Friday’s Free For All — Medicine Side Effects


I just watched a commercial for a smoking cessation product (which I will not name here) which sounded so wonderful until you got to the disclaimer of the “possible” side effects.  Holey crapoli Batman, this pill will help you stop smoking but it just might make you suicidal.  Now is that suicidal because you can’t smoke or is that suicidal simply because you swallowed this stupid pill?  Will you take this pill, thinking, “Great, I don’t have to go outside and suck down some smoke into my already blackened lungs…has anybody seen a serrated edge knife…I have this terrible urge to saw on my wrists for awhile…”  You gotta be kidding me.

The other night I saw an ad for an arthritis medicine and I swear to you it took twenty minutes for the stupid commercial to list all the possibilities that might occur if you take this medicine, and waaaaaay down on the bottom was the chance you might get a little relief from arthritis.  But you could also die from a heart attack or a stroke or have difficulty breathing , one leg might suddenly become longer than the other, or you may decide to suddenly put your head in the oven, turn on the gas and go out with a bang.

What is the pharmaceutical industry doing to us?  The outrageous thing here is how many commercials we are being bombarded with that include the words, “Ask your doctor if Product XXX is right for you.”  I’ve often wanted to go into my doctor’s office with an entire list of every drug I’ve seen on tv and ask him, “Is this right for me?”  “Is this right for me?”  “Is this right for me?”  Enough already.  The danged side effects will do more damage than whatever disease or condition you might have.  Truly…have you READ the disclaimers?  They include everything from mild headaches to turning into serial killers.  This is scary stuff people.  The remedies are worse than the symptoms.

How many of you actually read the fine print in the literature you receive with your prescriptions?  I have and some of it has scared the crap out of me.  There was one medicine in particular that I just flat out refused to take after reading that in 2% of patients tested, people developed pancreatitis or kidney failure — kidney failure???  I’m not swallowing that.  Not only no, but hell no.  With my luck, I’d be in the 2%.

Now it’s two new vaccines that we are being bombarded with – one is Gardacil and we absolutely HAVE to make sure our young women get this vaccine so they don’t suffer from cervical cancer later on in life.  But after all this time, suddenly we’re discovering there are some serious potential side effects to this drug.  I think I’d be more inclined to take my chances of getting cervical cancer twenty years down the line when they’ve probably made more progress on treatment than to take a vaccine now that may do serious damage to a young life.  What is going on over at the FDA anyway?

I was all ready to take my Swine Flu shot when the doses come in, but now I have decided against it as I just read a report the other day out of Britain which alerts doctors to watch for incidences of Guillain-Barre Syndrome in patients taking the Swine Flu shots.  Guillain-Barre??  Do you have any idea how devastating that condition is?  It can lead to paralysis and death.  Oh for cryin’ in a bucket, I’ll take my chances with Swine Flu because the last thing I want is to wake up one morning having to pee and realize I’ve become a rock person and can’t move.  No, I don’t think so.

I remember taking Ambien when I had terrible insomnia and it led to nighttime online shopping with all kinds of crap showing up at my door – heck UPS had to hire more drivers because of all the junk I ordered in the middle of the night and never had any idea I was doing that.  Then I’d go have a little snack before wandering back to bed — all this time I’m still sound asleep.  Devoted Spouse would find dishes in the kitchen sink in the morning and ask me if I was hungry in the middle of the night and I’d look at him like he was stupid — why would I be hungry in the middle of the night?  And why was I gaining weight?  And why was the house filling up with junk I’d bought online – who was really making these purchases anyway?   I encountered several months of this bizarre behavior; behavior I was too embarrassed to tell my doctor about, because I actually thought I was going bonkers and exhibiting signs of dementia (which runs in my family, oh joy)  and then some high-powered Senator or Congressman was shown on the nightly news having a car accident while totally asleep – and it turned out he was on Ambien.  I called my doctor the next day and made an appointment.  I went in and asked him if he was intentionally trying to kill  me with this crap.  He alluded to the fact there had been a few problems with Ambien and I just wanted to slap him – I was close enough to ball up my fist and connect it to his upper arm, which I did.  I stopped taking Ambien.  He started to listen to me.

