Extreme Home Makeover…in My City? Get Outta Here!


Okay I know I’m supposed to be on hiatus, but I’m taking a one-day hiatus from my hiatus to discuss the buzz around here, coz it’s gonna be a zoo.

A home in my city has been chosen for His Honor Ty Pennington and his crew from Extreme Home Makeover for a re-build.  Everyone’s talking — there’s entirely too much about it in the local papers and on local tv news, and I found myself actually getting the “excitement” bug.  Who the heck in Beavercreek Ohio needs a new home?

This is a city (town?) (are we part of the Township or are they part of us, gawd that gives me a headache)… of probably around 35,000 to 40,000 people.  Not big, but not small either.  I’m racking my brains trying to remember all the latest “heartbreak” stories in the local area — hurt kids, hurt parents, houses burned by fires, annoying neighbors (oh no, wait that’s at my house) and I can’t for the life of me think who or in which neighborhood this is happening.

Rumor has it Ty and his crew are staying at the  — oh wait — I probably shouldn’t divulge that info.  In fact, their crew trucks have been spotted.  Wonder where Ty is?  Dang I’ll have to hit all the local bars (ouch – but I hear he does like his liquid if you get my drift).  I’m thinking he’ll show up downtown at Dayton’s Oregon District maybe at the Dublin Pub or somewhere like that.  Although, we have a nice new Pub about a mile from my house — maybe I should camp out there instead.  After all, I did promise MidLife_Slices I would stalk him for a picture since she gave me several nice pics of Simon (that handsome hunk from The Mentalist) when he was in her area shooting a pic in which her granddaughter had a part.

I guess today as I go to and return from my physical therapy appointment I should cruise around town looking at potential sites.  After all it’s to be announced this afternoon and then Ty will do his famous “wake-up” to the family Friday morning.

Why can’t it be my house?  We need a makeover so badly – and hey, c’mon I’ve been injured and it’s hard for me to go up and down stairs — why doesn’t that qualify?  Oh yeah, there’s Devoted Spouse and EmmaLou to contend with and nothing is wrong with them…well at least not with Devoted Spouse.  EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer Extraordinaire is about to depart for the puppy farm if she doesn’t make a radical change in her potty habits of late.  But is a soiled carpet qualification for a make-over?  If so, dang EmmaLou get busy girl — I want Ty over here!

Okay, I’m officially back on hiatus now…


16 thoughts on “Extreme Home Makeover…in My City? Get Outta Here!

  1. Ty and Company did a makeover in a local city a couple years ago. It was a very big deal. I have to admit that show is one of my guilty TV pleasures. Something about that little rascal tugs at my heart strings. We’d like some exclusive photos here BTW
    I’ll do my best but there are already over 2,000 volunteers here and I have a sneaking suspicion I won’t be able to get close enough. He is cute as the dickens, isn’t he? I used to watch him on Trading Spaces but I’m not really into the Home Makeover show – it’s just too emotional for me. I do applaud his generosity and that of his sponsors – I can’t imagine the logistics of doing this – there are already huge trucks parked outside one of our local hotels. It’s going to be a very big deal indeed.

  2. Welcome back…I image getting construction materials might be hard around there for a little while…
    Don’t welcome me back too soon; I’m still officially on hiatus – I only posted this because of its timeliness. Yes, I imagine Home Depot and Lowes and Sears and whoever they use are all quite happy – good for local economy even though it’s only one house – thousands of people are involved and they need to eat and sleep somewhere and that helps us all. I have absolutely no hope of getting close enough to this to snap it – I’d use EmmaLou on a leash to get close but I still have trouble walking and anyone with eyes would notice the crippled-up woman hanging on for dear life to her dog while trying to snap pictures of Ty Pennington. Nope – I’ll go hunt but doubt I’ll find it before it’s announced. Then it will be cordoned off. And only true neighbors and really cute young women are allowed within “shooting” distance.

  3. Well then give your camera to a “true neighbors and really cute young women” to get the photo! It will be a mad house there for the week but at least it’s just a week. Afterwards there will be a parade of cars slowly driving past the new home.
    Enjoy the rest of your hiatus!
    And never see my camera again? i don’t think so – I’ll just try and stalk. Making me crazy wondering which neighborhood – I need to get out and drive around soon! Thanks on the hiatus well wishes – not too much longer I promise. Having some difficulties w/upcoming school and life things, you understand. But I’ll be back maybe as soon as next week – we’ll see. Hugs!

