Theme Thursday – Humor …or I Laughed So Hard I Peed

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Today’s posting is about Humor.   That’s my theme for this particular Thursday.  This is not a particularly funny posting so don’t expect to react as my title suggests.  I simply want to ramble on a bit about laughter and its effects.

The other day I received an email from my friend Mrsupole which contained a sentence  in it that made me laugh so hard I wet my pants – I’m not kidding – now I know that losing control of one’s bladder may not be something to brag about – but I gotta tell you – I didn’t mind because the laughter made me feel better.  And that’s what it’s for – laughter helps you feel good.

Here’s what she said – let me put it in context for you for just a moment…we were discussing our various pains and aches associated with my injury and her recent shoulder surgery – both of which involve the judicious and seemingly endless use of icepacks.

She said to me,

“I think I look like those people who have a head attached to their shoulder with my ice pack in place of the head.”

I read that sentence and started to giggle.  I went on with the email but I couldn’t stop giggling at the vision of an extra head on her shoulders sitting there talking to her disguised as an icepack.  I started to laugh and I went back to that sentence and then I couldn’t stop laughing.  I started to pee and had to get myself out of my comfy chair while tossing pillows and my own icepacks every which way so I could make it to the hall bathroom before I literally flooded my living room.  Her simple statement struck me as that funny.  Why?

Because I understood.  When I hurt my shoulder in January I not only was wrapped up like a flippin’ mummy but I also had icepacks and it honestly looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame at one time and while it hurt, it was funny.  And as I sit on icepacks for my hip and back which also were a result of the January injury, I still laugh because I know I must look frightfully funny with a pillow supporting my legs and another pillow wedged in the chair between me and the icepack on my hip – and it’s just funny.  In the immortal words of Jimmy Buffett,  “If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.”

You simply must laugh at the things in your life, whether they be the joyful laughter from a baby’s smile, or laughing at your run of luck as you trip and sprain your ankle once again.  Life is full of trials and tribulations and God gave us the ability to laugh and smile and see our way through some terrible things when he bestowed upon us the gift of humor.

And to prove my point that laughter is important, I just looked down and noticed that once again I have my shorts on inside out.  I’m not kidding – I can see the bumpy seams on the side.  I have to laugh at myself – I can’t even get dressed in the morning – I must be a danger to society I’m sure.  Fortunately it’s raining outside and I didn’t go anywhere prior to this discovery.

Laugh – laugh – laugh and then laugh some more.  It’s fun – it’s contagious, and it’s therapeutic.  Try not to laugh so hard you wet your pants, people.  On second thought…go ahead and laugh so hard you pee.  Just not on my couch, please.


7 thoughts on “Theme Thursday – Humor …or I Laughed So Hard I Peed

  1. So well articulated! It is everything I thought but never could express. Thank you for inspiring me!
    Aw shucks – you’re too kind. Nice to see ya!

  2. It’s true….laughter is often the best medicine. But not if you’ve got stitches.
    Ouch – I didn’t think of that – yeah I guess you could laugh your stitches out depending on where they are…LOL

  3. What a nice post, I really agree with you, laughter is the best medicine – and it’s contagious too.
    Works for me!

  4. That is my goal in life these days – to laugh or at least smile once a day and if I can share that and make someone else each day smile or laugh than I feel complete. No lofty goals here, but you are so right, laughter is good for the heart, body and soul and sometimes we just don’t do enough of it.

    Must be why I usually want to see cute, funny movies. Last one was the new “Ice Age” and I can’t help but laugh every time Scrat or Sid on on the screen. Just seeing them I smile then laugh hysterically watching the action. Hubby and Son love watching me react to these type of movies. I think they enjoy watching me laughing so hard I’m crying then they do watching the movie.
    We have several really bad movies that do that to us; make us laugh hysterically and it’s so much fun. Devoted Spouse likes jokes – he can sit and read jokes on his laptop and laugh so hard I think he’s having a stroke – and his laughter is infectious and I start laughing and I haven’t even read the joke!

  5. An elderly friend died last week and he had written his own funeral. It was read by his son-in-law and contained a lot of humor. His final statement was: “Think of this burial like the pecan. What you are burying is only the shell, the nut is already in heaven.” It brought laughter to all who knew what a true “nut” he was. He was a deeply religious man and had been a pastor for 40 years. Can you imagine some of his sermons? It’s nice to find humor even in a time of sorrow.
    I wish I could have known someone that had such a wonderful attitude toward life. To find humor in sorrow is to help us get through what is ordinarily an impossible situation. God didn’t make junk. LOL

  6. You know I love the shorts on inside out stories, but I am so glad you did not go anywhere. Thank God for nature and rain. But I had forgotten to tell you that last Friday I was getting ready to leave for my PT appointment, I always clip my cell phone onto my pants, so I went to clip them on and there were only my underpants to clip them on to. I almost walked out the door in my undies and that would not have been a pretty sight. So then I had to grab my pants and put them on while trying to decide if I should laugh or cry at how bad things have gotten while taking these pain pills. Where has my brain gone. So what did I choose, neither, cause I had to get my butt in gear or I would be late for my session. But at the signal light I did have a minute to think about it and did giggle a little. Can you imagine me showing up in my underwear for my PT session?

    I am so happy that we can still laugh at the little things. When we cannot that is the time to throw in the towel.

    God bless.
    And here I thought it was just me – inside out shorts aren’t tragic – going out in your underwear could cause quite the stir – but then again I’m sure they’ve seen it all. Some of the stories I hear from my PT folks are just hilarious and I couldn’t possibly repeat them on the blogosphere they’re so outrageous. But then again I often wonder what they say about me – the crazy broad who gets stuck in the exercise machines and creates havoc wherever she is, whose body fails her and every pore opens and sweat comes flyng out whenever the cute PT’s walk close by – it’s so humiliating, but they’re used to my antics, my striped underwear and my infamous wedgies and I make them laugh so it’s worth it. Sometimes I wonder if my PT’s won’t miss me when I’m gone… Yes, m’dear, it is now confirmed…you and I were somehow separated at birth. It’s probably a good thing we don’t live in the same town as the hilarity factor would be more than people could stand… Hugs!

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