Mama Taught Me to be Nice Even if I Want to Smack Someone


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I spent a good part of my Labor Day laboring away at my schoolwork.  I couldn’t have chosen an easy Masters Program like a Master of Arts in Needle Threading or a Master of Science in Dog Behavior; no, I had to go the Theological route and this program contains a very complicated number of courses that one simply cannot breeze through.  It takes research, and with my tendency toward ADD, I will read something in a text which references a passage in Scripture and then I’m off to my bible to look that up and then I don’t understand it and I’m online looking up something else and that reference sends me to another resource book I may have on my shelf and this routine can go on and on and on and I end up only reading one or two pages of a text in the course of a hour.  Whew – it’s exhausting following all the branches on this tree of knowledge upon which I’m perched. (Ooooh I liked that sentence.)   Now, part of this education involves my having to find resource material in the form of tons of reference material and other books — books that cost alot of money — money that I don’t have because I quit my job 2 years ago when I was making mega-bucks as an overpaid defense contractor and am now anxiously awaiting returning to some type of work as my retirement fund is beginning to resemble the polar bear population (as in rapidly dwindling). Again, here goes my ADD acting up and I’m starting to get off subject.

Which (though that was a rather wordy intro), leads me to today’s subject:  bookstores.  My 6 faithful readers know I am an aficionado of – in fact I had a little tiff with them recently over a returned book and the fact they took a hefty deduction out of my refund for only-they-knew-what reasons – as I explained just how much money I give them on a regular basis and the access to Twitter I had where I would quickly tell the world how they were treating me unfairly and that it might possibly show up in my blog, lo and behold, I got not only the refunded deduction, I got the entire book refunded (and it was admittedly my fault for ordering 2 instead of 1 which I explained to them).  That put back on my good list of bookstores.  I like them because I can order source and reference material for school (which, being of a religious nature is sometimes difficult to find).  I also like Barnes & Noble (or Barnes & Nibble as Devoted Spouse calls them because we frequently stop for a coffee and a little scone after browsing) and Borders – but both of them are expensive even with frequent buyer discounts.  Anyway…

We have always had a Half-Price Bookstore in the Dayton area.  But recently the store moved a little closer to me in my very own suburb of Beavercreek.  This location is much larger, hence more books to peruse and yes they are half price.  The only problem is you take your chances on finding the book you want — they may have it; they may not.  I used to go to the old location and it was never overly crowded so I could take my time perusing the Religion section for texts and references and, of course, the mystery section for all my favorite mystery writers.

I went to the new location twice over this holiday weekend and twice I thought I might lose a limb.  There were so many people that they actually shoved one another to get to books.  What is this?  I know the economy is bad, but c’mon it’s just a book!  Today I loaded up some of my own books and sold them there and got enough money back to buy 3 new religious source books for my upcoming research paper.  Yay me.  The problem was I had to ask 3 gentlemen to move out of the aisle of books I was searching through — they weren’t looking at books; they were just hanging out in one of the Religion alcoves jabbering on about one author versus another, but not actually looking at the books and I was on a mission.  You would have thought I asked them to move a tractor trailer with their bare hands – it was that big a deal.  I politely asked that if they weren’t actively searching for books, to please take their conversation to another part of the store because it was entirely too crowded and I really was looking for a specific book.  Was I wrong?  I don’t think so.  One guy shot me such a look – had I not been in the Religion section I would have gone up one side of him and down the other but I simply smiled and said “Please”?  They started to leave, but I heard one of them call me a name on his way out the alcove and I found that upsetting.  No, what I found upsetting was my instant reaction to go after him and smack the crap out of him, but I remembered I was looking for Christian material and I was going to be Christian about it and turn the other cheek.  And I did.  As he was leaving that particular book area, I moved a little and showed him my cheek(s). I saw him on the sidewalk on my way out of the store – in fact, he tripped over the curb and as I walked past him I might have casually remarked quietly,  “God doesn’t like ugly.”


