Trivial Tuesday Things

triviaNot having much of interest to write about, and still being a bit tired after yesterday’s volunteering stint, I thought I’d simply and briefly mention a few things that have caught my attention lately.

We’ve all seen the jokes that wander thru the net into our email boxes – here’s what I heard lately – a couple of reasons employees did not turn up at work, supposedly true and reported by HR directors:  1)  Employee was concerned he would lose the parking place in front of his house, 2) Employee’s dog was feeling stressed after a family reunion over the weekend.  Okay – If EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer was feeling stressed, I might be inclined to “call in sick”.  I might.

Did you know that you can buy an MP3 alarm clock which will wake you up with motivational messages and instructions on how to stretch before you even get out of bed?  True – it’s called My Workout Wake Up Call and it sells for about $40.  I found it here .  I’m not making this up.

How many times have you reached into your oven and burned an arm?  Really.  I’ve done it numerous times by just accidentally bumping against one of the racks – hurts like hell, doesn’t it?  I’ve never found oven mitts that really keep my arms protected.  Now there is a company that makes neoprene oven mitts and they’re long enough to really cover your arms – supposedly they will protect you up to 500 degrees (and that’s hot).  They’re under $20 and you can find them here .  BTW they’re call Arlo Oven Mitts.  I’m going to order a set for sure.

Are you looking to re-decorate a room but you can’t afford to buy new furniture?  There’s a product on the market that I kid you not will change your upholstered furniture — at least that’s what the article in my local paper claims.  I make NO claims to this stuff.  It’s paint — eco-friendly upholstery paint called Simply Spray and one can covers approximately 17 square feet for $12.99 — now I’m not good at measurements so I’m thinking 17 square feet won’t cover your couch but will do a nice job on a plain upholstered chair – like the kind you see advertised for a dining room table.  I’m just a little leery of this though – my upholstered furniture in my living room is a floral tapestry.  Now granted I’m so sick of this furniture I could literally rip it apart with my teeth, but I really am leery of spray painting it.  The claims are you can use this spray paint for linens, lampshades, towels and other items because it doesn’t stiffen or harden on the product but stays soft to the touch.  I don’t know – if anyone wants to try it, let me know what you discover.  I think I’ll continue to live with my &&(&%^## living room furniture.

A few weeks ago Bob Dylan was in Long Branch, New Jersey on tour with Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp.  A cop walked up to him because ole Bob was just wandering around and the very young cop asked  for his name.  Bob replied, “Bob Dylan.”  The cop asked, “What are you doing here?”  Bob replied, “I’m on tour.”  The cop actually requested backup and they escorted ole Bob to where the performers were staying to have a member of the tour staff vouch for ole Bob’s identity.  I alternated between laughing and feeling sad when I read this.  Then again I never really liked his music anyway.

There’s a classified ad in my paper today for a 10-year old Umbrella Cockatoo — only $700.  I’m wondering if he provides protection from the rain or in the sun.  He must do something for $700.  Here’s another ad for an apartment that advertises in HUGE BOLD PRINT…no rent until September.  Well, crap, that’s just a couple of weeks away – where’s the deal in that?   Here’s one that advertises an “authentic” Rolling Stones Guitar – Autographed – appraised at $2,900 but they’ll sell it for $400.  It’s probably autographed by Bob Dylan.

And finally, I actually got 3 readers signed up from my Monday posting on Craft Pay it Forward.  I figured no one would play – crap on a crutch, now I actually have to handmake 3 different items within the next year and actually send them to these poor ladies MariDelaney,  and Mrsupole who all signed on to this.  Gah…why does my brain make me actually do this stuff before I’ve totally thought it out and realized I CAN’T CRAFT worth crap.  Oh well.  They have my permission to open their gifts, laugh hysterically, and then promptly throw them in the trash.  You won’t hurt my feelings, trust me.  Although by signing up for this they also agreed to blog about it and Pay it Forward to 3 other unsuspecting readers.

That’s my Tuesday Trivia.  Too tired to further entertain you today; you’ll simply have to find something to amuse yourselves now.  Go – off with you — find something to make you laugh, then share it with me please.


11 thoughts on “Trivial Tuesday Things

  1. Which comes first??? 982 page book or crafts??? I would like to hear more about both
    Hi Joe! 928 (oops I’m so dyslexic I meant 982) page book and all textbooks and school will definitely take precedence starting next week and I’ll no doubt make an announcement on my blog that it won’t be an everyday blog anymore until this class is over – so both Twitter and Blogging are going to take a hit – but I will find time for a little crafting and a little Tweeting and a little Blogging – you can’t study 24 hours a day sweetie – ya gotta have a little fun! Cheers!

  2. Well you saved me all the time of reading this junk mail by summarizing it quite well. I do like the concept of the long oven mitts, cause I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought how dumb am I to burn my arm? One time I was making baked beans and I couldn’t decide whether to put the lid on or not. So I put it on and then thought no, I should remove it. That one caused an ugly burn on my hand that will be with me forever.
    I meant it when I said I was buying the oven mitts. I’ve burned myself too many times. Just this evening I turned around too quickly and brushed up against a hot baking sheet – I never learn.

  3. Today’s trivia – I emailed a friend saying that I had someone take care of a few small electrical and plumbing problems. She, quite seriously, emailed back saying she was sorry I was sick and hoped I’d be fine soon.

