You’re a Smart Doggie, Yes You Are…

image courtesy of Arlington Humane Society

image courtesy of Arlington Humane Society

My lovely friend Mrsupole had difficulty getting this video to log onto her blog and so I told her I would happily put it here for all our friends to enjoy.  Now don’t take offense – it’s meant to be humorous and all in good fun.  So no political hate mail to either of us please!  Simply sit back, enjoy and prepare to giggle.


14 thoughts on “You’re a Smart Doggie, Yes You Are…

  1. OMG…girls that is sooooo sweet!

    It’s like the rainbow I posted today, they tell the WHOLE story need no comments do we….LOL
    Wow, you’re up early on a Saturday! I’m on my way to visit your blog now. Hugs!

  2. I seriously think that dog is the smartest dog in the world and LOL every time I watch it. He is so cute, I mean I would like to give him a great big hug and I am allergic to dogs. But I just keep wanting to hug him. Cute, no matter why he refusing the treat, even if the sound was off it would be cute.

    I am so glad you were able to post it. I need to figure out how to do it. I just found that they have an updated editor section on blogger and when I am off of my break I might try to post some other videos I have found. It would be so great, Maryann peeling the potato was one I wish I could have posted and it works too.

    Oh well, please go give Emma a big hug from me instead. Everytime I see her picture on top I just want to hug her. And I am highly allergic to her, but it would be worth it.

    Hugs to you too.

    God bless.

    PS….I sure hope everyone shares this video with their friends and family. Videos that made you feel happy are hard to find, and even with the sound off it is cute. So share, share, share, please. We could all use a little laughter right now. Laughter is the best medicine….
    Hi girlfriend – I was happy to post the video – when you feel better I’m sure you’ll figure out how to do it on your blog – or ask the support folks for help – WordPress support team are some of my best friends – LOL. It is cute – and I don’t care that they used Obama – I don’t think they meant it to be meanspirited but just funny and I got such a kick out of it. I hope alot of people visit – I’m hitting Alphainventions site as often as i can trying to get visitors. You know I only have about 5 faithful readers – LOL – EmmaLou says she would never allow u to get close enough to hurt your allergies but she sends you much doggie love and I’m telling you this is one sweet, affectionate little girl. I never could have gotten through the early bleak days of my injury without her (and of course Devoted Spouse). Big Hugs!

  3. PS…did you get the message about your blogs time zone. It is 5:20 am here and look what time it will say I posted. Enquiring minds want to know.

    God bless.
    It says 1:20 pm – I’m telling you it’s that weird UTC setting – I have to go into my account somewhere and check it. It’s another of the technogeek things I simply don’t understand. I still want my IBM Selectric back, dangitall!

  4. Love the comic. So true.
    Hi – thanks for visiting – it’s true you can’t make them do anything they don’t want to do!

  5. OMG! That is hilarious! I love Obama but this is too funny for words. I bet he would get a chuckle out of this too! Can a post a link to your blog on mine? I will give both of you credit obviously!
    Of course you can hon, we don’t care about the credit – we both just got such a big chuckle out of this video! Pass it along! enjoy

  6. That video really is so funny and cute, I wish I could train my sisters dogs to do that with our Mr. Brown.

    I am not sure what my own dogs political opinion was but he would never have given up his treats for any politician.

    Take care and lots of hugs.
    Am I to assume from this you aren’t that happy with Mr. Brown? Did I ever tell you I once met and shook hands with Margaret Thatcher? True. It was so cool. Saw Prince Charles too. And met Princess Michael of Kent. We were living in Belgium at the time and Devoted Spouse was assigned to SHAPE which is a part of NATO so we had lots of very important people visit and we got to go to National Receptions from all the different countries and meet royalty and stuff like that – it was pretty cool. I had to tell all the American ladies NOT to curtsy if they were introduced to British royalty – only British subjects curtsy. Had a problem with that one – all the ladies wanted to fawn over Princess Michael of Kent. I never did win the argument at the official functions when everyone would stand and toast – it was my instruction (etiquette school) that a lady never stands for a toast. Oh well. Old days, old times. Who cares? Hugs back atcha!

  7. I saw this last week and nearly laughed my head off. I appreciate your posting it in the spirit of “good fun”, but I must say you are brave for doing it. Seems a lot of folks have lost their sense of humor these days. I just hope no one reports you for posting “fishy” stuff.
    I think anyone who reads my blog can instantly realize this is not a hate-mongering site – this is a humorous look at life and EVERYTHING I post is meant with the best of intentions – I try not to be mean – maybe a tad sarcastic in hopefully a funny way. This video is not hateful – I would have posted it regardless of who the political name was – it’s just too cute. And should I be “reported” I shall happily make my case and what’s the worse that could happen? They ban me? My readers lose, not me my friend – I’ll simply go somewhere else to write. Thanks for visiting and come back anytime! Cheers!

  8. cute.. hey about the time zone setting set it for UTC -4:00 that should do it..(that is for Eastern time zone)
    I’m in Eastern time zone but I have mine set at UTC+1 because I usually post my “next day’s” blog the evening before around 7 or 7:30 and that way it has the date stamp of the right day on it. Make sense? I thought so. UTC+1 puts me at or past midnight thus making it show up as the following day’s post.

  9. It’s been an intense day – and the fun of an “opinionated” pup was just what I needed before bed. Thanks for the smile.
    Hope your day today is calmer and I’m glad you enjoyed the silly video. 🙂

  10. I LOVE that dog. I just read your response to The Last Post and found that very interesting. Funny how our lives gradually are revealed in blogdom.
    Oh honey, I loved that dog, too – I laughed till I cried! And, yes, sometimes I wonder if the world doesn’t know a little too much about me. Oh well.

  11. Almost as well trained as me! LOL

    I just had to link to this, hope you don’t mind.
    Nope don’t mind – it doesn’t belong to me – it’s a YouTube and anyone can post them. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

  12. That video is too cute. Even the dog’s chomping sounds cute.

    Thanks for posting.
    Thank Mrsupole – it was her idea coz she couldn’t get it to post on her blog.

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