A Super Commenter’s Award or Yes, I Know I Talk Too Much…

Super Comments Award

Ya’ll know I don’t usually post on Sundays but I’m waaaaay overdue in acknowledging this amazing award I was given awhile back.  Unfortunately at the time, life got in the way and this post never quite made it out to the blogosphere.  So let me correct that mistake right now!

Look at this – how wonderful to be awarded for simply making comments.  This lovely award arrived from my blogging buddy MamaK and I’m just honored to be given this.  I don’t know that my comments are all that good – I normally just type out the first thing that comes into my head and that can be terribly dangerous because once you’ve sent in a comment it’s there forever, no reaching your hand into the “mailbox’ and retrieving it.  Oh you can fall on your sword and beg the blogger not to publish, fat lot of good that will do you – so there’s your stupid remark for the world to see.  Oh well.  I never mind what people think of me – I know I’m a goofball and it doesn’t bother me at all – I like to think I’m a tad bit on the eccentric side – I’ve always aspired to be Auntie Mame.

So MamaK, thank you — am I supposed to pass this on?  How?   All my commenters leave good comments, but just for grins I’ll pass it on to a couple of excellent commenters:

Mrsupole who is known to leave books, not comments (and may not be up to commenting on this at the moment and that’s okay, too)

Listen2Auntie who is such a SmartAss (Twitter joke)

Midlife Slices who is good at speaking her mind

Delaney who consistently has something to say!

I think that’s enough commentary on this for now!  Have a lovely day ya’ll.  And keep those comments coming.


5 thoughts on “A Super Commenter’s Award or Yes, I Know I Talk Too Much…

  1. Thank you for this award and I hope all is well. Lots of pain since my PT on Friday. I am going to try to go back to sleep in a bit, but haven’t been sleeping well for the last few days, will write to you in a bit.

    God bless and thank you again. This helps with the pain to know I am thought of.
    Sweetie you know how much you are loved – I will pray for your pain to lessen and we will hang in there together and get through this! Gentle Hugs!

  2. Congratulations on your award.

    I sometimes wish I could take back my comments, why is it you only see your spelling mistakes or realise have put words the way wrong round after your hit the submit button.
    Thank you sweetie. I often would like to take back my words and I have done just that when I’m the one editing the comments on my own blog – I sometimes engage my typing fingers before my brain has censored the words and realize later what a horse’s patoot I am and delete the whole thing! LOL Trust me, no one cares any longer about spelling mistakes – in fact sometimes it’s the typos that are the most fun part of the comments! Hugs!

  3. Thank you for this award and yes I am usually pretty “consistent” lol!

    I consistently stick my foot in my mouth but at least that’s consistent :0)
    Baby we’re both as consistent as Cream of Wheat and that’s okay!

  4. Shreeeeeeik!
    Thanks for this great award.
    I will get to work right now and grace my blog with the Panda.

    Hey! Is that Panda scratching his ass with the bamboo?
    Nah, I think he’s goosin’ the Panda next to him…you’re welcome. Hugs!

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