  4. Hi Cronie,
    A hiatus from your hiatus?!
    Oh please!!!!!
    BTW I don’t think Ty is ready for your Emma Lou.
    Hope Agador does a good job on you!!!
    I think EmmaLou & Ty would look great together – they kinda resemble each other if you look close at the face…LOL Today I need Chunky Monkey coz I hurt and he massages deeper – oh baby, oh baby. ROFLMAO


  5. How funny! Ty and his crew just left a city about 20 miles from me and most of my facebook friends and even 2 of my granddaughters got pictures with them. They were asking for volunteers to help and I would have done so but I was in Vegas most of the time they were here. Our person was a police officer that was shot in the neck and paralyzed. They do amazing things but it’s too bad what they do is so huge it limits the number they can help. Good luck with your stalking venture.
    We’ve had over 2,000 folks volunteer and I think it’s gonna be pretty neat – just hope I can get to it. I wanted to volunteer, but I’m a freakin’ mess and couldn’t hardly carry myself let alone do things for them. Oh well. I have my camera with me just in case. Off to PT now and then I’m off huntin’…LOL

  6. He could always come to our house and make it more accessible for DH. Never gonna happen, our story isn’t woeful enough.

    Enjoy your hiatus.
    Yeah, I’d like him to make my two story into a ranch – I have stairs from first to second floor and another set to the basement and they’re killing me, but that’s not a sob story either. LOL Cya soon.

  7. I don’t think the locals here could cope with that sort of excitement, we think it is a big event in our village when we have the annual church fete. We had a village fun day once and it is still talked about now.

    We have a similar program here, can’t think of the name now and (sorry for being cruel) my favourite episode was when the house owners hated their makeover. I feel so guilty to admit this but it was so funny.

    Perhaps they could do your house next.

    Take care.
    (Sorry for a long comment, I got a little carried away)
    We have one where they decorate or makeover the inside of the house – usually just one room and it’s hysterical when the owners absolutely hate it – of course they never tell you on tv but they usually return and help put it back the way it was. This show they completely tear the existing house down and build a total new home – it’s amazing and they do it in four days! But there are so many people involved, and they cordon off the area so even though I drove around this afternoon looking for potential homes, I never saw anything and by the time I got out of phys therapy and did the grocery shopping I was too tired to go find the hotel Ty is staying in and look for him in the bar or somewhere! LOL I’m just too old for this stalking stuff – I’m gonna leave that up to Midlife Slices – she did such a good job w/Simon!

  8. Oh my I would come out of Hiatus for Ty Pennington too. He is on the top of my drool worthy list.. I even told Master Electrician that if Ty ever came to our area that he should donate his time just for I could sneak a peek and perhaps a booty shot.. *wicked grin*. Ok that is bad shame on me I love my Electrician very much.On another note enjoy the rest of your hiatus with Devoted Spouse and Emma Lou. Hugs
    You are bad but that’s ok. MUAH!

  9. I think this is exciting stuff (if that gives any indication of the excitement level in my life). Maybe you can be part of the crowd applauding when they unveil the house. Now that would be truly exciting.
    It was on tv Thursday eve when then announced which home it was and it turns out to be located about 4 blocks from where the house we used to own is. You could see how far back they have the general crowds – most of the surrounding streets are blocked and even one of our major streets will be partially blocked. It’s just not worth it to try and get there even though the show is providing shuttle service from one of our area car dealerships. I don’t have decent enough camera equipment to get close up shots and frankly I don’t feel good enough to get out in the heat and attempt it – so I’m staying away and will watch it on tv. We thought about going to our former neighbor’s house and parking there and then walking over but I still can’t walk that far and try and walk back again. Hard decision, but no stalking will be attempted after all. *sigh*

  10. I’ve never seen anyone “do hiatus” quite like you. LOL
    Okay so I’m a bad hiatus doer – this is like an addiction I can’t quite stay away. MUAH!

