Friday Spotlight on EmmaLou, The Golden Destroyer

Since I couldn’t get twitpic to work Thursday I’ve decided to make Friday’s blog all about EmmaLou because she brings so much joy to my heart.

As I sit here by my phone waiting for news from the homefront EmmaLou does her best to keep me cheered up.  She heard the rustling of a package of cookies (bad Linda, bad, bad) and arrived at my comfy chair lickety-split wanting a cookie.  Now how can anyone deny a cookie to this precious face I ask you?

Do I smell cookies?

Do I smell cookies?

Cookie, please?

Cookie, please?

Cookie, cookie, cookie

Cookie, cookie, cookie

Cookie NOW!

Cookie NOW!

Need I say…she got a cookie – and a big sloppy kiss and hug from her mama.  Fur-kids are just the best!

TGIF – Happy weekend to all of you.   See ya back here Monday!


15 thoughts on “Friday Spotlight on EmmaLou, The Golden Destroyer

  1. Can I have a cookie too? How could any one resist giving a cookie to her.

    God bless.
    C’mon over, I’ll get them out and get the coffee/tea/vodka(?) ready!

  2. I’d have given her the whole packet lol
    Don’t think it didn’t cross my mind, but the prior night she conned us into double rations. Apparently Devoted Spouse fed her; I didn’t realize it; found her standing next to her food bowl looking up at me and I assumed he had forgotten so I fed her. He came downstairs and just laughed hysterically at her con job on me! What a little rascal she is!

  3. When I compare Emma Lou’s beautiful face, the result of a cookie or two and the occasional double dip dinner, to the ads on tv for various devices, lotions, and potions for beautification, it becomes clear that the odd cookie provides the best results.
    I agree, a cookie now and then may just be the best remedy!

  4. What adorable pictures, she is a beautiful dog and with eyes like that I don’t blame you for giving her a biscuit.

    Do you have the ones called Custard Creams?

    My sisters dog would do anything for one of those, I always keep a supply for him.

    Honestly they are for my sisters dog not me.
    Sure they are honey – you just go on believe they’re for the dog and we’ll understand! Just like I only eat one cookie at a time – I just have lots of times! LOL Don’t have custard creams and it’s a good thing coz they sound dangerously delicious!

  5. Try it with two doggie faces mooching…although there are times when they don’t get some (if said cookies or ice cream has chocolate or raisins which are no nos) more often than not Gavin and Patty manage to get a taste.
    One big sad brown-eyed doggie face is enough for me – she has gotten the begging for whatever we’re eating down to a fine art. We’ve broken the table mooching finally – but try and sneak a cookie or a bowl of ice cream and she’s on you in a New York minute!

  6. My pooches con me out of bowls and bowls of popcorn. I can’t resist. How could you possibly? Not possibly
    It’s impossible to resist those eyes – I always give in – I just try and hold back on the amount or she’d gobble down everything in sight!

  7. Please, I have a towel over my head, covering the screen so my crew can’t see Emma!

    What a doll!
    Watch your cell phone bills – EmmaLou knows how to text and she might be in contact with your crew next!

  8. With that face I could not say no, just like with my cat on occasion I eat yogurt and Merlin just knows when I have some. He will come to me with a sweet meow like “hey where is mine”? So of course I put some on my finger and he gets his little bit of it..
    She knows I melt at the sight of her and she has me well trained to give her a cookie now and then if only to stop the nasty drooling all down the furniture! LOL Once again she is my little angel taking care of me as I sit here feeling bad and unable to sleep.

  9. Awww, I want a cookie too.

    I have that same cartoon on a coffee cup.
    Yeah, that’s one of his best cartoons definitely. Ask EmmaLou – I’m sure she’ll share her cookies with you!

  10. Hahaha! Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, I try to be very, very quiet so Trixie Lou doesn’t hear me getting into the pringles…. it never works. That girl has supersonic hearing, then of course Tori Mae comes running, and finally Ringo brings up the rear. So it’s me, Trixie, Tori and Ringo, making our midnight raid… LOL.

    I remember that Far Side cartoon – I think I even had it up on my refrigerator for quite some time! 🙂
    I think it’s the “crinkling” sound that gets her immediate attention because she knows that means there is some type of food involved. We don’t often give in to her because people food just isn’t good for her and the vet gets mad at me when she gains weight. But this cookie face just drove me over the edge! It was too adorable not to get what she wanted and she knew it! She “worked” her mama good!

  11. Now try that face with a pup that sits up and begs and can stay in that position forever. Freddie the dachshund can work it like nobody’s business. Then when you glance at him in the process of trying to ignore him, he will cock his head at an angle sorta saying “hey, how can you ignore this face? I’m sitting up really pretty….gimme, gimme pretty please?” He wins every stinking time and usually with his backup buddy Marvin wanting some too sitting by Freddie waiting for a taste of whatever they can get.
    Our fur-kids are so amazing. Yup EmmaLou gets what she wants!

  12. Aw, sweet cookie face!

    “The look” will getcha every time, but I think the resting-the-chin-on-whatever is entirely impossible to resist. Libs does that on our laps, drool included. LOL
    Oh yes I definitely have the drool stains to prove it!

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