Hi! Would You Take Our Survey? Oh Yeah Would I Ever!

pic courtesy of:  home.btconnect.com/pos/

pic courtesy of: home.btconnect.com/pos/

Took a trip to Office Despot the other day as I was running out of ink.  Need ink to print out the numerous pages of the research paper I’m working on.  Especially now that my quotations key has been fixed by a very nice young man at a local computer store  (example of Good Customer Service; he didn’t even charge me!) I am typing fast and furious and printing like the dickens.  Ink runs out fast these days.

So off to Office Despot I go with my sticky note reminding me what type of ink cartridge I need and another note that I need some new Pentel R.S.V.P. ballpoint pens as I’m running low.

In Office Despot, nobody said hi to me.  Issue Number One.  Normally, someone greets you — this time there wasn’t anybody around except one clerk and he looked bored.

I go to the Pen Aisle and much to my dismay there are no Pentel R.S.V.P. ballpoint pens – no  – everything is either a Bic (piece of crap in my humble opinion) or a Uni-Ball (love them but they’re expensive).  So I end up buying a package of five Uni-Ball pens (at over $7.00 ouch) and I go off to get my ink cartridge.

I take my purchases to the counter with the bored-looking clerk.  He asks me if I found everything I needed and I said no and he never asked me what I didn’t find.  Issue Number Two.  He then asked me if I had my handy dandy Office Despot Rewards Advantage Whatever-the-Heck-They’re-Calling-It-These-Days card with me and I replied  that yes, in fact I did but Office Despot had the incorrect name on my card.  I mentioned to him I had emailed Office Despot; I had called the 800 number a long time ago and been assured it would be fixed and a new card with the correct name (Linda versus Unda) would be sent to me but it never arrived.  He looked at me and said something to the effect of “You think you got problems?  They can’t even get my name right on my paycheck!”   That became Issue Number Three.

I’m not making this up.  What the blue blazes kind of customer support is that and why on God’s green earth would I give a flip about the name on his paycheck?  Gah…..I about lost my religion.  I paid for my purchase; he actually put my incorrectly named card in the bag with my purchase – so I had to take it out and put it in my wallet.  Duh.  Then I left Office Despot.

Why do I put myself through this?  Because Staples is farther away.  Staples is a nicer store; it’s better stocked; its clerks know their business and the prices are competitive, but Office Despot is convenient.  I never seem to remember however that Office Despot simply makes me madder than a hornet.

Oh, BTW I actually got through to a real live person on the Office Despot 800 number and she assures me I’ll get a new card with the name Linda not Unda in about 6 weeks.  Uh-huh.  Sure I will.

The receipt had a website which asked if I would take a brief survey about my service at Office Despot and I might win tons of money — oh I took their survey – I made my comments – after I told them what I felt they needed to hear there’s about as much chance of my winning any money from them as there is that I will grow 3 inches and lose 30 pounds by tomorrow morning.

As my dear departed Grandfather would have said, “This country is going to hell in a handbasket.”   At least I’m thankful my quotation key works again because I truly need that key for my research paper — research papers are just chocked full of quotes and you need the little marks.  If a keyboard key has to go Tango Uniform why can’t it be the ^ key?  I never use that one.  Maybe that’s why it works so well.

I just found a receipt from Target and I have another survey to take now so I’ll talk to you later after I let them know what they’re doing wrong, too.

Moral of the story?  Never ask a woman low on estrogen to take a survey — you may not like her answers.


13 thoughts on “Hi! Would You Take Our Survey? Oh Yeah Would I Ever!

  1. I found that I could buy my printer ink from Target. You’d have thought I had won the lottery. That is how much I hate Office Depot.
    Target doesn’t carry mine; nor does WallyWorld or any other place – it’s a Canon and they carry some but never the specific ones I need, of course. Grrrrr. Maybe I need a new printer?

  2. It is such a shame with all the people out there looking for jobs that you get such bad service. I really hope someone listens to your survey comments.
    I strongly suspect they will ignore me because they have such a large customer base they can get away with half-assed service – people need supplies and will still come back.

  3. The Last time I went to Office Depot I had to push my way through two employees who were arguing about which one of them was supposed to say Hello to the entering customers.

    Being over the top, it hit my funny bone and I doubled over with laughter. For the first time I laid eyes on the manager who was unable to find anything funny about his employees actions. Sad.

