It Must be Tom Cruise Week…Blechhh

Oh wouldn't this be heavenly?

Oh wouldn't this be heavenly?

Remember not too long ago about my story of my friend Greg who has the multi-gazillion dollar home theater set up in his house?  Remember he came over to help set up my own sound system and giggled somewhat disdainfully when he realized it really was just a tuner and some speakers or what he referred to as Home Theater in a Box?  Remember how stupid I felt that I had this extremely talented electronically smart guy in my living room plugging in a few cables that I couldn’t do just so I could get what I called surround sound and what he referred to as sound that slightly supplements your tv speakers?  Remember how I felt like trailer trash?  Remember how then he couldn’t figure out how to hook up my DVR to the “sound system” and I felt somewhat vindicated?  Go HERE to refresh your memory.

He did it again today.  We had lunch with the old gang from work and one of our former team members who was in from out of town and whom we hadn’t seen in a long, long time.  I parked my butt temporarily at that end of the table so I could talk and reconnect with my sweet friend, Jose.  Greg was across from us — I casually commented to Greg, “How was your vacation in North Carolina?”  Whereupon he began to regale us with the amazing story of how he was able to snatch up from the jaws of real estate death a new ridiculously low-priced Timeshare in the Smokey Mountains.  This is such a fabulous place that celebrities such as Tom Cruise, George Clooney, and Michael Jordan also live there sometimes – and now Greg has a piece of this action.  I was suitably impressed until he told me that Lee Greenwood (remember the country singer) also used to live there but the residents got tired of his alleged complaints about noise around his property and they kicked him out.

I got to thinking — I sure would like a condo in Florida for this upcoming winter.  Oh we have some property down there but neither one of us has actually seen it – it’s two lots in Cape Coral and the folks there are just now starting to get it developed – but that’s another story.

Anyway, all I could think of was Greg and his lovely wife hot-tubbing it with the likes of George Clooney and Michael Jordan and darned if it didn’t happen again – I felt like trailer trash.  And I know that wasn’t his intention!  Here he is basking in the happiness of this Timeshare (as well he should) and he’s describing its beauty to us and I’m sitting there wondering what type of home in the Smokies I could pick up?  I’m afraid mine would probably look something like the pic below and my closest neighbor would no doubt be Larry the Cable Guy.  *sigh*

about all I can afford in the dream home category

about all I can afford in the dream home category

Thanks Greg for reminding me I don’t need no stinkin’ Timeshare.  Greg, ya gotta quit tellin’ me this stuff sweetie.

I love ya man, mean it!   🙂

7 thoughts on “It Must be Tom Cruise Week…Blechhh

  1. So if I cannot afford a vacation house, let alone a vacation right now, what am I and my hubby. Although by not working right now, I kinda am on a vacation every day. Well except when I am going to PT, that is not a vacation. We are too busy spending all of our money here in our local economy to help keep it going. I take every penny I got and spend and spend and spend, oh wait, that was my tax money that keeps getting spent and I am not doing it, all these strange people running some government keep taking half of hubby’s paycheck and they keep spending. And they are not spending it on me. Oh I guess a little bit is, but most is not and I always think that I need to get elected to some government position so I can get that fantastic retirement money and then I could afford that vacation home. Or I could stay elected and have others pay for my vacation home.

    I guess I am just bitter, so I am on the bottom of the totem pole, cause I think you are many levels higher up then I am. Yes, I guess paying over 30 thousand in taxes each year just irritates me to no end. And each April makes me even more bitter.

    So I hope I made you feel better about being trailer trash (which in no freaking way are you that and you know it), cause you could be in the poor bitter trash category with me. And I think there might be only one level lower than me and that is the drug alcoholic homeless person.

    See I am one of the people who makes you feel better about your self.

    Your are a wonderful, funny and most enjoyable, writer and friend. So enough about feeling bad for a day. You are a Queen for a Day. Pick your day and put your Tiara on and have DS wait on you and Emma can bow and bring all the things she chews up for you to approve of or send her to the dungeons. Remember you are the Queen Crone and please only think of yourself that way. How many true Queens do you know.

    God bless.
    Sweetie I just love the stuffin’ outta you and you know it. You just need to get that shoulder feeling better and life will be better – I hear the depression and suffering coming through your words and I so understand – I’ve been there, I re-visit there often, and it’s sometimes hard to come back out of it again. My posting about Greg was totally tongue-in-cheek and it’s sort of a running joke between he and I – I don’t truly think I’m trailer trash – I just like to make him feel bad and I’m only joking. But I do like the thought of being Queen for a Day – but you see I already am Queen. I am waited on hand and foot constantly by Devoted Spouse – he takes such very good care of me – I always come first to him and that is such an amazing quality to me – to be so self-sacrificing – it just sometimes takes my breath away. Besides who needs a vacation home anyway — it’s just one more thing you have to pay for and take care of. Ick. I wouldn’t mind a small home on a few acres down south somewhere where the world might be a little warmer and alot quieter, though… 🙂

  2. This is a hoot!!! I know that you really are happy for your friend, but you also know are happy that he acquired a real stroke of luck.

    As in most vaca spots, the local residents love the money that the “Time Share” people bring, but they don’t like the “outsiders”. I know moutain folks! If you aren’t born there, they will never accept that you belong there.

    I lived in Florida for a short time and, being a resident, I was on the inside of the conversations of the locals “natives”. They would dread the advent of the “Snow Birds”. Snow Birds were a “pain” when they brought congestion to the highways, they way that they behaved like “Looky Lues” and all manner of irritating things. But, they sure depended and looked forward to the money that came with the “Winter Snows”.

