A Jug of Wine, A Loaf of Bread, and Hey Where’s the Bread?

My name is EmmaLou and I'm a bread thief

My name is EmmaLou and I'm a bread thief

So much for the jug of wine and thou part.  EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer is up to her old tricks once again.

The plastic in front of EmmaLou is evidence of what was once a lovely baguette — she found it on the counter, hopped up and stole it, and then had a yummy snack.  Thankfully she save me the plastic wrapper and the little green metal tie.  Oh the joys of fur-motherhood…she is soooooo in the dog-house for this one.  I only hope it waits until the morning when her father is awake to decide to go through her coz it’s not going to be pretty what an entire baguette does to her doggie digestive tract.  I just can’t wait…


14 thoughts on “A Jug of Wine, A Loaf of Bread, and Hey Where’s the Bread?

  1. EmmaLou is too cute to be angry at for long.
    I can be mad at her for about 5 minutes then the puppy eyes get me and I just hug her and giggle.

  2. “Look, I think there is one more small bite…Really….I can smell it.”
    At least she didn’t swallow the metal tie; no, she ate hole in the plastic and chewed all the bread out. Silly dog – Boy what it did to her butt – thankfully she “gassed” her dad, not me! ROFL

  3. Well, crap on a crutch, Mom. Don’t leave such tempting things out for me to get into. MMMMM it sure was tasty!
    Yeah, this WOULD have been a good crap on a crutch – I was just in a hurry to get the picture up and the other website takes too long to load pics – watta silly girl she is. We had already eaten the other baguette (it was a bag of two of the long slender baguettes) and it wasn’t that good even. LOL

  4. Linda, I was searching the Blogger Help Group to find out why I am UNABLE to comment on a handful of blogs that I’ve been commenting on for many, many months. Now all of a sudden I can not. Frustrating. Did you ever figure out why you had the problem? Just wondering. Oh, the Golden Destroyer….what a cute bread thief. Please don’t report her to the authorities.
    Hi Donna! Part of the problem was with Blogger and Blogspot and the owner of the blog needed to have the comment function turned on where you have to identify the “squiggly words” and it also helped when I signed up with Google and got a Google identity – I haven’t had a problem since then. Go get a free Google account; all blogs accept that identifier. As for EmmaLou, yes she’s a cutie – that’s the problem, how do you truly teach a bad dog a lesson when she has those adorable brown eyes – I can catch her in the act of counter surfing and stealing food and yell at her and she just gobbles faster!! LOL That’s my girl!

  5. Ah, the joys of having a dog large enough to get things off the counter. Freddie being a lovely low dog can only whine or sit up and beg. If I ever find him on the counter I will be getting much more money cause it will be a very good magical feat.

    Now Marvin on the other hand is something else completely but that’s another story. :0)
    Yeah, but Freddie is little enough to get under your feet and trip you up I bet – that’s what my cat used to do; he’d walk right ahead of me and then just stop — and I’d trip over him every time. At least EmmaLou hasn’t eaten anything truly dangerous except the leather glove incident some months ago. She’s never gotten into chocolate or something that could truly make her sick. We hide chocolate waaaaay out of her reach — I just laid the package of bread on the counter and didn’t think about the fact she loves bread and that was within easy “paw” reach. It was entirely my fault. Really. Poor EmmaLou had such a bellyache that last night when she was up on the bed with me I was rough-housing a little with her and she bared her teeth at me – first time in 5 and a half years she’s ever done that — her tummy hurt. I left her alone in her self-induced misery. Later she crept back up in bed and “spooned” me and nuzzled and then came around the other side of me and kept giving me doggie kisses – I think she was sorry she was “cranky” with me, but I totally understood not wanting to have your belly rubbed when u don’t feel good. (the other part of me said, “serves you right, you little bugger.”) LOL

  6. I just cannot help but love that dog so much. She is like a very inquisitive child in so many ways. She just gets into everything and she provides us with so much entertainment. My sister has a standard or very large size poodle who will also grab every scrap of food that is left within his reach. He has even gotten into food that was cooling from the oven.

    But I too have to watch everything left on the counters since the cats can easily jump up there if they want. They are pretty good about not doing that cause they will get spanked if they do. And that has worked pretty good since they have not done it since they were kittens. But then they are so spoiled and we feed them pieces of meat all the time that their fat lazy butts see no reason to bother jumping on the counter when they know that I am just going to hand feed them a piece anyway. I even cut it into little bite size pieces so they do not even have to bother breaking the chunks up to smaller bites.

    Okay, I only spanked them once and it was not really a spanking it was more like I yelled at them to never do that again. It must have worked cause they have only done it a few times. But mostly they do know they will get it without having to do any work that keeps them off the counters. And those two cats can jump very high. In one leap they are on our 8 ft block fence, I get amazed, except those pesky little possums seem to somehow get up there too.

    Speaking of the little devils…uh I mean angels…here comes one wanting into the house…I just love them so much…and you know you love Emma no matter what she does…sigh.

    God bless.
    Hi darlin’ – yes, EmmaLou is the child I never had – she’s spoiled rotten, a total princess and she knows it. She demands all my attention and usually gets whatever she wants – except table scraps coz the vet gets so angry when she gets too heavy. She’s now a svelte 78 pounds and he would like her to be a little lower, but we’re happy. She’s just such a stinker – yes, it’s the inquisitive nature and the “retriever” in her. It’s just that she “retrieves” things like underwear or socks from the laundry and then won’t give them back. Such a game to her. One of these days I’ll catch a pic of her stealing laundry for the blog – so far I simply get the sock from her and forget about the camera, coz at the time it isn’t cute. I absolutely adore this dog and cannot imagine life without her. Hugs – and hope you’re feeling better sweetie!

