries are sneaky little devils; they have a tendency to slip away from you and roll down the kitchen sink as you rinse them.  Sometimes they drop off your spoon and land on your nice white tee shirt and in the process of retrieval they get a bit squished and leave that indelible mark — the blueberry stain on your nice white tee shirt.  For me the true hallmark of life and blueberries is what happened this morning when EmmaLou encountered her first blueberry.

As I sat in my comfy chair this morning, listening to the distant snores of Devoted Spouse as he took the first of his naps on the family room couch, I was visited by my wandering Golden Destroyer.  We all know that dogs have an extraordinary sense of hearing and that their little precious noses can smell things we can’t even think of let alone detect.  But what you don’t know is that EmmaLou is ever at Alert Mode for the drop of anything that might possibly be edible anywhere in the house at any time.  She can particularly note the loss of one Good N Plenty as it slips through the cushions of my comfy chair onto the floor and she always knows if an errant M&M has landed on the carpet (at which time I will race frantically to retrieve said M&M so she doesn’t consume chocolate in any form because we all know it can be dangerous to dogs).

Anyway, here I was in my comfy chair this morning enjoying (some would wonder why given the contents of the bowl) my cottage cheese and blueberries when one little blueberry slipped off my spoon and in typical slow motion fashion made its way toward the carpet.  It plopped with not a sound, cushioned by the fabric on the floor.  I didn’t hear it, Devoted Spouse certainly didn’t hear it, and there were no complaints from the neighbors.  But the little blueberry’s arrival on the carpet coincided exactly with the arrival of EmmaLou who made a beeline straight for the blueberry.

What’s funny about this is her reaction — she has never eaten a blueberry to my knowledge.  As she was rapidly approaching this “dropped food treasure” she stopped and assumed the prone position in front of the blueberry.  She layed there a moment and simply studied it.  Now this is the same animal who will scoop up a half dead fly from the floor and gulp it down greedily, snarf up a piece of dog fur or some lint and greedily swallow it as if it was the nectar of the gods, and of course there’s her penchant for rabbit pellets (her particularly favorite treat).  Yet this blueberry had her puzzled.  Was it edible?  She nudged it with her nose and it rolled away – was this a new toy?  I sat here fascinated and decided to watch this unfold and not interfere.

And then she did the one thing I wasn’t prepared for…she smacked it with her paw.  Do you know how much damage one simple little blueberry can do to a carpet?  After smooshing it thoroughly into the carpet she looked up at me, then down at the blueberry, and then she simply turned her paw sideways and licked the remains of the blueberry from her pads.  She looked up at me again as if to say, “Mission Acomplished,” and she left me the task of removing the blueberry stain from the carpet.

The moral of this story is life is like blueberries – you simply must be willing to smash one occasionally and put up with the stain in the process.  One can learn alot from one’s dog.


8 thoughts on “The Immortal Wisdom of EmmaLou

  1. Loved this – dogs can certainly teach us a lot and they can be so funny too. I recall a family dog of ours who was given the dregs of a glass of advocaat to lick. She went nutty – snorting and running round in circles!
    Hi Tony – I learn from her on a daily basis – if only she could talk!

  2. All comfy in your chair, thinking “Aww, isn’t Emma Lou cute sniffin that blueberr…Hey! what the?” as she smashes it into the carpet. *sigh* Pets gotta love `em.
    She constantly amazes me – I guess it seemed like the best thing for her to do at the time. LOL

  3. I just watched the I Love Lucy Show… is how you do it, Mom….. see!
    Yes I can just see her stomping the blueberries…accckkkkk

  4. “I wonder how loud she’ll scream if I splat this thing on her rug?” HEHEHE.

    Gavin and Patty have figured out that the grape tomatoes that have fallen on the ground are edible toys. However, they never go any that are still on the vines.
    Well at least your garden is safe! LOL

  5. Crap…I hate not being able to edit a comment…”they nevet go after any that are…”
    Oh c’mon it’s often the typos that are the funniest part…hmmm… are we having fun yet?

  6. I think dogs were put on this earth for the amusement of us humans.
    At times I think it’s the other way around judging by how she watches me…

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