    I’ve been giggling all day contemplating whatever she was thinking of. I really was talking about my house.
    Giggle – I’m so glad your plumbing has been fixed! LOL

  4. Well, I think you are really funny, even though you don’t like Dylan. The upholstery paint interests me. I have been spray painting my shoes for years…its so much faster than polishing, plus you can change the colors to suit the occasion. Today, for instance, I painted my shoes red, since it draws attention away from my blood-shot eyes, and also matches my bank account!
    Thank you for the “funny” compliment – I remember Dylan’s music from years ago and he’s just so whiny although Blowin’ in the Wind was good and he has done some good music, I was just never his biggest fan. As for painting – I don’t know that I’d paint my shoes, I have been known to tidy them up with a Sharpie on occasion. Please I don’t want to talk about bank accounts…way too depressing. LOL Thanks for visiting!

  5. Be sure to take pictures before you send out your crafts. I need some good ideas.
    You sure you don’t just want some good giggles?? Hmmm??? You’re the second person who’s said to take pics. Okay – but only AFTER my victims have received; that way it’s still a surprise. Then I’ll add the “crafts” to my craft page for all of you to look at and wonder….wonder what the heck is wrong with me…LOL

  6. With all the kidlets in school leaves me with no one to talk to .Well I could talk to my self or yell at the stupidity of things people do on TV.. But I do need a good laugh so I come here which always keeps me smiling.. Thanks so much Linda 🙂
    I’m so glad you laugh. I gotta tell ya it’s the strangest thing – the posts I write that crack me up, no one laughs or gets or I don’t get many comments. Then I literally throw together something like this one and everybody thinks I’m so funny. Honestly. The post I did the other day with the food driving made me laugh so hard I cried and half the people didn’t get it. It must be me – there’s something very wrong with my sense of humor! LOL I would think you’d be glad the progeny is in school! Quiet time Mom, quiet time.

  7. I could definately do with the oven mitts, I have lost count of the times I have burnt myself or had disasters in the kitchen. Last night I dropped a chocolate cake on the floor. I have posted a picture of the mess it made if you want to see.

    I’m not too sure about the “Simply Spray” but I do like the idea of the MP3 alarm clock. Anything that makes getting up in the mornings easier is always welcome to me.
    I truly am ordering the mitts I think they’re a fabulous idea. As for the MP3 clock – here’s a trick I used to use when I was working. Put the alarm clock on the OTHER side of the room and turn it to the loudest music you can. I promise you, you WILL get out of bed. Worked for me every day! Hugs! I’m off to check out your chocolate topsy-turvy cake!

  8. I bake but I make Hubby take the stuff out of the oven. He knows I am so Klutzy that if I manage to burn myself then the baked goodies will be all over the floor and since I make our favorite “Death By Chocolate” cake when I bake, he doesn’t want a crumb wasted. :0)

    I always managed to wake up about 15 min. before the alarm went off. Always have but I would turn it on every day I worked “just in case” I had the one day I slept in.
    What a good idea, but Devoted Spouse has enough inside duties already so I’ll handle the oven and risk the burns! Death by Chocolate – love that stuff but boy is it lethal! (oh yeah, hence the name…) LOl

  9. I just do not think I could paint my furniture, I know it would get hard and then where would I put my cush. And my cush likes the nice soft comfy couch, although it sure is hard to climb out of the thing because there is no support for my a$$ to push it’s self up. Honesly it is hard to get out of. So maybe the paint might be good or a really thick piece of plywood for support.

    Did I really sign up for that crafting thing? I need to double check, but I vaguely remember doing it. Must of been the pain pills talking, yeah that was it. Now I really gotta clean out those two spare rooms to find out if I still have any crafting things in them. Although I did find a blog site that you can make one of those Topsy Turvey things with those 3 liter soda bottles. Hmm, maybe I should try to craft one of those since my Topsy Turvey thing worked so well.

    My tomato plant is almost a foot from the ground. Those grandkids have sure enjoyed all the tomatoes that I have grown this summer. I want to buy a couple more of those things and try zucchini this next summer. I know it will not hold pumpkins but maybe some yellow squash will grow too. I have been surprised at how well it holds the cucumbers and tomatoes. And suprisingly the cucumbers are very sweet and not bitter like the ones you buy in the store. Maybe I better buy at least 4 of those Topsy Turvy things or learn how to craft some of my own.

    Oh all right I will have to see what I can craft. If I paint a picture does that count? What if I make a candle? Are there any rules. All of this to just get a couple of eggs (hint-hint). Okay, I need to get to a craft store sometime. But I also volunteered to try and make some craft things for the Made4Aid project too. What the heck is wrong with me?

    All I can say is that I hope I can figure something out. You know that if you made a few of those eggs for them that they would probably have the highest amount made for any of their stuff that they have sold. Okay that is another hint. Just kidding. I need to get well so I can craft something. I used to love crafting and it would be something good for me to do. Sigh.

    God bless.
    Sweetie-pie if you don’t want to craft anything for this – DON’T!!! It’s totally voluntary; remember I asked for volunteers I didn’t tag anyone. I’m still sending you something but please don’t feel obligated to play along with this at all. You have a shoulder injury – my shoulder is now working – so you just heal and don’t worry about making anything. Please!

    I wish I had tried the upside down tomatoes – I saw it on tv again the other day where someone had done that and how well it worked. Maybe next summer.

    I couldn’t paint my furniture either – I didn’t believe their claims that it wouldn’t make your couch harden or uncomfortable – it’s paint for goodness sake. Nah – I’m not trying it. I AM going to buy the oven mitts, though coz I’m tired of burning my arms and hands by my klutziness with the sides of the oven!

    Hugs! Feel better sweetie – between you and me we’re responsible for global warming coz we’re using so much ice in our icepacks it’s affecting the glaciers! I thought I spied Al Gore outside my window the other day checking on my ice usage. I swear.

  10. OH NO about Bob Dylan…I find that very sad…

    I was at the end of the generation that listened advidly to his music…
    I know some was droney but he represented so much to so many…

    And now he’s just Blowin’ in the Wind so to speak…

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