  7. Oh I am sorry you lost your bread but your post has really cheered me, she looks so naughty and cute with the empty bread bag. I bet it tasted all the nicer because she stole it as well.

    Your cartoon reminds me of our last dog, my sister was living with me then and she used to get up really early because she worked shifts. She would always bring me a cup of coffee before she left for work and also one for our dog.

    Imagine then the scene, me sitting up in bed bleary eyed holding my coffee and our dog lying in his bed with his nose in a dish of coffee.

    He was a real character.
    Now that’s funny – your dog with his nose in the coffee! EmmaLou is not into coffee; although anytime we put a cup on the coffee table she noses it and will slurp soda or milk, but she’s stayed away from hot things so far – of course that’s usually because I’m yelling and grabbing the cup out of her reach! She’s a stinker but an adorable one! Hugs!

  8. Some doggies are counter thief’s. Thankfully, mine are not because I leave stuff out all the time. Then again, it is hard for a Corgie to jump up that high.
    I have tried to teach her not to do this to no avail – now it is up to me to make sure things are out of her reach – I goofed with the loaf of bread – and it was just too good an offer for her to pass up. LOL

  9. But Mom she does not know she is a dog LOL she just wanted to eat the goodies like Mom does. Now with my Merlin I can’t hide goodies from him I have gone to the extreme of putting his cat treats in ziploc baggies thinking he can’t smell them boy was I wrong I woke up one morning to a ripped baggie and most of his treats gone , later on I found out by stepping in it that he had to much ewww . I felt sorry and ha ha serves you right at the same time..
    Putting something in a plastic baggie just intrigues her all the more — she’ll chew through anything, as evidenced by the approximately $5,000 worth of house damage she’s done in her life (walls, carpeting, furniture, MONEY left on the table) she’s a retriever and a chewer although she’s let off the furniture chewing finally – I just replaced the family room sofa and a new recliner for her dad and she hasn’t touched either one – she’s also been banned from the furniture and she’s learning that lesson, too, finally. She’s like a toddler, you simply must keep your eyes on her all the time coz she’s fast, fast, fast! But so adorable…
    BTW Anyone reading this comment: Go to MidwestMom’s new blog here and you’ll see a pic of EmmaLou and get to read a great blog, too! Thanks, sweetie!

  10. The only thing Mayzie has ever stolen from the counter top is a pumpkin pie. I guess we should consider ourselves lucky.
    We’re lucky too, that she’s only stolen limited items and nothing to make her truly sick. Prior to EmmaLou we had the Australian Shepherd from Hades (named Harley) who stole a 3 pound roast from the counter and seemed okay. The next day when I came home from work my family room was absolutelly full of piles of dog poop – it was one of the most horrible sights I’ve ever seen! Thankfully, EmmaLou hasn’t gotten ahold of any meat although she got close to the Thanksgiving turkey last year while we turned our backs but we caught her heading for the counter in the nick of time!

  11. She is incorrigible (did I spell that right?) but oh so cute. My granddog can’t be trusted around food she can reach. Fortunately none of my dogs have ever been too bad around food.
    Yes she is incorrigible (u spelled it right) but cute and it’s just in her nature to be a little counter surfing thief. She’ll also steal off the dinner table if you turn your back. Many’s the time I’ve heard DS screaming as EmmaLou ran off with his sandwich. I keep telling him “You know she’ll steal it if you walk away.” Serves him right. LOL

  12. How does it feel to be raising a juvenile doglenquent? Do they have any canine military academy near you? At least you could threaten her with that and I’m sure she’ll straighten up.

    You and EmmaLou have been busy girls, I see from your last 4 posts which I’ve read but only leaving one comment here. HUGS
    I have had 5 and 3/4 years of this nonsense from her and I always just sigh deeply and press on because I can’t train it out of her – she’s adamant that she will counter surf or die trying. She’s alot like her mama in her stubborness – not that I counter surf…oh nevermind. Life has been crazy around here for awhile and looks to only get crazier as I enter my final week of freedom before my next class. My professor has been emailing little tidbits of “what he will be expecting from us” for the last 3 weeks and it’s freaking me out totally. I keep going back to the phrase “what were you thinking when you signed on for this?” Gah…My life just can’t be quiet, calm and simple. Guess that’s God’s way of keeping me from being bored. LOL As for the commenting, don’t feel bad; I haven’t done much myself lately.

  13. Oh! My Sparkie almost ruined Thanksgiving dessert a few years ago. I put the pie on the counter. I though far enough back. During dinner she managed to stand up and reach the crust. She ate all she could reach. Which was just the edge of crust, about 4 or 5 inches around the pie. Luckily she wasn’t able to reach the tin or she would have had the whole pie!
    I always worry the most around the holidays, that’s when she’s on the prowl and at her most doggie devilish coz the flavors in the air must drive her nuts. She loves turkey and I have to protect it like you wouldn’t believe or she’d drag the whole thing to the floor and run. That’s our fur-babies! So what did you tell the folks who didn’t get “crust” on their pie? Or did you just not serve that section? I would have served it and said as I was scooping it out it broke off and fell on the floor! Or it would have been fun to just say Sparkie ate it and let them wonder!! LOL

  14. Ha.
    Reminds me of when Coco jumped up and grabbed a roast duckling right off the platter in the kitchen….I just snatched it out of her mouth, threw it back on the platter, and served it to my Partner.
    OMG I am terrible.
    Oh puhleeze – like we haven’t ALL done that at one time or another – just pick off the stray hair and serve – who knows?

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