I Never Learn, Do I?

GE Profile refrig

I told myself I would NEVER buy another GE Profile refrigerator.  But what did I do 6 years ago when we moved into this house?  Yup – I bought another GE Profile refrigerator.  Idiot.  I never learn from past mistakes.

The above refrig/freezer side-by-side is a bit hard to see (white on white background) but it’s what died on me sometime last night and left my kitchen a sopping mess and ruined lots of food…grrrr… When it died, it was only 6 years old and had a 5-year extended warranty – of course – my luck you know.  Let me reiterate that this is a GE Profile.  This is the second meltdown we’ve had with this one but the first time wasn’t its fault – it was because our power was out from the remnants of Hurricane Ike for 4 days and of course we had a wet, sopping mess and ruined food then, too.  BUT, this is the second GE Profile that has broken — I bought one when I had my prior house – same type- side by side and it had a defect that GE knew about but told all retail centers NOT to fix until it broke – ours broke, the freezer stopped working and that time I lost about $1,000 worth of food.  Insurance maintained it was an Act of God.  I kid you not.  I figured God owed me about a thousand bucks worth of food.  This is so not fun.

So the moral of the story comes early in this story – stay away from GE Profile anything.  My last stove (came with the house) also was a GE Profile and the oven stopped working last January — I have since replaced it with a Jenn-Air.

The dishwasher was replaced last year and it’s a GE but not a Profile and I have my fingers crossed.  We also just replaced the furnace and air conditioner. Those are Maytags (and the ac broke down the first week).   In other words, I’m running out of money because everything in this house is breaking within a one year time frame.

The only thing we haven’t replaced is the water heater and I just told Devoted Spouse that within the next couple of months I’m performing a pre-emptive strike – I’m going to replace a perfectly working water heater because I cannot live with the thought each night as I go to bed that the next morning I might find a flooded basement.  The water heater came with the house — I don’t care how long they’re supposed to last — we are investing in a new one soon.  Then and only then will I be able to rest easy at night – knowing all appliances are relatively new and under warranty.  By that time we’ll probably lose the house to a unexpected earthquake with my luck.

There’s still that little pesky problem of the water stain on the living room ceiling which hints at a roof issue – but since it hasn’t actually started to physically leak, I’m going to let that go a little longer.  I’m not wealthy, nor am I employed.

Now I have to decide should I take the vacation in October to Savannah GA (potential retirement site) or pay my tuition?  I’m thinking I’ll skip this next round of classes and go relax in Savannah for awhile.  🙂

french door fridgeI couldn’t find a picture of the exact model but the above is representative of what I bought this morning – a black Kenmore French Door fridge/freezer – the bottom is the freezer so the top both sides open up and that is the fridge part and that part is big enough for trays and nice long items.  There’s a water dispenser but it’s inside the door not on the outside and the icemaker is below not on the door.  I have no problem with that – this actually has more usable room for both refrigerator and freezer than my side-by-side which is chopped up space.  It still set me back $2,000 even with sales, and discounts – thank goodness for 12 months-same-as-cash offers!!  Yikes  – is nothing a reasonable price anymore in this country?  Plus I couldn’t even take advantage of the upcoming Government Rebate offer since I need it NOW. We have what we were able to salvage stuffed into two coolers.   Crapola.

I really need to win the lottery – oh yeah I bought a ticket for Tuesday’s drawing and haven’t looked at it yet.  Maybe I have a winner.  Yeah, and maybe my water heater will actually last another two months…


9 thoughts on “I Never Learn, Do I?

  1. I know the pain. Seems like everything that can break down after the warranty is over will break down. Murphy’s Law always wins.

    I wanted a refrigerator like that but they are about an inch and a half too large to fit into the space we have for it since it sits in a cubby like space in our kitchen.

    I don’t blame you for wanting to replace the water heater before it breaks down especially with the luck you have had lately.

    I’d take the trip too.
    Actually it is taller, but it’s just taller at the front where those little plastic top corner pieces are so it still fits in the space and sticks out from the side cabinet about 1/2 inch which is not big deal to me. I just want it here and then I get to go replace all the food we lost. Gah… I’m taking the trip!!!! I desperately need it.

  2. A trip! A trip! How fun! Oh…I can’t wait. Can I go! Plz..Plz…Plz…I need all that stuff replaced, but I rather take the trip!
    We got plenty of room, c’mon down!

  3. I love your new fridge- that is exactly what I want- but maybe shoot I’m blanking on the style- the silver one!
    Ya know I looked at the stainless steel version, but my stove/oven and my dishwasher are both black and I thought black would look better – that way while the manufacturers are different, everything still matches and looks cleaner. I love the new fridge too – if it would just get here. LOL

  4. I read in a magazine, or online somewhere in the last year, oldtimers licking in. Anyway it is the new strategic business model for appliance makers to make their products cheaper so sales keep clicking along.

    Somehow that sounds like the auto industry, I must be mistaken though, Ceo’s could not make such poor decisions as a whole could they?

