Honey, Did I Leave the Oven On?

An article on Yahoo gave me pause and made me wonder what on earth could be next.

Apparently there was a fire in a Brooklyn apartment – the oven was set on fire – spontaneously – really.  It just up and burst into flames all by its little self.  The oven burned so hot it melted the plastic thermometer inside – that’s never a good thing.  What’s odd about this situation is the fact that the owner of the oven hadn’t left it on – the  oven was off when it started to burn.

Just for the record this is a Maytag oven.  What caused the fire?  So-called experts blame it on a nearby ringing cell phone.  Yes, you read that correctly, a cell phone.  It has something to do with certain types of cell phones having the ability to activate certain models of Maytag ovens – in fact they activate the broilers.  I can see it now — “Sweetie, please call me at 7 p.m. so the steaks start cooking.”  Huh?

I don’t understand the physics or science or whatever behind this but I have the article for you to read and you can figure it out for yourself.  All I know is I’m keeping my cell phone away from my new furnace and air conditioner because both of those appliances are Maytags and the thought that my ringing  cell phone might cause my furnace to suddenly turn on to 120 degrees some time this week is a bit frightening to me.  Or what if the cell phone  is just sitting on the end table in the living room sometime this coming winter minding its own busines when it rings and triggers the air conditioning to cool the house down to -10 degrees?  Like I don’t have enough to worry about.   Gah…had to buy Maytag.  Thank goodness the new stove/oven is a Jenn Air.  They’re probably triggered by blowdryers with my luck.

I knew there was a reason the Maytag repairman died.  He suffered from an overdose of electromagnetic interference.

Next thing ya know they’ll be saying Michael Jackson died not because he was given those drugs by his doctor but from a lethal dose of electromagnetic interference caused by moonwalking while his cell was ringing.   Yup – cell phones all over are rising up against us.  It’s the Terminator at the cellular level.    I give up.

Go Here for story from Yahoo.  I couldn’t possibly make this up on my own.


6 thoughts on “Honey, Did I Leave the Oven On?

  1. I’m convinced that everything is out to get us, no exceptions and I don’t even classify myself as paranoid. At least not much.
    I’m not paranoid – I’m reasonably sure they are, in fact, out to get me. That’s why I keep changing my identity and moving so much. I also use alot of aluminum foil on my head, but that’s better left for another day, another story…

  2. Hi Cronie,
    Now THAT’s hard to comprehend. It’s a good thing we don’t buy Maytag. We buy the cheaper brands. Ha!

    I also see you have a little shumthin-shumthin for me (I finally read your August 9th comment on my blog). Will go look for it as I catch up reading your blog.

    It’s good to get off Twitter and get back to blogging. That Twitter just sucks the life out of me! LOL
    I had fun on Twitter tonite – I let my hair down so to speak. I have to give it up soon because it’s getting in the way of school already and it’s only my first day – crap. I’m going to go to blogging only every few days, too, unfortunately. I know u all will miss me terribly….HAH!

  3. I think I am going to have to read that article. “All” of my major appliances are Maytags. So now I have to see if my stove can turn on me. See I knew there was a reason that I try to not cook. Oh, freaking heck, my microwave is a Maytag. Well at least my TV is not one and neither is my computer. Well at least not secretly, I hope. Actually so far we really like them being Maytags and I can pop a bag of popcorn in less than 2 minutes. I still get amazed at that one.

    I hope school went okay today and that you are okay after your PT session. How did Emma do without you today?

    I still cannot bring myself to twitter because my cell phone is usually clipped on my belt and at least I can get away from my computer for part of the day, well actually most of the day. But sometimes you all are making me want to go there to twitterworld, but I will keep praying I stay away.

    God bless.
    Step Away from the Twitter – it’s totally addictive. I’m going to try and go all day without one tweet – we’ll see how I do. School was fine – the Seminary classes are totally online – I don’t have to go to the school which is good since it’s in VA and I’m in OH. It’s a repeat class for me – this is the one I had to withdraw last semester coz i still felt so awful from the drugs – so I’ve pretty much done the first three weeks of work already – just need to review – I’m starting on my paper this week – yay getting a head start on a 20 page research paper is probably the smartest idea I’ve had in awhile. The course is only 8 weeks long and the paper is due in Week 7 -Yikes. So I’m backing off Twitter (seriously) and my blog postings will only appear a couple of times a week for the next 8 weeks. I just don’t have the time it takes to be so fabulously funny. (yeah, I actually said that. Oye.)
    PT this a.m. – I feel better, but I’ll hurt after the session and we’re meeting friends Wed for lunch so I’ll probably be taking my cane dangitall. Grrrr…they want to go to the new Outlet Mall that’s just opened in Monroe OH and I can’t do all that walking without a little help.
    Okay – I seem to be writing a book here. My furnace and a/c are Maytags – they’re one of the best brands on the market I’m told – better be for what I had to pay! LOL Hugs!

  4. Maybe the cell phone was cold…or was just tired of life.
    Could it have been trying to heat up left-over pizza maybe? I prefer to think it’s an electronics conspiracy – they are rising up against us because we abuse them and don’t change their batteries often enough…

  5. In the world of circuit boards, things like this are possible, but I hadn’t heard of it happening. Ranges aren’t as simple as on/off light switches. Now something elese I need to be paranoid about.
    You and me both. And YOU’RE the electrician – I just have to use these products. I’m going to go live in the woods and cook over an open flame and be done with it.

  6. A cell phone can activate a oven! I’m guesses this only happen to Maytag product.

    I’m lucking then. I’ll kind that in mind whenever I work on air conditioner unit and furnace.
    I don’t know if you actually read the article I referenced, but it scared the heck out of me that’s for sure. I’m glad my oven is a Jenn-Air but my furnace and airconditioner are both Maytags and I have heard from more than one source that Maytag is one of the best brands for furnaces and airconditioners and that’s the only reason I bought them. Still creepy stuff.

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