Why did he start to listen to me?  Well, next he decided my cholesterol was too high and he put me on a statin drug.  Jinkies, I turned out to be one of the 1% of patients that get that terrible muscular side effect they warn you about on tv.  I started having bizarre muscle spasms and actually blew one muscle to smithereens before he believed me and agreed, “Hmmm, maybe you aren’t a candidate for statins.”  Ya think?  Never took another one.  He has me on something else now that works completely differently from statins but still lowers your cholesterol.  My muscles still hurt — he thinks it’s residual damage from my injury – I think he’s trying to kill me while receiving free pills and possibly kickbacks from the pharmaceutical industry.    I will probably wake up one day and find out I’ve grown another ear and my doctor will say, “Oh yeah, I probably should have mentioned that was a possible side effect.”  Gah…

No wonder poor Michael Jackson died – it wasn’t the drugs, it was the side effects – hell that’s probably why his nose fell off – it wasn’t plastic surgery after all – it was side effects people.

Finally, what is it with the erectile dysfunction commercials – they had to take a perfectly good Elvis Presley song and turn it into Viva Viagra which has to rank right up there as the worst advertising decision ever in the annals of television commercials.  And the different brands – what the hell is with this Cialis commercial — I’m all for having sex and if you need a pill for it okay, I have no problem with that – but I would think twice about the disclaimer of the 4-hour erection.  Ouch.  And then at the end of the commercial there is the man and the woman and they’re side by side in separate bathtubs outside.  What on earth is the significance of that – would somebody help me here?  Why two bathtubs – I mean if it’s all about sex, shouldn’t they be lounging in the same dang tub afterwards?  And who has a bathtub outside anyway these days?

I’m so confused – I’m gonna stick to aspirin and an occasional Valium – at least I don’t have side effects from them.  But at my next doctor’s appointment I’m going to ask him, “Is Nexium right for me?” coz I’m getting heartburn from all these side effects…no, wait, maybe it’s depression and I should ask “Is Cymbalta  right for me?”  ..not that’s not it either…crap, where’d I put that list?


15 thoughts on “Friday’s Free For All — Medicine Side Effects

  1. Hi there Linda 🙂
    I agree it seems like the side effects are worse than what you trying to get rid of. My Mom (also named Linda)
    stopped taking Hormone pills because of the side effects that she was having and not only that they are made from Pregnant horse urine, um no thanks. If they can put a man on the moon why can’t these scientists and drug research companies come up with something that does not give you temporary loss of memory or the sudden urge to do things that you normally would not do.
    My feelings exactly! It’s so much bigger than we realize.

  2. I think this is one of the big reasons for rising health costs. Suddenly everyone thinks they need the drugs, even if they see all the side effects, cause life looks so beautiful on those drugs.
    Who would have thought there were so many depressed people? Not that there aren’t people who truly need these medicines, but it seems that too many people think this is the answer to all their problems. I would rather take my chances with having a heart attack than to ever go through what I went through with those horrible muscle problems. It’s all about money – about which company can get their drug to the market first and make back the millions they spent on research and development, regardless of what this drug might do to someone. I fault the FDA and the doctors on this.

  3. You left far too much for me to really comment on….it’ll be another post! But let me say I’ve never quite figured out why the drug industry felt they needed to start TV advertising. And don’t get me started on the bath tubs!

    My mother is the side effect queen….she did the sleep-walk thing on Ambien. (and it was Rep Patrick Kennedy from RI who did the midnight drive in DC) After what would have been a fatal fall down a flight of stairs except that she *just* conked her head on a piece of furniture and spent the night on the floor before crawling to the phone, I begged her doc to quit writing for that. But the kicker was the avascular necrosis she experienced after taking Prednisone for asthama which killed the bone in her shoulder and required a shoulder replacement a few years ago.
    Your poor mom – believe me I understand the devastation wrought by side effects of supposedly harmless drugs. This is one of those topics that’s both funny and not funny at the same time. I KNEW one of my readers would remember who did the midnight drive – thanks!

  4. OH…..I hate the meet “MEET BOB” commerical. I would like to pick up that little ******head and hang him on the line… dry…..!

