Don’t Try This at Home…


I’ve had a few strange days lately; days when I’m not running all all cylinders and I’m certainly not making much sense.  This morning was one of those days.

All I wanted to do was make a pot of coffee – seems pretty simple.  I got the French Press out; I got the super airtight plastic bag filled with coffee beans out, and took the coffee grinder out of the cabinet and put it on the counter.  All ready to make the coffee.  I noticed that there were only a few beans in the bag – but I knew I had just opened a new shipment of my favorite Peet’s coffee and put the contents in an airtight  plastic bag stored in a basket on the counter.  So I emptied what remained of the first bag into the coffee grinder and went after the second bag of beans up in the basket.  As I opened the basket and turned it upside down to dump in the beans it suddenly hit me with a blinding flash.

Those weren’t coffee beans in that bag, they were chocolate covered graham crackers – specifically the diet kind.  And they were making their way in slow motion down the plastic toward my brand new Krups coffee grinder.  Ack.  What was going on in my brain and could I stop it in time before I ground up chocolate graham crackers instead of coffee beans?  The answer is yes, in the nick of time I snapped out of it and realized I had grabbed the wrong plastic bag – but in my defense it was a plastic bag and there were small items brown in nature inside and my brain equated that with coffee beans.

beans or cookies, what to do, what to do?

beans or cookies, what to do, what to do?

How does one retire one’s brain because I honestly think that’s what I need to do now; retire my brain.  Or at least send it on a little vacation of its very own.  Because somewhere along the way in this story I looked down and realized I had my flip flops on the wrong feet — oh those were my feet alright, but the left shoe was on the right foot. Now you might think with flip flops that’s not a big deal, but it was uncomfortable and it simply didn’t register why in my brain my feet hurt.  Gah…

I’m thinking this can be residue stress as a result of the massive refrigerator mess of 2009 – coupled with the fact I have studied my heart out and been doing very well, only to receive an 84 on a quiz Friday (which in the Seminary’s strange grading mind equals a “C” and in my mind should equal a “B”)  – yes, that has to contribute to my fuzzy headedness this morning.  Otherwise, I’m just going batty in my old age, and I’d rather not accept that just yet.

As for battiness, it isn’t just me – my laptop seems to have developed dementia all on its own – this morning as I opened my laptop the key which is used for double and single quotations (“,’) popped off and will not go back on — so as I use these grammatical marks I’m forced to hit this strange little button where the key once was – now I’ve been down this road before with this laptop – the “e” button popped off but I snapped it right back on.  Unfortunately, my quotation mark key isn’t in the mood to snap and if I glue it, well then it won’t work at all – I may be slightly challenged this morning but I’m not totally whacked out.  This is definitely going to slow down my typing – or I shall be forced to write without the use of quotations or contractions.

Dell makes crap keyboards, yes that's key that fell off

Dell makes crap keyboards; yes there is the key that fell off

At least if I get my homework reading done this morning, I can reward myself with watching Ohio State beat the pants off the Navy today.  Or I can sit here and figure out how to toss this laptop and its quotation key out my front door without further damaging my back or the door – should probably open it first, eh?

For the safety of all of you I’m staying inside today.  Carry on.



6 thoughts on “Don’t Try This at Home…

  1. I have the exact same problem with my laptop, although it is the F12 key that has popped off. I don’t know what it does so I am not too worried about it.

    If it makes you feel better I quite often put my tops on inside out.
    thank u that makes me feel just a little less inclined to drop off the edge of the earth today. 🙂

  2. just what I needed. A bit of humor, not that I’m in a bad mood. Quite the opposite. You did, however, give me cause to be happy with my simple “plug in” coffee dripulator and a jar of Maxwell House coffee I keep in the refrigerator. A simple solution for someone like me who likes life, at least in my old age, simple.
    Glad to be of service although how you can think Maxwell House tastes like coffee is beyond me. Then again, forgive me, I’m a total coffee snob. LOL Good to see you my friend! Take care.

  3. Sad to say, but I do stuff like this all the time these days. I wonder what kind of crap I’m turning out at work. I used to be so detail oriented and I could concentrate so well. No more. They laugh at me at work cause I always have about 10 different programs open at once and I tell them I have late-in-life ADD. I do think it’s hard to be studying when you’re not 20 anymore.
    I tend to do nothing or take on everything at once and that’s what does it to me stresswise. That and this stupid quotation key that wont work right. Gah….

  4. “Holy Saturday night Batman, there seems to be a number of mid-life women who are …….are……”
    “Your right Robin. Run for your life! Things could get ugly!”
    LOL I’m just one big silly slobbering mismatched out of step mess! I have no doubt it will only worsen – oh yippee skippee I’ll just start wearing my underwear on my head now and get it over with!

  5. I know whenever I do something really stupid (like put my blackberry in the washing machine) that I’ve got too much on my mind. I think that’s what’s happend to you do, my dear. You’ve had one repair disaster after another all while trying to cope with injuries. I think you should pat yourself on the back that you can tell the difference …..eventually between cookies and coffee. Now sit down and enjoy them both.
    I agree with you; 2009 has not been a banner year for me and it has been one crisis after another. I am resolved in my faith, in remaining calm, in prayer for strength and renewal of spirit and I’m not going to let this get me down; although I will admit I’m getting a little irritated at the callus that’s forming on my finger every time I hit the quotation key spot which is now just this thing jutting out of the keyboard since the actual key fell off. Life is full of stupid little problems and I’m going to rise above them, press on and know that it will get better. I read a story this morning about a local man who a year ago fell off his bike and broke his neck – the doctors told him he’d never walk again. He is now getting ready to run a half-marathon. If he can persist in coming back from that injury, then I can certainly persist and keep working on getting better from my own injury; one step at a time, one walk at a time. Yikes, I’m getting as wordy in my comments as our friend Mrsupole! LOL Hugs!!

  6. When I was about 7 or 8 I had the job of putting sugar on the strawberries and bananas that my father had sliced and put into a bowl, He left the kitchen to answer the door so needless to say I was unsupervised for a brief moment. I grabbed the tupperware container of sugar so I thought it was OH NO!! it was the salt oops in my defense they both looked the same and the labels were worn off no one knew that I put salt on them instead of sugar until we sat down to eat them..
    Bet ur dad was surprised as he ate the fruit! I’m thinking SmartMouthBroad has the right idea – just too much is going on in my life at one time and I’m again getting flustered – so it’s time to slow down, calm down, and concentrate on what is important in my life and let some things just go. And at least I caught it in time or I would have had a heck of a mess to clean up in the coffee grinder – yuk! LOL

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