    Well, I don’t know what world you live on, but in my world quality control no longer exists and items made that used to have a good “name” no longer are worth the exorbitant price you pay for them. We’ve lost our ability to care about what we do – in other words, just get the stuff done and who cares if it works or not? The CEO’s worry only about their own bottom line and, of course, bonuses. Yes, that’s the cynic in me coming out. I’ve just seen so much “crap” out on the market. So now, I’m forced into buying extended warranties – it’s such a racket and it just irritates the daylights out of me.

  5. Again, that’s what I’ve heard about the GE Profile line.

    We have an Amana…..12 years old. It’s a freezer on the bottom which is an awesome design. However, the refrigerator is not working right…..warms the stuff on the top (spoils milk) and freezes my veggies. I’ve been waiting to buy a new one, not knowing which to buy. I’d love the French doors but don’t think I have room. As for the cost, you use it all day every day, amortize it and it’s not such a bad deal.
    News flash – the french doors are the same size as my old side-by-side; it’s just that they both open onto a refrigerator, with a drawer on the bottom that pulls out and is the freezer. The “box” itself is the exact same dimensions as our old refrig – but with the french door arrangement you have more usable space because the shelves are the width of the refrigerator instead of being chopped up between one side refrigerator and one side freezer. I’m tickled pink with this – I just wish they’d hurry up and get here!

  6. I would love a freezer on the bottom. We bought a freezer on top last time; not a side by side, and I’m telling you, I break my back every time I need something in that damn fridge – it’s a built-in and it’s right next to the wall and we curse every time we go in there. GE used to have such a good reputation. It’s sad that they have gone downhill.
    I will never buy a GE product again as long as I live. That pretty much sums up how I feel.

  7. Okay, don’t hate me too much, but I say get the possible leak in the roof fixed. Do it now before it costs you five times as much to fix. Winter is coming, but not soon enough for me and with it will come rain (for where you are, not for where I am), which means if you wait, then you might have a flood from above. And you still might have enough saved for the vacation.

    Or just go to GA and do some house hunting. You might get a very long vacation. Sigh.

    Congrats on the new fridge, I hope this one lasts longer then the last one. That is the same style that I have and the only thing I miss is that it does not crush ice like the ice dispensers in the door. The one thing you will like is that because you use the fridge more then the freezer, you do less bending over and that should be good for your hip and back. Plus if you have something wide to put in there then you have a place to put it. Something you cannot do with a side by side. And hopefully this one is not made by GE.

    I totally understand about the warranty thing. I think things made today are only made to last as long as the warranty that they give you. Everything we own practically breaks down within a year of the warranty ending. The companies seem to do this to force us to have to spend money again to buy a new one. I call this the Warranty Merry-Go-Round. We hopped on the ride when we bought something and when we try to jump off they just speed it up so we cannot get off. I am not sure what happened to their pride in making something that lasts. Wait I know what happened…..greed. Their greed to keep making more and more money off of us.

    So I am trying so hard to climb off that ride and I have gotten most of my body off and have finally realized that I alone cannot help fix our economy. Yup, that is a bunch of bull crap and I have only stopped because I hurt too much to go shopping. Maybe this is good for me and hopefully I will get the rest of my body off that freaking ride. Hehe, like that is really possible. Well maybe someday it will happen. Very big sigh.

    Can I win the lottery with you?

    God bless.
    I checked my numbers – I actually won but only $3.00. Better than nothing and it was only a $5 ticket. So I’ll go buy 3 more numbers and try to win again. Someone has to win you know!!!

    I love the new fridge – I’m just anxious to get it here and get some food and then get back to my routine – my back hurts from all the lifting and cleaning and mopping up and I’m behind in my schoolwork and I’m just so stressed. I’m taking my trip come heck or high water – ooooh I shouldn’t say that about high water since I’ve just gone through that! LOL Yes, I’m waiting to hear from a roofer – I will have that taken care of next because I know it could be a potentially big problem (Lord please send money) and if I wait until it starts snowing there’s no telling what might happen.

  8. Go to Savannah. You need a break.
    Truer words were never spoken and I AM going. Just don’t have the dates finalized yet.

  9. They’ve changed the size of refrigerators so much that we had a terrible time trying to find one that would fit where the old one was. We got the Amana single door with the freezer on the bottom. Our last new fridge had the double door the seals leaked so bad that it never worked right. I was glad that we kept the ancient Kenmore on the back porch since the newer one died a very early death.
    This has just been such a pain in the a$$ – I had all kinds of chicken and beef that I kept in a cooler as it thawed, then this evening cooked ALL of it, let it cool a bit and threw it in the freezer. Honestly, trying to keep things from going bad and getting new stuff and getting all of it in the new fridge and trying to get the fridge to get to the right temperature – so much stress — it’s stilll not cold enough in the fridge part and I worry that food may be spoiling – but then I worry WAAY too much. I’m sure if I can eat cottage cheese that’s been sitting in a cooler for two days and not be sick – nothing else should make me ill. But, oh, the food I had to throw away – that just about killed me. This has put me somewhat behind in school so for the next couple of days I’m going whole-hog on studying, writing, and working on my class. I really need a vacation when this class is over if I can wait that long! 🙂

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