Danger Will Robinson, Danger!


We all have to follow directions and we are often warned of consequences should we not follow those instructions. For example my new stove/oven came with some good warnings that I plan to heed:

  • In case of fire, turn off appliance
  • Never open the oven door and use as a step to reach something
  • Never heat an unopened can of food as the pressure build-up could result in serious personal injury
  • Keep pet birds out of kitchen when engaging self-cleaning option as a small amount of carbon monoxide might be released during the cleaning cycle and birds have sensitive respiratory systems. (I’m not making this up.)

On a bottle of shampoo for my dog it warns:  The contents of this bottle should not be fed to fish.  Huh?

My new remote control for the cable upgrade states it’s not dishwasher safe.  Well, so much for that idea.

The instructions for Devoted Spouse’s lawnmower state:  Do not attempt to change blade while lawnmower is running.

My Rowenta iron instruction booklet actually says:  Never iron clothes on the body.

My blow dryer instructions warn not to use this appliance while sleeping.

A bottle of Windex in my kitchen honestly warns you not to spray in eyes.

I was fixing a microwave meal not long ago and the instructions on how to heat it are on the bottom of the package.  So I turned the package over and there alongside the instructions was the following warning:  Do not turn box upside down.  So next time I’ll just hold it up in the air above my head to read the instructions.  Gah…

I could go on and on about things like medicine – sleeping meds that tell you they might make you drowsy – well I sure hope so!!

The point I’m trying to get to is we should all follow instructions – I think the vast majority of us have enough common sense not to do the above-listed things.  But many times we don’t read instructions or directions — we simply dive in.

That’s what I did tonight as I turned in my first homework assignment – I just dove in and did it the way I’ve done it for the past 3 classes.  Then later as I was perusing my folder I found an email from the Professor stating how HE wanted these questions to be posted and guess what?  It’s an entirely different process – yes, I had made my first major screw-up on my first assignment.  Holey crapoli Batman, now what do I do?

I wrote a kind email to the Professor (okay I fell on my sword) explained to him it’s been a rough few weeks between not feeling good from my injury and losing my mom and I simply wasn’t paying correct attention.  Would he please allow me to re-post my assignment and I promised I would not make that mistake again.  I figured he’d blow me off (it’s happened before believe me) and much to my surprise I got the nicest email – in fact it brought tears to my eyes.  Turns out he recently lost his 48-year old brother and he totally understands that the combination of stress and not feeling well can easily get in the way of instructions.  He gave me permission to re-post, said he was praying for me, and that if there was ever anything he could do to help me, all I had to do was email him.   Wow – what a total God-moment  that email was.

So, the moral of this long story is always follow directions unless they are so stupid as to possibly cause harm – like blowdrying your hair while sleeping.

One last note and I’ll leave you alone — you will find fewer blog postings in the next 7 to 8 weeks as I work very hard on this class.  I’m also trying to break my addiction to Twitter – today was my first Twitter-free day and I almost made it.  I hit the Twitter around supper time I think. But I made a new Twitter avatar!  Woot!  So go look and you’ll actually see me instead of EmmaLou – Devoted Spouse was taking the picture and EmmaLou was in it and she took off right when he got ready to snap – and then my camera battery died – so it’s just plain old me.   I put a couple of the pics on my Meet the Crone page for you, too.

Anyway, I’ll post as often as I can; it just may not be daily – so don’t stop visiting!!!

Oh – did I mention I need Repair Service on my brand new $2,000 Jenn Air stove/oven???  Unbelievable.  But that’s another story for another post.  Cya l8r gang.  Love ya, mean it!


14 thoughts on “Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

  1. My current favorite was the sign at a salad bar which happily told us that:
    Customers may contain pits or shells.

    As a retired professor may I say I understand, but you’re right, probably best to not do it again. Best wishes with your studies.
    Signs and warnings can be so funny. Thanks for your encouragement, and yes, I will not do it again!

  2. I like the little square of packing material that says “do not eat” like you would even think it looked delicious. What class are you taking?
    I love those warnings – they’re so bizarre but in today’s litigious society I guess they have to cover all the bases not matter how absurd. I’m taking a New Testament class primarily focusing on intertestamental Judaism, the Gospels and a few of the more well-known books of the NT such as Acts, Romans, and Hebrews.

  3. What cracks me up is on some toys how they are described in other languages on the package , for instance I bought a barbie doll rubber stamp to use as a potty training method every time she went she got a stamp on her chart, I kid you not on the stamp package it said Barbie Stamp and in another language Tampon Barbie LOL!! Or her doll that is a tub toy says “not to be used as a flotation device”
    Thanks for the laughs 🙂
    Ah yes, the fun of translations!

  4. You do realize that those strange instructions are because someone actually did the dumb thing and then tried to sue the company. ACK! They walk among us!
    Oh I’m sure that’s at least a good part of the reason – I also suspect it’s tech writers’ ways of having just a tad bit of fun knowing full well no one really reads those books anyway. I sometimes think some of the warnings are the manual writers’ Easter eggs if you know what I mean.

  5. There are some compete and utter idiots in this world that actually do this stuff then sue the companies for not warning them. Seriously, is there a way we can stop them from breeding?

    Good luck on the class.
    No, I’m afraid the less-than-stellar in the brains department will continue to reproduce – that’s human history and nature unfortunately. So much for Darwin and his survival of the fittest. Thanks – I’m enjoying it despite my ridiculous screw up. I always get crazy the first week getting settled in, then it becomes a routine and I calm down and just get my work done. It’s as if during the first week I suffer from “school PMS”.