    It’s very sad that this industry has come to this. There are some wonderful drugs that are very much needed, and great Doc’s who are truly gifted. It’s all about feeling good and making money.
    Very Sad!
    Oh I so agree – I cannot stand Bob! I’d like to wipe that silly a$$ grin off his face. I wonder how desperate actors must be to take roles like these – roles where people will remember you and associate you with this stuff. Hmmm…

  5. I couldn’t stand it anymore and on my last visit to my doc I asked her if she’d mind if I did not ask her about taking any of the meds advertised on TV. After she got through laughing she told me that for the first time she’s embarrassed to admit in public that she’s a doctor.

    Since I know from experience that I tend to be one of those “only 2%” people I won’t take anything until I check it out for myself. And if it’s less than 20 years old forget it – I don’t want my cause of death to be “OOPS!”
    I imagine some of the doctors feel bad about it – it’s soooo stupid and you just know there are a ton of people who see it on tv and then demand the doctor prescribe it for them. So you’re one of the 2%, too?? I have a horrible time taking medicine – I never react like most people and it drives my doctor crazy trying to find stuff that works. Or something I will actually take! 🙂

  6. I try to only watch shows that I have recorded on my DVR so that way I can skip the commercials. The symptons are usually so vague and general, that just about anyone can have them. When they first started putting them on air, I would think do I have these, well except for ED (but I would think hubby had that one), and so then I would think should I ask the doctor about them. But I do like that Omnaris for my nasal allergies. It is the first one that does not cause nose bleeds. So while I do hate these commercials, I also am glad for some of them.

    I just think we need to use common sense about these drugs. And the doctors should not get kick backs for prescribing them to their patients. That is the real problem right there. The more patients they prescribe it to, the more money they make. And so I think that they feel justified with giving them to us because we came in there with a list of the symptons and they did not bring it up or try to unnecessarily give us the medicine.

    But I do take Ambien and at first I was cleaning the house and doing the waking up and eating things. And I cannot tell you how much stuff was ordered. I totally understand about the delivery men having a direct link to my house. I finally just kept a notepad by my side and then I would write down what I thought I wanted to order and then the next day rethink it. That helped immensely and UPS was a little upset, but they got over it. I also hid my card and then could not order due to not having the numbers. I wish the house cleaning would have continued, but hurting my shoulder stopped that. Now I am okay and am used to it, and so none of those things happen because of Ambien anymore and it does at least let me sleep most nights. Suffering from insomnia is not healthy and so I truly am thankful for Ambien.

    Oh I called my pharmacist to see if Vicodin has any codeine and he said it does not. It works similiar to codeine but there is none in it. I was so thankful, and the Percocet doesn’t have any either. Codeine plugs you up. My mom always thinks Vicodin has codeine which she is allergic to and so does not take it when the doctor gives it to her. I wonder what she will say when she finds out there is none in there. Anyway I always kept telling her there was none but she never believed me. It is like “Duh, Mom”, I was a Pharmacist Technician and it is what I have a degree for. I just had to quit that field because of my back problems and so cannot do it anymore. She is so funny because she always thinks she knows more about meds than I do. Geez.

    Anyway, glad to hear you are feeling a little better and taking it easy. Please, please keep taking it easy. Get well woman. I will keep praying for you.

    God bless.
    I was incorrect when I said Vicodin had codeine in it BUT it does contain a derivative of codeine and something called thebaine – it’s Hydrocodone. Now Hydrocodone is what is in Percocet with some acetaminophin thrown in too. For some reason I can take Percocet but not Vicodin – my doctor said it was the codeine part of Vicodin – so I don’t know who to believe anymore but I stay away from Vicodin just in case coz it truly gives me bizarre psychotic hallucinatory nightmares. Looney bin stuff that scares the hell out of me coz I can tell I’m in a dream but I can’t get out of it. Ick.
    I’m glad u can take Ambien – I’d just rather not – it was too strange and I doubt I’d be strong enough or lucid enough to keep a notebook; no, I’d just go ahead and order crap online and the eating at night would start all over again. Valium has helped relax me and I drink a cup of chamomile tea – but I can’t take Valium forever – my doctor has given me one more refill and that’s it. So I’m thinking of going back to the nightly warm milk w/a shot of good brandy – that helped once before and I actually liked the taste. Or I could just get Devoted Spouse to conk me on the head and knock me out! Sometimes a warm (not hot) shower or soak in tub helps, too – but it’s so danged hard to get out of that jacuzzi – I swear I need some hydraulic lift or something to get me back up – the tub is so deep. I was looking at an ad for one of those “step-in” tubs they have now and wondered how they keep it from leaking. Looked nice though. My problem is getting from a sitting to a standing position and I have to roll onto my left side and grab onto the edge of the tub for leverage – just too much trouble. Oh a YouTube would be funny of this I just know it, but so gross. LOL
    I just keep exercising and trying not to eat bad food and praying alot. And thank goodness for icepacks. I recall a time I had a herniated disk in my back and it took a year and a half before I was walking right again so I’m only at 8 months and this injury was much more severe than that – I need to learn patience and trust God and the healing will come in His time. So, I will sit quietly and do my studying and be a good girl and hopefully one of these days I will be whole again. Coz I know the world is getting totally sick of hearing about this nonsense of mine!!! LOL Hugs!

