Sunday Worship and Praise

image courtesy of

image courtesy of

On this Sunday I’d like to highlight someone I met through Twitter – His name is J.L. Curtis and he sent me one of his songs – I really like it and offer it here as Praise for today. Remember when you worship God it doesn’t matter what the words are, as long as they come from your heart, our Heavenly Father will hear and know. He loves you unconditionally; if you’ve accepted Jesus into your heart, you shall be a child of God forever. Your sins are forgiven and you are reborn.  What more could we want? For me, I cannot live one day without Him.

No video today – just click HERE to listen and you’ll go to this nice man’s website and listen to a lovely worshipful song  called Candlelight.  Enjoy.




2 thoughts on “Sunday Worship and Praise

  1. Wonderful! Thanks for a wonderful start to my Sunday!
    I’m so glad you enjoyed it – he’s a very nice man; and it’s a wonderful song! Hugs and blessings!

  2. My computer would not let me play the song, but I enjoyed the words. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I also like the picture, are we allowed to print it out? Although I pretty much know that once something is put out there on the internet it is available, but some do not like their pictures printed. But it really is a wonderful picture. Thank you for posting it.

    God bless.
    I’m sorry you couldn’t hear him sing – it was lovely. I don’t see why he wouldn’t let you print it out if it’s just for your own use and if you give to anyone, add his website URL to give him copyright credit. I loved it and I like his Twitters – he’s a very nice man.

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