11 thoughts on “Mama Taught Me to be Nice Even if I Want to Smack Someone

  1. I realized what I like about your posts (speaking of ADD) is that you do follow a logical course, but in the process, you address like 10 topics. That’s what I found interesting! I used to teach a class for parents of kids with mental illnesses, and we would get off on the most interesting tangents and I finally decided I was much better leading a support group than teaching the class cause that way I didn’t have to stick to a topic.
    Ahh, someone finally noticed I follow many paths and wind around a few on the way to where I’m trying to go! Usually all my paths intersect somewhere along the way and lead to a point — usually. LOL

  2. Tears have welled up in my eyes as I am reading your post and saying….I’m not the only one. I am currently taking a Theology class and find myself doing the same as you. I can also relate to the bookstore incident as I have to remind myself that it is considered assault and I might go to jail. I wonder if anyone has every considered putting stop signs and traffic directors in their stores 😉 Thanks for the humorous and enlightening post.
    Hi sweetie – where are you going to school? And, no, you’re not alone! My undergraduate work was a piece of cake compared to this – and I had to do it part-time also – took me 6 years to finally get my B.S. – I only am allowed 5 years to complete this Masters – I have 4 classes done (almost) and 8 more to go and the hardest ones (two Systematic Theology) are still ahead of me. I’m currently slogging through Intertestamental Judaism and the New Testament. Ive done a class on Apologetics (for those of you who don’t understand this stuff, that means defense of the faith more or less), a study of early Christianity (history of the church basically) and a study of the Old Testament. I would like to double up, but there is simply too much work involved and I would like to also enjoy my life, ya know? LOL Thanks for visiting! Come back any time!

  3. May I suggest you also check out
    They sell used books and have an incredible inventory. Plus they are wonderful to deal with. I’ve used them for years and years.
    super – thanks!! I also heard about another one yesterday, a site called Have no knowledge of it yet, though. Hugs!

  4. Dear Crone and Bear It, Sometime back in either 1956,7 or 8, my good friend and “would-be” mentor, a Doctor Fenton Russell, said to me, “Mary, you think you are thinking but you are not cogitating.” It took a bit of time, but starting in the early 1960s, I began cogitating and never ceased. Cogitating requires logic, lots and lots of logic. If you keep that in mind, you are on a road that few dare to travel. Logical thinking is sometimes, a lonely road. I’d like to reccomend one of my favorite “research” books: Man And His Gods by Homer W. Smith. It may be a bit difficult to find. My best to you. Mary from Meander With ME
    Hi Mary – I do both – I think AND I cogitate as I let my thinking meander (sorry for borrowing your word) around my brain and lead me to more questions and sometimes to conclusions. I’ve always been a cogitator – I like to let things percolate instead of just reading and automatically accepting someone else’s theory or concept. It has to make sense to me – that’s why I’m enjoying my Masters Program in Theology because there is so much there to cogitate and meditate on. Nobody knows all the answers except God and do I ever have some questions for when I finally get to meet him! Thanks for visiting – I’ve missed ya!

  5. See, that was one of those times you should have had your cane with you then you could have “accidentally” whacked him or at least tripped him with it and he would have deserved it.

    What are you planning to do with this degree? Did you go for this for your own enjoyment (?!) or did you have a specific job in mind?
    Nah, then I would have been no better than him really – it’s tempting, but I could have just as easily put my foot in his path, too. I’m really trying to be the “better” person here. As to the degree, I don’t know yet – maybe I’ll be able to teach somewhere – maybe it is just for my own edification, maybe it will lead to some type of ministry – I truly don’t know. At the moment I’m just trying to put one foot in front of the other and slog my way through it, coz this is some tough stuff to get your mind around. It’s a good thing I’m already a Christian so I don’t need any “proof” – there are just so many theories and concepts and ideas I never had a clue about before and it’s much harder in your 50’s to remember dates and people, than it was in your 20’s!

  6. I can’t help but feel sorry for rude people like that, it must be an awfully sad and lonely little world they live in to make them feel that way. Emily always tells me to be nice to nasty people. She says it scares the ???? out of them.

    So, you were a defence contractor – how exciting. My job is not quite so glamerous, I am a typist/filing clerk/coffee maker/photocopier/sandwich at lunch timer getter.

