What the Hell is That on Your Head?


No, that isn’t EmmaLou – it’s just a pic I found at funnydog.net and it will have to do.  I didn’t think to take a pic of her — she had just had a grooming session and was looking so sweet and smelling so nice.  Not two hours later she came to visit me and had the strangest spot on the top of her head that looked like grease and smelled horrid and it was green.  She was so proud of herself –  Yup – she had found something in the back yard and managed to roll the top of her head in it.  It looked like she had a  tattoo on the very top of her head.    Off to the kitchen sink we went.  Out came the dish soap and because she was a bad dog, mama got the old dish sponge and turned it to the scratchy side (ouch, serves you right you little bugger) and scrubbed that crap off her head.  She was not a happy puppy and I was not a happy dog mom.  Oh yes, it’s good to be back home.

goldenretrievernose art

Unfortunately due to all the driving and walking around while I was gone, I’m back on icepacks.  (Hi, my name is Linda and I’m an icepackaholic.  Hi Linda!)  Yesterday my physical therapist really had fun at my expense and twisted and pulled and contorted me into all sorts of positions, but thankfully my sweet Chunky Monkey came over and gave me a forehead and temple massage, bless his heart.  You see, the therapy place has changed teams on me and I no longer get my adored Agador Spartacus and my precious Chunky Monkey.  Now I get the ministrations of a lovely lady named Sam who has worked wonders on me before so I’m happy.

What I’m trying to say is that life is somewhat back to normal – oh I’m still waiting for the call that mom has passed – it should be any day now, bless her heart, but life is mostly back to normal.  I had my coffee and the paper delivered to me while I sit in my comfy chair typing this post.  EmmaLou is asleep at my feet, passing doggie gas and I swear she’s sighing with each little “blip”.  Yes, life is normal.  Gretchen, Housecleaner Extraordinaire will be arriving in a few hours to clean the house because God knows I can’t do it and Devoted Spouse has his hands full with still taking care of me, doing laundry and other assorted tasks.

Dear sweet departed Mr. Rogers had it right…it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…


10 thoughts on “What the Hell is That on Your Head?

  1. My darn pups do the same thing. There favorite roll around treats are bird poop and worms, whether they are fresh and gooey or dried – they don’t much care. The smellier the better. And then they always come from cuddles and you start scratching and realize something smells like it just croaked. EWWW! I hate that! When I see them starting the nose-dive posture, I start hollering!
    It is absolutely the nose-dive posture that signals the trouble – you hit it exactly! She dives right into it and I stand back in horror. Ick.

  2. I know exactly how you feel about bad doggie. We had a Border Collie that would roll in the most god awful shit you’ve ever smelled. Some times it does not pay to live on farm land.
    I would like to be a dog for one day only just to discover WHY that sh*t is so attractive to them!

  3. (Hi, my name is Linda and I’m an icepackaholic. Hi Linda! Been there done that. Love your cartoon. Have a great day.
    Hi Joe – thanks for stopping by – gotta love those icepacks! See ya in Twitterville!

  4. Why do they do that? Gaa! My girl can find dead fish, dehydrated frog and window bashed brain dead birds in a heart beat! GA-Ros!!
    Yes, the deader the better as far as EmmaLou is concerned. I can’t fathom why that is so irresistible to her – yuk.

  5. Hi Linda, you icepackaholic, my name is Sherry, I am an icepackaholic.

    Call the mom and see how she is doing, do not wait for them to call you. Who knows they may not. But call every other day and check. You will be glad you did this. Trust me. It will be easier on you than just waiting for the call.

    I hope you are resting and relaxing.

    God bless.
    Hello my dear friend. We should have stock in medical icepacks – we’d be rich women. I have called and always get voicemail. I just finally got a return call from the step uncle who says she can no longer swallow and now is on high doses of morphine for pain and is being kept comfortable. They estimate another two days at most and this nightmare will end. Believe me, I am calling. I just offered to help with arrangements from this end but was rebuffed. What did I expect? Resting, relaxing? What is that? I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to keep busy and keep occupied.

  6. I was wondering if you’d even be called when Mom passes so maybe calling would be a good idea. I’m glad you’re home and life is back to normal. I love normal even when normal is crazy and anything BUT normal which is always the case in MLS world. MUAH and have a great day!
    I have called, believe me – and I get voicemail. I just finally got an update and its going to be soon. Life here is never normal in the Normal sense but it’s normal in my own sense of normalcy – figure that one out. Hugs!

  7. You and Mrsupole are the Ice Queen and Ice Princess and you two can battle it out for who wins which title. I so hope that you both heal up soon and that all this pain is over with.

    Sorry that the family is being suck D*ckwads about this but at least you know that you have gone above and beyond to reach out. Their loss sweetie, not yours.

    We have to watch Freddie right after a bath because he will go outside and roll around in the grass. He has major allergies so you would think he’d feel better after the bath but no – right out in the grass and needing another bath. *sigh* dogs, gotta love ’em but not necessarily their bad habits.
    Yes we have certainly cornered the market – and @auntchrisbronx will join us soon as she has her shoulder surgery – we’re all a mess! Thanks for the kind words – sometimes life sucks and u just have to hack your way through the weeds – I’m mired in the weeds, but will find my damn machete if it kills me! LOL

  8. I have learned to handle all of the stuff the dogs bring in….but my feline family….(nasty) During mouse season they insist on bring them to me! DEAD OR ALIVE!
    And THAT’s why I have only had indoor cats – no mice, dead or alive, and no birds, dead or alive, thank you very much!

  9. What is it with the darn dogs that they can’t stand to be clean and smelling nice? Makes me crazy!

    Glad to hear things are back to normal. Normal is good.
    I dunno – I’m kinda havin a Forest Gump moment – normal is as normal does – or something to that effect. Yeah – the dog thing has me puzzled completely. If only they could talk. No wait, that’s really not a good idea either.

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