    And I was asked to leave! I drive the extra bit to Staples now.
    They ASKED you to leave!!! How dare they – I may start driving the extra miles to Staples just on that tidbit alone – that so galls me. I really hate giving business to someone who has lousy customer service; that’s why I have boycotted Best Buy for the last 5 years. I bought something there, and then discovered I had to buy certain accessories and THEN found out they couldn’t install this (it was a portable satellite radio at the time) and I went to the Manager who wasn’t there so I had to settle with the Assistant Manager – she was so snotty and rude and said pretty much she didn’t care and suggested I call the manufacturer and let them figure it out and would I leave because there were people in line behind me!!!! I turned around to the people in line and hollered out Ya’ll best listen real well to this discussion coz I’m just getting started. She wouldn’t give me her name – only her first name – but I gave her a piece of my mind and told her I was calling Corporate to file a complaint not only on the store but on her – and I told her I thought she was rude and should be fired. Then I left and the people behind me actually applauded. I went out to the parking lot, got in my car, got on my cell phone and I found their Corporate Headquarters and I really gave it to them and to make a very long story short – she ended up no longer working there. To that day I have NOT stepped foot in Best Buy and I never will again. If they don’t care about me, why should I give them my business? I’m just about done w/Office Despot for the same reason. Whew – sorry about that – really got me going! LOL

  4. We only have a staples in my area and it is close enough to drive too with out driving to Egypt but there price for my ink is to rich for my taste so I just go over to Wally World which trying to find someone to help you in the Electronics Dept is like looking for Waldo in Where’s Waldo books. But I do eventually find it because every time I go there it seems that things are moved around the store.. Have a great weekend
    For some strange reason I can never find this particular ink anywhere but Staples or Office Despot, and that drives me crazy – I think I need a new cheap printer just till I finish school – one that uses cheaper ink – coz the price is killing me!

  5. Believe it or not, the Staples stores around here sound like your Office Depots and the Office Depots here are great.
    Interesting how different stores don’t always follow the same customer service model as stores in differing locations? The Staples here has the nicest people and they are so helpful.

  6. Yes, Cronie, the pen is mightier than the sword.
    I also find that if service REALLY stinks, I will write down the employee’s name, date and time, and phone/email their corporate headquarters with my negative feedback.
    BTW, there are two STAPLES stores near me. One is awful, and the other is superb. I go out of my way to shop at the better one.
    I believe I am going to start driving further to get to Staples. Why go through this nonsense just because one store is closer. Dumb.

  7. You are too funny! Your moral of the story explains why I have been behaving this way:)
    It’s a daily event with me – I’m at the age where I no longer feel the need to explain my behavior and I always try to be as polite as possible when I’m explaining why someone or other at a retail establishment has burned me up! LOL

  8. “The customer is always right.”

    When I worked in retail, or any of the many other occupations I had, that was what we were instructed to remember.

    Many a time I plastered a smile on my face and treated everyone with respect no matter what.

    Things have certainly changed and not for the better.

    I find myself asking to talk to a manager or corporate headquarters far too often because the person I’m dealing with is rude or lazy.

    Anyone who has read my posts on how my MIL was treated at the nursing home/rehab hospital and what I did there knows that I have no qualms about asking for the respect due to me or my family.

    Three cheers for your response at Best Buy!

    I went to Macys one day, loaded with cash to pay for a new wardrobe since I was going to be starting a new job that needed dressier clothes than I owned at the time. I had just left work where I wore sweatshirts and jeans for the job (I worked with animals good clothes would be ruined in minutes.) No one would wait on me! I went up to the manager’s office and, just to be a stinker, I flashed a large wad of cash at him as I told him, “I was going to buy clothes today, lots of them. However, I couldn’t find a clerk who would wait on me. Now I’m taking my money to your competitor. Buh bye.”

    Elena, If any place dared to throw me out, the first words out of my mouth would be, “I’ll gladly leave but once I do you won’t be thrilled with what I have to say to your bosses. And, believe me, they will hear about this.”
    I LOVE the Macy’s story! I’m with you 100% and I think that in today’s world of social networking and the ability to get the message about lousy service instantly to millions of people thru Twitter or Facebook or whatever site, that companies would spend more time in training their employees. Twitter alone gives us so much consumer power – all I have to do is Twitter all my friends about lousy treatment somewhere and the world will soon know that Company XYZ just sucks and they may think twice about doing business there – and maybe Company XYZ will wise up. I love my consumer power and I love the fact I’ve gotten to the age where I’m no longer intimidated by people and I speak my mind (often too loudly) and no one will tell me to leave without facing serious repercussions these days. Whoa, jumping up on soap box again…simmer down girl…LOL

  9. I purchase over the web, that way I can only get mad at myself.

    Less stress as I go through this mid-life ##$%%^%
    I do alot of my shopping online also – especially books @ Amazon and other sites – I’m piling up reference books like soda pop cans in a recycling center. I’m going to be forced to take off next semester due to too many other financial obligations so at least I’ll have a break in my book-buying spree! But I LOVE to wander the aisles at the office supply places – I don’t know where it comes from but I’m totally addicted to office supplies – it’s a weird compulsion, I guess I could have worse vices. 🙂

  10. Hardware stores, my all time stop everything and I’m there place! Love it!
    Unfortunately around here most of the old-fashioned hardware stores are gone and have been replaced by The Big Orange Box of Toys (Home Depot for the uninitiated)…

  11. You’re low on estrogen? How about running on a completely empty tank? Ah, at least I have my memories, but come to think of it, my “tank” ran on low from the day I first learned what puberty was all about. I do, however commiserate with you on how quickly an ink cartridge empties itself of it contents.
    ink…estrogen…same difference. Having difficulty dealing with loss of both. LOL Hugs!

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