How Hard Can it Be to Order a Pizza?

pic from Pizza Hut

pic from Pizza Hut

I picked up the phone to order a pizza:

Pizza girl:  Hello, Pizza Joint, is this for carry-out, delivery – or dine-in?

Me:  (thinking to myself;  if it was dine-in wouldn’ t I already BE there?)  It’s for carry-out.

Pizza girl:  Okay, Whadd’ya want?

Me:  What types of crust do you have?

Pizza girl:  *Deep sigh* – regular thin, that’s like no crust, ya know?  Then we have deep dish or pan…

Me:  Stop – I’ll take a pan pizza please with Italian sausage and extra cheese.

Pizza girl:  So you want cheese on it?

Me:  I not only want cheese, I want EXTRA cheese.   Please.

Pizza girl:  What size?

Me:  Large

Pizza girl:  Okay so that’s a large pan pizza w/Italian sausage and extra cheese.  That’s $16.64.  Or do you want it for $13.64?

Me:  Huh?

Pizza girl:  It’s either $16.64 or $13.34, which do you want?

Me:  What’s the difference?

Pizza girl:  $3.00

Me (internally hemorrhaging):  No, why the difference in price?

Pizza girl:  It’s $16.64 for the first pizza and $13.64 for the second pizza.

Me:  You never said anything about two pizzas; I only want one pizza.

Pizza girl:  Okay, $16.64 and it’ll be ready in 15 minutes.

Scene change:   I hang up and wonder why I even tried this.  A few minutes later I get in car and go off toward Pizza  Joint.

I arrive at Pizza Joint and am met at counter by Pizza boy.

Pizza boy:  Yeah?

Me:  I ordered a pizza; name is Linda.

Pizza boy:  It’ll be about 15 minutes.


Pizza girl enters:  What’s your name again?

Me:  LINDA!!!!!!

Pizza girl:  Oh, here it is over here.

Me:  Thank you and have a lovely night – buh-BYE!

Minimum wage is well earned by these two since they obviously excel in doing the minimum.  Gah…..


4 thoughts on “How Hard Can it Be to Order a Pizza?

  1. that’s why I order online for delivery and try to talk to others as little as possible. they are all morons.
    I’ve tried ordering online and had so many difficulties you wouldn’t believe. I think I’ll start making my own.

  2. LOL! That’s why I let Dear Hubby do the ordering…I hate dealing with morons.
    Life is chocked full of morons lately it’s true. Hubs shouldn’t be trusted with the ordering; he can’t hear so goodness knows what we’d end up with! LOL

  3. I’m doing a little “catch up” reading and it seems you’re having a lot of issues with a lot of people. Ha! Maybe you need a break……from people.

    That’s what I’m taking, ya know?
    I’d like several breaks please – I wanted to go to Savannah on vacation but the back isn’t going to allow it. We’ll get away for a few days and relax but no long trips. School is stressing me and that’s part of my troubles with people; I simply don’t have the patience to put up with the nonsense right now. Just gimme my dang pizza! LOL

  4. Now if you were in my neck of the woods, this would start out with “XXX Pizza – hold please.” And then you would listen to advertising for a long time.
    This one actually asked me if I wanted to hear the specials and I declined. I filled out the survey online from my receipt and tonight I got a call from some survey company used by Pizza Hut and I gave this guy some honest answers and said they need to train their folks much better in customer service and also teach them how to pay attention! He asked me what the liklihood was that I would order from Pizza Hut in the future and I told him it was slim to none.

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