Stoopid Ain’t Purty Are It?

Saturday Devoted Spouse took me out for lunch at one of our favorite new places – a little pizza joint that’s recently opened in the Mall.

As we were driving home I casually glanced toward the sign between the new drugstore and the bank and on the sign were the words “FREE GPS”.

Me:  Why the heck would you need free GPS – don’t you KNOW you’re at the drug store?

Devoted Spouse:  No, honey, that sign is on the bank and it means if you open an account they will GIVE you a free GPS.

Me:  Oh

Sorta felt like Forrest Gump for a moment.  It was a good thing Devoted Spouse had his seatbelt on (he was in the passenger seat) or he would have fallen right out of the car he was laughing so hard.

I didn’t think it was so dang funny.  I mean you pass signs at places that offer free WiFi all the time — I just made the  wrong logical leap, that’s all.    I’m in a Masters Program – but sometimes I’m just pitiful…


9 thoughts on “Stoopid Ain’t Purty Are It?

  1. Seriously I am a joiner. I was joining you on thinking something else altogether and my thought was pretty much the same as yours, as why are they going to tell them where they are. I did not get the part about they were giving away a free GPS if they opened a bank account.

    Maybe you have to be there or something. But at least DS explained it so that we all understand what the sign meant. Now you need to go back there and take a picture. I probably will not understand it any better by seeing it, but it sure makes for a funny post. I am just picturing DS laughing so much.

    And I am wishing for you to have a nice day at school tomorrow or I should say today since it will be Monday for you.

    I hope you have been resting and are feeling better. Me and my icepack are still hanging out together and mine says to tells yours hello. I will be so glad when we are all well and done with this pain thing. And I hope the weather cools down soon. It is two degrees cooler tonight than at this same time last night. I keep thinking more and more that when we move that I want to find a cooler place, but then I think I do not want one with ice on the ground. I have done the slip sliding thing before and luckily I was caught before I hit the ground. I have never fogotten the helpless feeling that you get for those few seconds.

    I still keep giggling about the GPS thing and thinking how many other people did not get it either. I think when I start driving around again that I will have to pay more attention to the signs around me. Okay, maybe the road is more important, but the signs are funnier.

    God bless.
    Hi sweetie – HEY NO TALKING ABOUT ICE ON THIS BLOG please – just the thought of winter around the corner scares the puddin’ outta me – truly! I can NOT afford another fall. EVER!
    I’ll be out and about this afternoon and I’ll try and get a pic of the sign and maybe you’ll see that as I drove by it quickly I would react the way I did – I didn’t think it was nearly as funny as DS – he laughed his butt off at me. At least I know that Chicken of the Sea is tuna – duh! LOL
    This morning was first morning in I don’t know how long that I did NO icepack treatments – only my exercises and my prayers/devotions. I’m stiff and sore and tomorrow is PT day so by Wed (when we actually need to go out and meet friends) I’ll be crippled again – I’m always so crippled after the PT’s “have their way with me” – I swear it stirs up muscle problems that take several days to go away but I know in the long run this is helping me heal. Ackk.
    I’m not kidding – the GPS thing was FUNNY! If I’d had my camera at the time (since I carry a crutch and a cane in the back of the SUV at all times) I would have put it on my other blog Crap on a Crutch – as it is EmmaLou got that spot with the chewed pillow (payback for me scolding her about her duck I just know it).
    Hugs! P.S. Have u noticed my comments are getting as long as yours now? ROFL

  2. As they say, there is book smart and street smart. Think we all found out who was who on that one. :0)
    See, that’s why DS keeps you around, comic relief.
    Comic relief is right – watta dolt! Maybe that was my purpose for that day — to make him laugh. Worked.

  3. I’m not laughing at you…Ok I am.
    It’s my fondest desire to have the world laugh at me. Go ahead enjoy at my expense – I can take it. It was truly one of my dumber moments.

  4. I’m with Mrsupole, gee…. my bank already knows where I’m at every time I use my Credit/Debit card, and…my monies are directly deposited, and I have direct payment withdraws before I even see the direct deposits so I’m always at home because I never have enough direct deposits left over for anyone to ever worry about where my GPS is.

    You’re just being kind and I appreciate it – I know the rest of the world is hysterically laughing over the dumb red-head. It’s okay. School day – blechhh. Oops – bad attitude be gone! School day – Yippy skippy – r u buyin’ that? Thought not. LOL

  5. Been there done that – for years I used to wonder why people painted signs on the street that said “A Head” “Stop”. I mean if there had been a head I would have stopped, but there never was.

    I had been driving for many years before it hit me that they all paint the sign in reverse from a driver’s point of view.

    Now I want all the signs that say “Speed bump” changed to “Slow bump” – I’ve never seen a bump speeding!!!!
    LOL It’s all in how you read it, right? I’m with ya!

  6. You will think I am really stupid now, I thought you were talking about doctors. (General Practitioners) and that somehow they were giving free advice. Then I realised it was those little talking maps things. At least I hope it those talking maps or I will look even more stupid.

    My head hurts I think I need a little lie down.
    I would never think you are stupid – it IS those little talking maps things – GPS stands for Global Positioning System. What made it so funny is that over here everywhere you go in front of almost every establishment (like bars, hotels, or restaurants) is the sign “Free Wi-Fi” (so you can connect to the internet for free). When I saw the sign Free GPS it just didn’t make any sense for someone to show you where you were – you should KNOW you’re at the drug store or bank. I just took it wrong and that’s what made it so funny – it was silly and ridiculous for me to make that interpretation. That’s what made my husband laugh so much – I’m not usually “dumb”.

  7. I can relate. I swear I get dumber every day. (No offense.)
    I think it’s gotta be hormonal. Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. LOL

  8. Ha! Stoooopid!
    And that cartoon is just the best.
    Pitiful is more the appropriate word. I only wish I had been alone in the car – but then someone has to make Devoted Spouse laugh.

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