Things Haven’t Been the Same Since That House Fell on My Sister…

I still feel like I’m in the land of Oz for some reason.  Life is just strange the past few days.

Been having issues with my laptop so Mon morning I ran it over to my IT guru, Mike the Incredible.  When I drove back home without my laptop I had this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Then I realized I hadn’t eaten lunch – it wasn’t the missing laptop bothering me; it was missing my sandwich – dang, don’t like to miss grits.

Still, life is strange.  Incredible IT Mike called Mon evening and said exactly what I knew he was going to say, “Linda, there’s nothing wrong with this computer; it’s working fine.”  If I’d had my 380 Bersa handy I would have shot it into the phone – sorry Mike no offense buddy.  It’s just that every time I tell him something bizarre is going on, he takes the computer and does all his techno stuff and doesn’t find anything wrong.  It drives me insane.  It’s like finding this strange knocking sound in your car and taking it to the mechanic who assures you there’s not a thing in the world wrong with your car and gives you the look.  You know the look.  The one that says, “It’s okay, I’m sure you really heard that noise.”  So I bring the computer home all the while just knowing he’s sitting in his living room telling his wife what a bozo I am.  Duh.  I simply must learn more techno stuff so I can diagnose and fix this stuff myself.  (right about here I burst into hysterical laughter at that idea alone)

This computer needs a good dose of Bug Bam; that’s what it needs.

Anyway to get back to strange things – this is a bit macabre and I probably shouldn’t tell this story but it pretty much sums up how things are going lately.  The stepmother died last Friday – oh we knew it was coming; she had been sick for a long time, and I made the grueling trip to DC to say goodbye the weekend prior but didn’t know how long she would linger and my injury was really bothering me (in fact the driving had exacerbated the problems) so I came on home to the loving arms of Devoted Spouse and loving ministrations of Physical Therapists.

Anyway, the funeral was Monday morning.   Monday afternoon I got the strangest call from my step-uncle who wanted to tell me my flowers were lovely and everything was very nice (it’s like old people discussing surgeries – I really didn’t want to hear any of the details by this time).  And then he said, “We only had one slight snafu.”  Excuse me?  A snafu at a funeral?  What could possibly go wrong at a funeral?  Are you ready for this?  They buried her in the wrong plot.  Let me repeat that.  They buried her in the wrong plot.  They lowered the casket into a hole in the ground next to my step-uncle, not next to my father.  Of all the buggering stupid things I have ever heard, that one takes the cake.  Another case of Bug Bam needed.

The funeral folks rectified the situation but even so, I am absolutely dumbfounded.  It was so odd it was funny in a way – this is the stuff of sitcoms truly.  My stepmother liked attention; so of course, she got two burials.  Bizarre.

It’s just been the strangest few days, I’m telling you.  I’m almost afraid of what’s around the corner…


9 thoughts on “Things Haven’t Been the Same Since That House Fell on My Sister…

  1. Well I have always said that my sister would be late to her own funeral. She just looks at me with that Matilda look of hers and says “and THAT’S a BAD thing?”
    I don’t think I’ll have one – I’ve always thought it a silly ritual and I’ll be danged if I want people staring at my dead strangely made-up face.

  2. Just another case of what I call ‘nobody does anything right the first time.’
    I think they should have at least received a rebate for screwing it up.

  3. That’s one of the reasons I have chosen to be cremated and my ashes spread out over the ocean. Too much money for putting a person to “rest” and it is just a weird ritual to me. Working in the convent retirement home I saw the most dead bodies in 9 years that I had ever seen before and it convinced me I’m right. Screw the plot, coffin, service etc. and just spread the ashes at a place I’ve always loved – the sea.
    Cremation seems to be popular; at one time I actually considered being “frozen” but the cost is exorbitant and at the rate things are going with the human race, I’m not sure now being “brought back” sometime in the future is such a hot idea.

  4. What a way to get extra attention. You would think the family might have noticed immediately that the hole was dug in the wrong place.
    Yes, one would think. Such incompetence.

  5. That is quite shocking really, I don’t actually like funerals. Everyone was really sad when my Nan was buried but she was the rebel of the family and I could imagine her looking down on us a giggling. I like the new trend of celebrating their lives. It is much better.

    When you have a few minutes I have a little present for you on my blog.

    Take care,
    I don’t do well with the dying issue either and tend to stay away if at all possible and send condolences. Not very nice, but that’s my problem. I think we should all celebrate lives every day and live every moment to the fullest, but of course we don’t. Present…did someone say present…?

  6. Coach and I just finished meeting with a man from the funeral home and did a “preplan”. Coach was horrified when I told them I wanted to be cremated and that started a whole ugly discussion but I’m sticking with my decision. I just hope they don’t accidentally flush my ashes! 🙂
    I like the preplan idea but we don’t think we’ll stay in this area too many more years and , God willing, won’t die here. It should be your decision by all means and pray nobody sneezes before they put the lid on your urn.

  7. First of all, I just don’t get how anyone could forget to have lunch! That’s right up there with being buried in the wrong plot! I’m with the cremation people here; I just don’t want the money spent when I’m gone. But the computer story reminded me of one day when my husband decided the door was broken; it wouldn’t lock. And he called a handyman out who locked the door in his first second of being there and then said to my husband “gee, Dave, it looks ok to me.” So whenever David does something dumb, I say “gee Dave, it looks ok to me.”
    Hi…my name is Dave…

  8. Sorry about your stepmom. That’s strange that such a mistake was made, and a little freaky. Aren’t there documented records/plats of paid-for burial plots? You would think, but in human hands mistakes get made. I can see how the family, in the midst of grief, might not notice until it’s all over. Still, it is strange!
    Thanks sweetie. It seemed very strange to me and an error that shouldn’t have been made. One would think these professionals would know where the bodies are to be buried. It’s not rocket science.

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