    I share your love of books though, I cannot afford to buy all I want but go to the library on a regular basis. In fact I still own the first book I ever bought with my first wage packet.

    Good luck with the degree, I am really proud of you.

    Take care Linda,
    Hi sweetie – Trust me being a defense contractor is not exciting – anything but – it started out fun – we had a great team and my husband was our manager – but as the years wore on, our customers became more difficult to deal with – and there were several that I considered dangerous – the environment became quite toxic and stressful to me – and I quit shortly after my husband retired. I have also done all those things you listed plus executive administrator, project manager, real estate sales, apartment rental; let’s see…I once ran a printing office, I was a civilian in the government for 15 years, I also was a paralegal for a bankruptcy attorney and a paralegal for a personal injury attorney and a few other odd jobs – now I’m just a lowly poor student and it’s one of the most difficult and challenging “jobs” I’ve ever held! LOL Hugs!

  7. Hey! I realized after I submitted it that I forgot to state that the tears were from laughing so hard. I am either scatter-brained or try to do more than I can at times. I will start on something and turn around and see something else and start on it then realize I was working on something else. As for college, I am taking courses through Liberty University’s online studies. Taking Theology 201 – started off rough- but was surprise when my grade posted for a paper I had to write last week. I was thinking it was going to be between a 70-80; yay, it was a 98. I’m still shocked. I will be receiving my Bachelor’s in Business Management this Dec/Jan. We have some required Biblical/Philosophy classes but I have taken several for my own choice. I am trying to balance school, 4 kids, husband, dog, housework, and online gift shop. Still I am contemplating the attempt at my Master’s. I have a couple of months to decide. Well got to get back to the daily grind. Have a great day.
    Holey Moley Batman – I assumed you were laughing not crying coz I made u sad. Whew thanks though for clearing it up. Are you ready for this??? I’m a student in Liberty’s Seminary!!! I’m currently working on a Master of Arts in Theological Studies and let me tell you kiddo – it’s hard, hard, hard. But worth it. So keep up the good work on your undergrad studies and go for your master’s — you’ll probably beat me at the rate I’m going! LOL Hugs!

  8. That’s awesome. I agree it has been a tough go and can only imagine how hard it must be for your Master’s. I doubt I will beat you to Master’s. I already know that if I do pursue my Master’s that I will not be taking more than 3 classes a semester if I am not working and if I am only 1 or 2. I have too much going on to overload my schedule. With the kids and their school work, my husband (who is taking Psych classes at Liberty), my sweet little Hershey dog, the online business, and everyday life, I have a full plate. Too many more classes and I will get burnout. Good luck to you on your studies, I know I have found some of the classes more enlightening, and they have allowed me to see things I, as an everyday person, would not have otherwise seen.
    What a cool coincidence we’re both going to the same basic university! Trust me kiddo, when u do your Masters don’t try more than 2 at a time – in my program I’ve been advised to do 1 at a time on most of them like Systematic Theology (there are 2 of these required) because the work is so intense – so much reading, Discussion Questions and each class requires a 20 page research paper, plus these require several article reviews and a 7 page book critique. That’s almost a full time job right there, believe me. My New Testament class is taking up alot of my free time and I really think I’m going to skip this upcoming semester (Oct-Dec) and just relax and keep healing my back because the stress really bothers my back. I need to see your online store – are u at Etsy?

  9. Yeah, I ended up taking off part of last spring and the summer when things were a little crazy and stressful. I am taking Theo 201 right now. I took BIBL 104 which is a short version/combo of Old and New Testament and also took the Creation Studies class. That was an awesome class. I also enjoyed Dr. Caner’s class. I am going to take BIBL 323 – The Book of John in October along with my final Business class. I have been reviewing the course syllabus for several of the Master’s classes and have noticed how much more is required for each. Like I said before, I am contemplating it and have a little bit of time to decide. My online store is at I have over 1000 items and am adding more as I can. Let me know what you think.
    I have made a note of your online store and promise to visit soon but today is WRITE PAPER day and I truly have to get off this blog and off Facebook and stop Twittering and all the other fun stuff and get to work! Hugs!

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