Crafting Pay it Forward…or Are You in For a Surprise!

I have a new blog on my blogroll, Scriber’s Web – go visit and you’ll find a very nice and interesting site.  Scriber is taking part in something called Pay it Forward.  The rules for this Pay it Forward  (see her Pay it Forward HERE) dictate you handmake 3 items and send one each to the first 3 readers who comment to your blog that they want a handmade item from you.  You have 365 days in which to make and then deliver this item (an item totally of your choosing; a surprise to the recipient) (yes, the recipient will need to provide a shipping address.)

The idea is the receiver, in turn, posts a blog on Pay it Forward and volunteers to do the same thing;  handmake 3 items and offer them to other readers who comment.  It’s like a chain letter of handmade goodies. Doesn’t this sound like fun?  Make something; give it away.  I like it; I really like it.

Of course I’m getting in on this sort of second-hand – I wasn’t a recipient of anyone’s handmade item (oh poor me) – but I liked the idea so I will re-start the chain here and see what happens. (Remember my making Easter eggs while taking Valium?)  I have two recent handmade items in my home and that will suffice – so don’t feel bad for me.  What I get from this is the joy of being able to do something for someone else.  I always get a kick out of helping someone and hoping that they, in turn, will do a good deed for someone else – it just spreads the love around and everybody has a happier day.

Be warned; I’m not talented at making anything and there’s no telling what you  might receive or when, but it will be within the 365 day time limit.  You’ve seen some of my not so talented crafting. But I promise you I will make it all by myself – it will be a Linda-handmade creation.

Wanna join me in this effort?  First three readers interested let me know.  And you must promise me that you will Pay it Forward.


9 thoughts on “Crafting Pay it Forward…or Are You in For a Surprise!

  1. Well, I’m game. Sign me up!
    Oh you poor deluded woman – you had to do this, didn’t you? Great now I have to make something and hopefully it will be something you won’t just fall down on the floor and die laughing at…let’s just hope it doesn’t take me the entire 365 days to make something coz my memory will never make it that far!!!! LOL

    One down, two to go…

  2. Well, although I certainly didn’t drop in to ‘get you,’ it looks like I might be in the running. I would have to leave town if someone tagged me this way. Now I’m going to go check out that blog that you so highly recommended.
    If you agree to this then I HAVE tagged you and you MUST pay it forward. So let me know if you are just droppin in to say howdy or if you are going to be my second “victim” who promises to do the same.

    PLEASE NOTE: Sandy is not playing due to other commitments – so I need TWO MORE readers who WANT to do this with me. Thanks!

  3. All right I am game too, as soon as my shoulder heals then I can handmake something, I am not sure what but it will be interesting. This sounds like a great idea. And can it be something you made from before. I have lots that I have handmade from before.

    God bless.
    Well bless your heart sweetie – and I didn’t see anything in the rules that disallowed sending something you made from before. So YOU shall be my second VICTIM and once I get something made I will contact you for your shipping address and then you will have to post a blog about it and you get 365 days, etc.

    Do I have one more person brave enough to receive a handmade item from me and then Pay it Forward?

  4. Great idea but don’t count me in as even with 365 days to do it, I’d probably disappoint. You gotta post what you make and send though. Inquiring minds need to know these things.
    Not to worry; you don’t have to play. I’m not so sure I should be posting what I make – I think I will allow the recipients to show a pic if they so desire. They may be too embarrassed to actually show the public what arrived in the mail! LOL

  5. I am no longer allowed to craft. I lost my right’s to craft after the hot glue gun and glitter incident. Did yo know dogs will poop glitter for month if they ingest a whole container of it? I’m just saying you might want to keep it away from Em.
    Ah yea, the famous glitter incident. EmmaLou is not into glitter, but she loves the containers of acrylic paint I use and has a tendency to steal one and carry it around in her mouth until it explodes – hence the mint green stain all over my blue/grey dining room carpet. Crafting does come with its own dangers my dear. You are off the hook.

  6. If you have an open slot I’m game! Love the idea a lot – how fun and may get more people making things which is great since I think people don’t take enough time to do things “crafty” any more and miss out on a form of relaxation – at least when you find a craft you can actual do :0)
    AHA! My THIRD VICTIM! I’m concerned about what to make for you since you have now become the knitting/crocheting whirlwind of the Midwest – you toad (just kidding)! I’m going to have to give alot of thought to my gifts for ALL THREE of my VICTIMS.

    Let the fun begin – I will contact all three of you as I am ready to ship. Me and my bright ideas…

  7. Sorry for not commenting sooner but I was internetless.

    How fun! I am so glad you are doing this. I look forward to your adventures!

    So just to clarify, no one tags anyone to do this. You do this if you want to. And you don’t have to be a great artist to do this. It can be a doodle or even a paper airplane. Whatever you want.

    So glad to have found your blog! You have a very funny blog and some very funny folks visiting your blog:)
    Hi sweetie – thanks for coming to visit – Never fear, I am reminding my friends that they don’t have to do this if they don’t want to – I’m sending them a little something anyway – it’s just for the fun of being able to do it. I think it’s such a nice idea and it will give me something else to do besides studying as I continue to heal from my injury. I’ve promised my physical therapist I will slow down and rest more in the coming weeks. Hugs!

  8. Also, wanted to say… thank you for featuring me on your blog!
    My pleasure – I love your blog – I love opening it up to find a new treasure – a new photo – you are so talented. So welcome aboard and into my silly world. Don’t come here expecting to find anything talented whatsoever – I’m no artist, I just write about this goofy world we all inhabit. Hugs!

  9. Ha ha. I think we are a bloggy match made in heaven:) I am no artist either. But don’t tell anyone. I do a good job faking it:)
    I like your idea of sending a doodle – I can doodle with the best of them – but my recipient might show up at my door and slap me. LOL I do have a couple of things in mind. Besides art appreciation is in the eyes of the beholder dahlink -we are all artistic in our own ways…

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