  11. Hi Linda:

    I just wanted to let you know that my company produces the Home and Garden Show in Cleveland, Ohio and Ty Pennington is our spokesperson! Ty will be appearing LIVE in Cleveland at the show in February so if you really want to see him, up close and personal, that would be the perfect way! Watch our website for future updates on the appearance day and time…I know Cleveland might be a good drive for you, especially in the winter, but you might want to car pool with some friends and come see Ty. We are very excited about the NEW Great Big Home and Garden Expo to be held at the I-X Center in Cleveland on February 5th-14th, 2010! So happy for your neighbor!

    Ty is absolutely wonderful, by the way…I got to meet him in March at our Denver Show!

    P.S. Love your Golden Retriever, my husband and I have a Yellow Labrador Retriever and a new baby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and I live in northern Ohio…I hope Ty does a home up here soon too!

    Hi Peggi – I’m so glad u stopped by! Even though I still carry the trauma of my disastrous fall on the ice this past January and the recovering I’m still going through from that, I might be inclined to drive up to Cleveland in Feb for this depending on the weather forecast. It’s only a few hours away from me; we once drove up to Cleveland for a Browns game with friends. This is actually a very good idea and I’m going to start doing the “no snow, no ice in Feb in Cleveland” dance right now! Thanks for the info – coz there’s no way I’m gonna get close to him here, it’s a mob scene over there! Yeah, EmmaLou is a sweetie when she isn’t into trouble — I love all dogs and I’ve heard Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are wonderful pets – Let’s hope your Yellow Lab doesn’t become a Marley – or an EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer! Hugs! Linda

  12. Hey I am still on break and look at what I keep doing. I just break for an hour here and an hour there, that is all.

    Well I hope you get your pictures, but if not then maybe you can freeze them on your computer and print them out. I am not sure how to do that. But it sounds like you should get a group and be on pub look out. Each one camped out at a likely spot and if he shows up then they send a text to everyone and then you all show up. It depends on size of bar, but then maybe you can take turns.

    I wish you lots and lots of luck.

    God bless.

    Hi sweetie – I’ve been working on posts and saving them. I am compelled to write, regardless if I want a break or not – it’s a sickness with me…must write something daily. LOL I’m giving up on the Ty search – I just don’t feel well enough to tackle it and I’m gonna settle for looking @ him on local new and in local paper. I may take Peggi’s (see above comment) suggestion & head to Cleveland in Feb depending on weather to try and get a second chance to see him. We’ll see how “crazy” I am come winter and whether or not I’ve run away south. Hugs!

  13. Fortunately for us, our yellow lab is the complete opposite of Marley and she just loves the Cavalier! You let me know if you think you can make it to Cleveland in February…maybe a ticket or two can be in the mail for you!
    You ARE lucky coz yellows are notorious for being into everything. All labs are so smart you have to keep them busy and that’s when we get into trouble w/EmmaLou, if she’s not getting enough exercise or enough attention. Aren’t you a sweetie – I’ll check w/Devoted Spouse and see if he’s up for a possible “adventure” to Cleveland and let you know! Thanks so much!

  14. I always thought Ty was the cutest carpenter around and as sweet as can be.

    They were in our area because a family went on vacation and returned to find their entire house leveled. It caught on fire and burned so hot that everything was lost. I think I remember hearing that it happened because of a gas leak. Good thing for the family that they weren’t home but damn, what a shock to come home to.
    You always thought right – he is a cutie and I wish he’d redo my home, but I sure don’t want it to burn down to get a makeover! Wow how tragic.

  15. Hi Ty is in a small town in IL right now. They just made the Knock on the door this morning. The family really needs it. Their mom need a Bone Marrow transplant than the house caught on fire. Mom, dad and three kids have been living in a small trailer behind the barn on their farm. I am going the site on Thurdays to help out. I will tell Ty hi for you. Alot of people need the help.
    Hi Lisa – Thanks for the update – I wish I could get to IL but with the shape my back is in I’d be doing good to drive about 20 miles! I so wanted to see him while he was here but that was when my Mom was dying and I had to make an emergency trip back to DC – so I pretty much missed all the fun. He and his crew do wonderful work and I’m so happy for this new family – they are very deserving. Now, if he’d just come and install an elevator in my house so I didn’t have to walk up and down stairs anymore…LOL thanks again for letting me know. Cheers!

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