    As far as having a place in the Smokies, I think I would rather have you shack and Larry. I am not impressed that easily and celebrities don’t do much for my me. They put their pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else…I like real people without all of the hype.

    There are many days that I can’t help being envious, especially when I see everyone paired together and I am left here on this earth without my mate.

    Then, I stop. I think about all of those “pairs” that are still together, but they may not like each other all that much. My first marriage was like. Yes, I was a part of a couple, but there was no peace between us. That is what I think and wonder about when I see some couples. This thought helps becauses me to be grateful that I had a love of a lifetime with Dan. That love would never be impacted by “stuff” or vaca spots.

    You will find your vaca spot. I hope it is around real people like you and Devoted Spouse…and the kind of neighbors who will love your beautiful Golden Destroyer…

    Here is to your life that is nothing remotely close to “trailer trash”!!!
    You are so wise my friend – and you are right about the amazing lifetime you had with Dan. You and I share that – we both have been blessed to be truly loved and what a blessing it is. We never know what tomorrow will bring and I am always so grateful for today. No, I don’t care about vacation homes and Timeshares and big boats and celebrities – I’m a simply homebody and I have all I need and much more. But it’s fun to “kid” around with my friend Greg coz he’s just so easy to tease and I know he knows I’m just yankin’ his chain a bit – he and his wife are lovely people and we enjoy their company so much. The “name dropping” just made me giggle and I knew I had to write about it and set him up again. *chuckles* Love ya sweetie-pie – you take good care of you! P.S. I would be quite happy with that dilapidated cabin in the woods by the way… 🙂

  3. I am reminded of a buddy of mine who was a real estate broker in his home town in the north Georgia mountains.

    Most of the time he was just like anyone else, but whenever Yankees were coming looking for mountain vacation property he put on overalls with a while tee-shirt to show them around. That man could sell property that even a goat would need two short legs to navigate!

    Of course if the Yankees turned out to be good folks, they just had a laugh and he showed them good values.
    That’s really funny – I would hope he’d show me a good value! 🙂

  4. And I thought I was being funny and satirical. Grandson had a poem he had to learn this week about Betty and her bitter butter and her batter. So after days of hearing him practice it and he was so cute cause he kept “rapping” it to me I thought I would put the bitter in there. I think I had bitter on my mind. Although I do get “bitter” when we have to pay so much in taxes each year.

    And we always have what I guess you could call a time share in Vegas, cause we can get free rooms and comped food anytime we want. I just am not going there this last year because I do not want to turn into a gambler. Or we can go to Laughlin and get the same thing. But the gambling is not free and since my dad had a gambling problem and now my mom has one, I worry about becoming a gambleraholic. I have been known to spend hours and hours at the craps table. And hubby wants to move to Vegas when he retires. Not a good idea in my mind. Although the funny thing is that when I lived there I never gambled. But I was only 21 at the time and had not discovered craps. I do love playing craps and do fairly well at the game. That is why my Mrsupole’s Craps site is named after the game. I could be a dealer because I know everything that is going on at the table at every minute while I am playing, which is why I decided I better stop.

    Anyway I hope I made you laugh a little and that you know you will always be a queen in my books. Emma is a little princess, no matter how many pillows she destroys. Pottery Barn is having a sell on pillow cases right now. I think they sell the smaller sizes and I think velcro is the way to go. I cannot sew worth a crap. But I can glue those velcro thingys on.

    God bless.
    I adore you – I knew you were being funny and satirical because that’s how we both are. I tend to make fun of everything and take as little serious as possible, but I do get in my morose dark moods sometimes and that’s when I write the weirdest posts. Hmmm – must be hormonal. We sometimes take a run over to Indiana to the riverboat casinos – I love to play the slots and I usually win — last time I walked away with about a $500 profit – enough to help pay tuition. The husband is tolerant – he’ll play a little, but he’s not a “games” kinda guy – doesn’t even like poker or card games or board games of any type. Makes it hard to have “fun” night with friends over coz he doesn’t like to join in the reindeer games. LOL… I’d still like someplace to run to this winter – someplace in FL maybe coz there’s no ice. I’m still so traumatized from the fall and everyday we get closer to winter I become more frightened that it will happen again. I probably need a shrink or maybe just need to increase my alcohol consumption a tad! Hugs!

  5. We have a large lot down in OK that we have had for over 10yrs but haven’t built anything on it yet. No extra $$$ plus it has the worst covenants I have ever seen! We bought the lot for $1.00 from Hubby’s dad so we just pay the taxes which right now is less than $10 a year. Some day I hope we can afford to build on the property since it is a mile from Grand Lake but the property assoc. gets to see and approve EVERYTHING about what you build before you build….may be why there are no houses on any lot around us for about a mile or so each way.
    I hope you get to build too – hey use some of that extra big bucks you just got! LOL

  6. Well…..I would take the……”about all I can afford in the dream home category” to much up keep on the other one. Heck it might even be fun to party with Larry…..oh wait, he’s the one that put in my cement pond.
    You are just too funny for me girlfriend!

  7. Aw, come on, Guys! Timeshares are a great way to be Right Up There with all of those Other Guys! And you don’t have to break the bank to do it! It’s called RENT! For often less than 50% what a hotel room costs, and of course Way more spacious than any cramped hotel room, it’s a Steal Deal! Rental timeshares also usually come with great amenities. Invite Tom Cruise or George Clooney over to Your hot tub!! The best site I know to get you going on This dream is! Check it out and start smoozing!!
    I have several friends who swear by their Timeshares – I just don’t want to get locked into anything, I think. And just the thought of sharing a hot tub w/Tom Cruise turns my stomach – yuk. LOL

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