  7. Okay, what time zone is your blog on because it is just 3:07 pm here and it says that I wrote my comment at 11:06 pm. I think they put these blogs on fishy time.

    Anyway, I am not sure if you knew it was doing this. Or you could be over in another part of the world. Hehe.

    God bless.
    My time zone is EST but this blog is written in UTC time I think and I have no clue how it’s set up. I only know that usually I post sometime after 7pm my time and it shows the blog as the next day’s posting. Clear as mud? Beats me. I try not to pay attention to what time anything was written – I go more by the date than anything else. Actually I’m just glad anybody leaves a comment. LOL

  8. Dear Hubby almost died due to the side effects of Fentanyl pain patches, which they recalled soon afterwards. Then he went through horrible withdrawal from them. I went with him to his pain management appointment the next time and raised a lot of hell.

    Most of his doctors don’t like to see me come along with him because they know they are going to get hell about something when I show up.

    The only one who doesn’t worry is his neurologist since I tend to go along to all those appointments so I know what is going on with his MS.
    I like proactive – so good for you!!! My hubs came along with me to PT when they were first working on the shoulder so he could watch what they did. When they discovered I had also broken my back he came once or twice and watched and I have now shown him how to help me with some of my exercises. I always am the one asking question after question and fortunately I have a doctor who likes that interaction. He wishes he had more patients like me – I actually try and follow his directions, except with the meds that give me trouble and we’ve reached an amicable agreement that if I feel side effects he can be sure I will stop taking the medicine but I also will call him and let him know so we can look for something else. I think you have to be almost a partner w/your doctor – it IS your health afterall. How’s your husband doing – is he in remission? You know I keep you in prayers. Hugs!

  9. I seldom take anything but Tylenol, Advil or Motrin. Even after my hip surgeries. I would much rather deal with the pain than the nausea and other side effects of the pain meds. I think we are all going to have to be more proactive about our health care in the future. God gave us what we need for good health and we have strayed away from it toward the unhealthy synthetic stuff. Don’t get me started on the commercials – ugh!!!
    I try to stick to Advil if I hurt. Only when I’ve really overdone it do I hit the Valium (for the back spasms) and percocet (for the pain). Mostly just Advil and all the drugs associated with middle age – high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, cholesterol and I’m thinking of stopping the cholesterol and high blood pressure because the cholesterol med is hurting my muscles again and my blood pressure is very close to normal – I have a paranoid doctor who wants it so low I dang near die. I have no choice on the thyroid med – my thyroid gland quit working correctly about 15 years ago and strangely enough the same thing happened to my cat at the very same time. Coincidence? Not so sure – were we both irradiated in some strange way? Who knows.

  10. There is s study out there that shows that when the Pharmaceutical companies started doing these type of commercials with the “ask your doctor if ***** is right for you” and they provided doctors offices with lots of free samples of ***** then all of a sudden !BAM! lots of new cases of whatever the problem was that required the *****drug. (plug in your favorite med from commercials in the **** placeholder)

    Ambein does a bit of that for me as well. I ordered some stuff from EBay and didn’t remember doing it but it was okay, I had the lowest or only bid and it was sets of bamboo knitting needles (for practically nothing) and some pretty yarn. I have found that if I take it I have to immediately go to bed or I do something like that. Does help me sleep though. :0)
    For me to ever take Ambien again I would have to be crazy-glued into the bed. I’m just thankful I didn’t grab the keys and go for a ride somewhere.

