Fun & Games at the No-Tell Motel


Well, so much for hiatus.  I can’t take breaks regardless of whether I want to or not.  Some of you in the blogosphere know I was called that stepmother is dying.  So I decided the right thing to do was make peace w/her and let her go to God and the rest is up to him – it’s not for me to judge.  Like the idiot I am, I packed enough clothes for twenty women, all the toiletries I own and more shoes than I would ever need.  I was a tad stressed.

I got up about 4 a.m. Sat and iced down my back and hip for a little while — Devoted Spouse made some strong coffee and EmmaLou the Golden Destroyer looked at me knowing full well I was leaving her shortly – she watched me pack and laid on the bed and made doggie sighing noises.  She’s so human it scares me.

Made the trip from OH to Northern VA in a little over 8 hours (ouch my aching back) and stayed in a Holiday Inn that wasn’t the one I thought I booked.  Well holey crapoli Batman, what is goin’ on in Northern VA?  I didn’t recognize it – and it’s only been 2 years since I last visited.  I found myself down next to I-95 in Alexandria with a lovely window view of the Metrorail and the highway.  Oh joy.

What freaked me out was (now don’t take offense — let me explain this) I was the only white English speaking person in the place – now I spent years in the DC area and I have no problem with diversity – I don’t give a flying fig what color your skin is — all I care is that you are polite and speak English – English that I can understand.  So, I walked into this kind of seedy Holiday Inn and really felt out of place.  But in their defense, while the building was old, the rooms were newly decorated and clean and all the people were polite and nice.  I still felt out of place.  I put a band-aid over the peep-hole in the door – I’m not a good “by myself” traveler anymore.

I’m not going to bore you with the family stuff because none of it was funny – I can’t think of one thing I found humorous except the fact that while most of the stepfamily I saw are in their 70’s and 80’s, I was the one using a cane. Boy did I feel old.   Then again, mom was the one in the hospital bed dying, so I wasn’t going to complain.

Not knowing how long she would linger, and having re-injured my back on the way there, I made the decision to get out of Dodge Monday – at least we had seen each other and said goodbye – her family has taken care of all arrangements and there was nothing for me to do.  I really needed to simply go home.

So Mon afternoon I made the trip halfway – decided driving 8 hours straight was such a bad idea and split the trip home into roughly 4 and 4.  I find myself in a local no-tell motel (hey, it’s cheap and it’s just one night and the tv works) in this dumpy industrial-type city in PA.  Again I have band-aid over the peep-hole because it’s in direct line of vision to the desk where I am sitting at the moment writing this blog and the last thing I need is Bubba to get out of his rusty pick-up truck and peep in.  Gah…  Can you say “Dive”?  The lady @ the front desk tried to put me upstairs and I begged her for a room on floor level coz there’s no way I’m making it up the stairs – bless her heart she not only put me on the main floor but she put me in a handicapped accessible room which is weird since I don’t need that.  It’s clean and bless her again, she just called me to see if I was okay and if the room was satisfactory.  So, whad’ya expect for $65 a night?

Then again the ice machine wasn’t working right and I broke a nail trying to get the ice out – crap.  And the closest place to eat dinner was Denny’s which used to be an okay place – but OMG I just ate the worst fish and chips I think have ever been placed on the face of the earth and there is a distinct possibility I contracted food poisoning from the cole slaw as it wasn’t very cold (I only ate a bite).  At least the waiter was nice but he had tats that looked like prison tats all over his arms and fingers and that freaked me out, too.  Man, I freak out easily.

Well, there’s some action goin’ on in the room next to me.  I don’t think they’re playin’ video games either, unless the words, “Oh baby” are used repeatedly in a new Wii selection – but I don’t think so.  I’m turnin up the tv and will concentrate on the hope Bubba doesn’t last long.  If he’s one of those men the Viagra commercials warn about and goes at this for the next 4 hours I may have to kick the door down and hit him with my left-over icepacks.  For some reason the phrase “stimulus money” just went through my brain.  Ewwww.

Tues at 0dark-thirty I shall hit the road and get my limpin’ self home to Devoted Spouse and EmmaLou.

In the meantime, it should be an entertaining evening around here…


13 thoughts on “Fun & Games at the No-Tell Motel

  1. In the words of a good friend of mine, Well, crap on a crutch! 🙂 Sorry things are so stinky, sweetie. Just remember we’ve got your back.
    I can’t flippin’ believe I forgot my camera – coz one of my crutches is in the back of the car, no lie! This would have made the perfect photo opp for COAC ! Dang. When will I learn to carry that camera everywhere?

  2. Hey Cronie,
    Just make sure the windows and doors are all locked before you take your shower…Just sayin’…
    Can I still sing while showering??? I’m just hopin’ no one steals my car tonite…

  3. This does NOT sound like a fun trip. Well at least you said your goodbyes, which is a good thing. I am also not big on traveling by myself. My husband and I went to NYC many years ago and were in bed and the door started to open. He yelled HEY and it closed. And it wasn’t the hotel staff. And it was very creepy.
    No it has not been fun – it has been a difficult journey & all I want now is to get home coz I hurt. All this driving and the hanging around the house where mom is staying in hospice has just killed my back and I’m sure my dr and PT will say it’s set my recovery back some. But I had to say goodbye. That’s life, good stuff and difficult stuff – they say it makes us grow – if that’s true I must be growing by leaps and bounds! LOL

  4. I haven’t laughed this hard at a blog since Joanie’s new grandbaby flipped her the bird. Thanks for the good laughs and enjoyable reading. (I got here via “What I Think”.)