  6. Yes, these stupid warnings are put there because someone tried to do it. Then you think to yourself, what kind of person is it that does this stuff. I guess we will never understand and hopefully these people did it on accident.

    And that was so sweet of your Professor to do that for you. I am thinking you will like this professor better than you liked the last one. Just keep enjoying school and stay safe. No overdoing anything either and just keep resting up. We want you to get well. Hugs….

    God bless.
    I’m going to assume here that you have never watched the tv show that was on either VH1 or MTV (I can’t remember which) called Jackasses where guys did the most ridiculous stunts just to do them – and they were the stuff of these warnings. Yeah, people can be very stupid. How does one enjoy school? LOL I just want to get through it relatively unscathed and in one piece. I really freaked out over my stupid mistake and immediately went into high-stress mode and felt the instant pain in my back and leg – it’s all related. I got myself calmed down, asked realistically what was the worst that could happen from this, stress went down and I made myself promise not to go there again – I have to get over this “perfection” thing I have about school and remember the idea is to learn and grow spiritually, not “be the best.” Hugs!

  7. Yes, instructions should be followed. Especially those from your doctor! Otherwise the Duct Tape Queen will show up at your door! LOL!
    Study hard and don’t lift too many books. We’ll be here to check your grades.
    I knew the Duct Tape Queen would check in! And what, may I ask, gives you the impression I will be discussing my grades? Did you NOT notice I took down the page dealing with school? Hmm??? Nobody cares – I just want to learn, get through the hard stuff, get my degree, and press on with whatever it is in this life I’m supposed to accomplish. Love ya, mean it!

  8. Hilarious! BTW, I am a techical writer and I would never ever put anything funny or bizzare in my manuals. At least I wouldn’t admit to it:)
    I always wanted to be a tech writer – I just want to be any type of writer – I write, write, write, all the time writing but it never amounts to anything coz I’m not disciplined enough. And, I WOULD hide something if I could , that’s just the way I am – I’d do an Easter egg like in software code.

  9. About the little white desiccant packet that comes in lots of packaged electronics – it states “not food” or “do not eat” because it looks like a Chick-let and some people have attempted to eat them, sorta like “look – a DVR and a snack!”

    Hey by the way stranger (yes, I know you’re terribly busy) you were mentioned on my post and can see a result of your influence. :0)
    Hi baby – I’ve seen that – those little packets are always in things like shoe boxes. Okay – mea culpa – I know I don’t “get out” much in Bloggyville lately but I have been visiting you – just not in the last day or two – I saw where you posted about our Crafting project several days ago – I can’t remember – did I leave a comment? It’s too early in the a.m. as I write this. Anyway, I’m on my way over right now. Hugs!

  10. Best of luck in the new semester, or whatever the nine-week(?) session is called. You’re a brave cowgirl to go back so soon after all you’ve experienced over the last year!

    Yes, I’ve seen some pretty stupid instructions also, but even scarier … manufactureres probably put those directions there because someone somewhere actually tried to do those stupid things and then sued them!
    Thanks sweetie – I’ve made it through most of the first week now, only 7 more to go. Ick. LOL
    I think most of us agree it’s the stupid people in the world who are responsible for these outrageous warnings. But they’re still funny to read. Hugs!

  11. Dang Girl!
    I missed your dinner-time Tweet by 20 minutes?!
    These manufacturers write all these crazy warnings because we live in a terribly litiginous (spelling?) society. Remember that lady who sued McDonald’s because she spilled her hot coffee? Now we have written warnings about HOT beverages for crying out loud.
    Anyways, I totally understand how you must take time off for studying.
    And I need to stop twittering. Ack, what an addiction!
    Hi sis-in-my-head – yes it is a litigious society – I think I mentioned that same thing in a comment way up above this one. But I simply find it hard to believe that anyone has done those things – then again, Devoted Spouse and I actually watched a couple of episodes of Jackass simply because we couldn’t believe what these guys were doing – stupid stunts that truly could have killed any one of them at any time.
    Yeah the studying is whippin’ me good – I’m tired and cranky – but I got a note from my Prof telling me what a good job he thought I did on my first assignment – it was concise, contained all the right elements and it flowed nicely. I’ll take that, thank you. The dude thinks I can write. Huh. I went on Twitterville looking for you – we just didn’t connect – I miss your tweets coz ur so dang funny! I’ll stop in again – I don’t want u guys to forget me!!! Hugs!

  12. You always make me snicker ….where have I been!? 🙂

    I missed you!
    Hi honey – I’m so glad you snickered – snickering is fun. Where have u been? Shoot, check ur blog to see where I’ve been —-we’re just all so busy lately. I’ll visit soon I promise. Love ya, mean it!

  13. That’s awesome that your professor was so understanding.

    Oh and all those instructions…the sad part is that you KNOW someone did those things.
    Yes, finally a Prof who is interacting w/us AND is kind and compassionate – I’m thankful believe me! The school has instituted some new policies since last semester and it’s freaking everybody out – the Prof has been emailing all of us with URGENT email messages telling us we have to do a special Checklist and turn it in this time or the school will drop us from the class – apparently folks aren’t getting the word. The week is almost over and out of 20 students so far there are only 3 of us who have shown up. Yikes. And the other two are GOOD – let me tell you – they’ve turned in some very fine work – stress, pressure building…deep breath. LOL

  14. It’s a real shame Jenn-Air couldn’t make it without being bought-out. They’ve never been the same since Lou Jenn’s factory closed on Shadeland Ave. in Indianapolis. 😥
    (One of my favorite employments!)

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