  11. Unfortunately, DH will never be in remission, he has secondary progressive MS. When he had relapsing remitting, life for him was much easier because he knew the symptoms would eventually go away.
    That is unfortunate indeed and my heart goes out to both of you for the difficulty you must face daily. Life is so precious no matter how difficult. I was so hoping you were going to say he had relapsing remitting. He is blessed to have you. As you are him. Hugs!

  12. I have severe arthritis but do not take ANY pharmaceuticals.

    The reason?

    Exactly what you have written; side effects.

    I choose instead to help myself as much as possible by going the alternate route; ie massage, chiropractic and acupuncture. I also take natural supplements; non of which have side effects. I am managing my pain really well this way(sure I have up days and down, as even a person on pharmeceuticals does) but at least I am not putting myself at risk for a heart attack down the road(or cancers, or or, the list goes on and on, as you wrote SO well!!!)

    Merri you are my hero – I know personally how painful arthritis flare-ups can be and I usually give in to Advil – I tried Celebrex and it didn’t touch my arthritis pain then my doctor put me on Vioxx before they took it off the market. Vioxx was a godsend – it took away the pain and I loved that medicine. My doctor was so angry it was taken off the market because he said it was political between pharmaceutical companies. He claims the “studies” were done were not nearly extensive enough, involving enough patients and also that the people studied on Vioxx were typically older and more susceptible to a heart attack. Not a true scientific testing at all. I talked to all my “scared” friends and volunteered to take their Vioxx off their hands. I still have some and use it when my back pain is really bad. I hate the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA too. I’m not overly fond of my doctor at the moment either. He and I disagree vehemently on my treatment frequently. He’s the one who treated me for back spasms for 3 months all the while my back was actually broken. Such an up and down dilemma with doctors. The important thing is to be educated and do your own extensive research before taking ANY medicine. This is my personal opinion, you understand – no hate mail from the pubic please.

  13. Okay, now I am going to have to go look up hydrocodone to see if it helps to plug us up and I think it said that Percocet has oxycodone and I wonder if that helps to plug us up. I only called the Pharmacist to double check and make sure cause if it had the codeine then I would probably have stopped taking it. But now I got more work to do. Why can they just not make a pain pill with no plugging side effects and it actually takes the pain away. I will bet you that the codone part is just a buzz word for something that is similar for codeine and that is what is plugging us up. I can take mine every 4 – 6 hours and that 6 of them a day is a lot of freaking Vicodin. I rarely take more than 2 or 3 a day and that is enough, because 3 of them will plug me up just fine, and any more, then I need a gallon of prune juice.

    And I wish my doc would give me Valium, but he tells me it is addicting and that you have to keep increasing the dosage to work….I just want to say duh, I know that, but I am willing to take it. Geez, does he not think the Ambien is addicting too. Well it is not physically addicting, but I think it is probably mentally addicting because it actually works and that is enough reason to want to take it. I do take breaks from it, but then I really cannot sleep, and this has been going on all my life. Only during basic training did it not happen. Maybe I should have lived on a farm where all day all I did was physical labor. Sigh.

    I was also wondering if you got one of those Jacuzzi tubs too? They are so freaking deep and hard to get out of. But I have been rolling over to my right side and being able to get up a little better.

    And what the heck is UTC time? Does it stand for Use This Clock or something? I honestly have never heard of it.

    Okay, gonna go soak in a vinegar bath and see what happens.

    God bless.

    Again, you’re right – Percocet is oxycodone – and the generic name I have on mine is Endocet. Here is the website for WebMD’s description of Percocet:

    I have to be more careful with blogging about this stuff late at night coz i keep making mistakes. So everybody please note – never take my word for anything – go do your own research and talk to your doctor. I’m not a doctor, I just stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. LOL I don’t have a problem with Valium – my doctor said some people can become addicted but after treating me for 20 years he’s seen how I use medicine and he didn’t think I’d have a problem with either the Valium or Percocet. He’s right – I don’t “need” it – I only use it when it’s been a particularly bad day and my back muscles are trying to spasm – it helps settle things down. And I normally use Advil instead of the Percocet. I have to hurt pretty bad before I hit the Percocet. I still don’t think he’ll give me any more just in case. I don’t care – Warm milk and brandy pretty much does the same thing – it relaxes me. And yes, I have a jacuzzi and have just as much trouble as you in getting out of it only I have to roll onto my left side vs. you rolling onto your right side. It’s usually more trouble than it’s worth and a hot shower helps and is easier to do.
    As for UTC i can’t explain it – I only know mine is set at UTC+1 and that is about 5 hours ahead of my regular time – I do that because I usually post my next day’s blog the night before and I need to make sure Tuesday’s blog says Tuesday’s date on it. Silly, but that’s how I operate.
    Okay I have to ask – why the vinegar? Hugs!