    EmmaLou sounds reasonably much like my Libby Lou, my I’ll-do-it-when-it’s-my-idea Dobe. 😉

    Glad you made your peace, also, with your stepmother. Not an easy thing to do, but a thing you’ll probably always be glad you did.
    Thanks sweetie – glad I could make u smile. Yeah, it was a hard trip, I hurt, and I can’t wait to get home. Cya soon!

  5. Awww…thanks for the laugh even though I know it comes from much pain. I just hope the room next door isn’t rented by the hour or you’re liable to be for a very long “oh baby” night. btw, maybe there is a Wii game that says that because I get searches all the time for porn Wii games, although I’m not quite sure why that brings them to my place. Ha!

    Get some rest and get on home to DS and EL and take care of yourself. That’s an order! Muah.
    It certainly got more interesting as the night wore on. Ick. Now I’m hope safe and sound and being waited on hand and foot by Devoted Spouse and all is right with the world once again. MUAH!

  6. Oh….my! Know where you were….spent 7 years in the area. Traveled that road, I-95, more times then I care to remember, and ate way to many times at Denny’s!
    It was not a fun place and I’m glad I’m home now. Ick – never again will I take the cheapo $65. room – I’ll head to another Holiday Inn or something with at least a dining room. LOL

  7. Ok I’m laughing but I’m itching all over. *shudder*
    Safe trip Honey!
    I think it was fleas – ick – I have bites *shivers with horror* – I’m home and flealess now! Yay.

  8. Glad to hear that you are home safe and sound and in the comfort of your own home .And surrounded by the love of DS and Emma Lou. I have never traveled by myself and I don’t think I would really want to. Hugs to you 🙂
    I used to have no problem traveling alone; in fact, I regularly made at least two trips back and forth between OH and VA yearly to visit stepfam and friends. This trip was harder because of my injury and when I don’t feel good, everything else is wrong, too – you know how if you’re feeling cranky, well the whole world just sucks. I think I just need to stay home, continue my recovery and not think about going anywhere anytime soon alone again. Hugs right back atcha!

  9. You have my sympathies on that eight hour drive since I did one myself just two seeks ago to go to a cousin’s wedding.

    I think I’ll divide my trip next time too, but I’m not sure where I’d stop…Something I should probably consider and look up online waaaay ahead of time.

    Traveling alone is no picnic that’s for sure. Glad you are safe at home.
    It was the 8 hour drive that did me in. The hotels and somewhat creepy people I kept meeting I could handle – although I wasn’t strong enough to run if I had to. I really do need to finish this healing, get enough strength in my back and leg to stand for longer periods of time and get that concealed carry license!

  10. WOW, here I was complaining about a TWO hour trip …lol.
    EIGHT hours???
    Yikes, my incredibly healthy back is twinging at the thought!
    Glad that you got home, safe and sound!
    (and good that you said your, “goodbyes”..)
    take care!
    It was certainly no piece of cake this time -8 hours is a long time when you feel good; when you are in pain it’s forever. I’m glad I’m home, too. Hugs!

  11. Well, no matter the relationship, the goodbyes are probably never easy. Traveling by yourself (and for 8 hours) and staying in icky “noisy” hotels by yourself is never easy either. You are a brave girl! Hope the neighbors didn’t keep you up all night!
    Oh, wait, was I supposed to sleep that night? Hmmm, no wonder I was so darn tired on the last stretch of the trip home!

  12. Eight hours is a long drive alone. I would have been tempted to push through all in one shot and my back would have made me pay, too, but not to your extent.

    Only done it a couple times but staying in a hotel alone is creepy, I don’t care where you are. The last time I did it was in a little town in Wyoming and I piled all the luggage up against the door. BTW I was taking home Paul’s luggage, too, ’cause he was staying to hunt and didn’t need the vacation stuff. Just saying…..hope you’re home.
    Home, have had some excellent PT and am resting and relaxing w/Devoted Spouse and EmmaLou where I belong. Hugs!

  13. At least you learned your lesson and split the drive up going back home. Probably shouldn’t have driven that far in the first place. Too bad you couldn’t have grabbed someone to go with and help drive.
    Hubs offered but I didn’t trust what he might say or do to the step family if ya get my drift. That’s why I went alone. Splitting it up into two days was very smart, if a bit boring. But man my back is just killing me and I can’t wait for another PT session! I told Mrsupole she and I should hold stock in the medical icepack industry and we’d be rich women! LOL Speaking of rich women – now that you’re fabulously wealthy are you still going to associate with us po folks? ROFL I’m still so tickled for you I just wanna dance around!!!

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