  14. You are so funny because I am not sure what mistakes you are making. Cause I too thought they had codeine and I went to freaking school to study this crap. And I seriously think codone is probably just another buzz word for a fake codeine and since it seems to plug us up the same way, then you are probably right. I think you are so, so lucky that you get to even take Valium, I wish so much that my doc would give me a prescription for it. I do not understand what is wrong with taking it if you need it. Just like the pain pills, why do some people get upset to hear that we take them. Then you find out that they got hurt or something and it is okay if they take them. Some of them are just so judgmental about others taking this stuff. As long as we are not abusing the pills then what is wrong with taking them.

    Although I wish I drank brandy and could try that solution. Sometimes I can drink a little bit of wine, but it is not often. My stepfather was an alcoholic and so I think I have a fear of becoming one too. And that is why I try so hard to not take too many pills because he also abused pain pills. Although I am not genetically linked to him, I still worry about turning out to be like him. My hubby drinks beer all the time and I do worry about him, but it is his choice and he never complains about me taking the pain pills or the Ambien. I actually think he is thankful that I now have the Ambien because he has watched me suffer with insomnia for almost all of our marriage. Almost everyday he will ask me, how did I sleep last night? Plus he is the one who has to listen to me moan and groan due to the pain and I think he wishes they made a safe pain pill that actually took the pain away. He too hates to see it plugging me up. He suffers with all of this too.

    I still think that is funny about UTC time. I cannot figure out what that means. And I am being to lazy to try and look it up. Maybe sometime I will try.

    The jacuzzi is great for when my back hurts a lot, now that I can get up and down in it. It heats the water and so if I do not have the bathroom door open then it turns into a sauna. Because it is being so humid here, hubby complained that I was steaming the house up and making the A/C work too hard. I also put the jets on my shoulder today for the first time and they did not hurt as much as the last time I tried. I am hoping that is a good sign. My grandsons take 2 to 3 showers a day when they are here visiting, so I know they too would agree about the showers being so great.

    As to the vinegar bath, I am taking one because the gift you bring back with you after living in Panama is that you have this tendancy to get funguses. And vinegar being an acid helps to kill them. I buy the big bottles at Costco and just pour cups of it into the tub and soak. It feels so good for some reason. I cannot remember who told me about them, but I am so thankful. During the colder months I do not need to do this, but it can stay over 100 degrees here for weeks at a time and sweating too much can cause the funguses to show up. I had thought the women in Panama who had been down there more than once were crazy, but then found out that they were totally telling the truth. I just know that you have to have about 20 to 30 different shots when you go down to Panama and I was never able to get most of them due to nursing the girls and being PG while I was down there. I am not sure if that would have helped to prevent the fungus from always growing but every summer I get one. I hate it. Hubby never gets it, but he did get all the shots. Living in the tropics is a different way of life is all I can say. Maybe I should buy stock in a vinegar company along with the prune juice. Sigh.

    God bless.
    I don’t worry about meds and I don’t worry about alcohol – my biological mother was an alcoholic but I’m not. My stepmother ate Librium and Valium like it was candy. I don’t – I think you have to have an addictive personality to have those issues. I take meds when I need them. If you think Valium would help u then u need to explain WHY to your doctor and then smack him – that’s what I do with mine. I also hug him alot because he actually choked up on the phone when he called me to tell me the MRI had shown I had a broken back and all the time he thought it was just back spasms. He felt very bad he didn’t think to take a harder look at my back after the injury – I don’t think he realized how Hard I fell on that concrete and the angle I hit and that I could possibly have sustained a lumbar fracture. He’s only human.
    Okay – I have to go study now! Hugs!

  15. LOL
    Those viagara commercials crack me up! Everytime they warn us to “call your doctor if you have a 4-hour erection”, I always think how the woman needs to call the COPS. A 4-hour erection = assault and battery. OUCH.
    After 4 hours I’d be doin a Lorena Babbit – remember her???

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