Fabulous Friday


YAY – We did it. We made it through another week.  And now we have Friday and a weekend to look forward to.  I’m happy because Devoted Spouse is home where he belongs.  Life is back to normal – he’s in his comfy chair, I’m in my comfy chair, and EmmaLou just yakked up God knows what on the living room floor.  But, Devoted Spouse is home to clean it up for me, bless his heart.  This morning she left me a poopy present in the dining room and I experienced a new appreciation for Devoted Spouse as I gagged and gagged and finally got it all cleaned up.  He was actually out taking the little bugger for a walk and didn’t see it before they left.  So I cleaned it up this time.   He usually does that nasty duty, what a prince.

I have no real stories to share for Friday — this week has been a long one full of me doing stupid things, and being lethargic and watching horrible movies while eating all the crap food in the universe so I don’t actually have any real experiences left to discuss.

Instead I think I’ll take this opportunity to introduce ya’ll to a new blogger – her name is Mari and she’s got real potential to make our blogosphere a much better place to visit.  Go see her, give her a big welcome and help her get over that initial blog shyness we all have experienced as we first got into this blogging stuff.  I think you’ll like my new blogging buddy – I may now just have 7 actually devoted readers, bless all your hearts.

And while I’m at it…our good friend Midwest Mom sent me this the other day – isn’t she just the best?  Another award and I don’t hafta do anything like tell ya’ll any of my inner secrets or all those other ridiculous memes we all play now and then.  Thanks sweetie for this lovely award – I send you huge hugs!  BTW Midwest Mom has another blog now, you can find it here.  Go visit – it’s great stuff!  But wait…I can’t just accept an award and NOT pass it on to another deserving blogger – that would be very selfish of me.  So I’m passing this award along to our newest blogging member, Mari!  Congrats girl – keep up the good work!

Excellent Blog Award

Excellent Blog Award

Have a wonderful Friday and a super weekend and I’ll see ya’ll back here on Monday for more excitement, mayhem, and heaven knows what new experiences to share.  Hugs!


12 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday

  1. Good morning Cronie,
    Give DS a big wet kiss for me. I’m glad he’s back home by your side.
    Now I will go visit our new blogger Mari and see what’s going on over there.
    Tweet ya later!
    Good morning my precious – Have a fab day! Hugs!

  2. Glad to here DS is home. Life can return to normal, no? I’ll head over the Mari’s place now. Have a great weekend.
    Life is quasi-normal – I’m just glad he’s here to share the insanity with me. Enjoy your weekend, too sweetie.

  3. ELPH gets home tonight! This week has been too long.
    Glad for you – I know how miserable I was this week w/out DS. Have a good weekend!

  4. Hi My Beautiful Crone
    speaking of presents pets leave my merlin kitty left me a nice furry wet hacked up hairball on the floor right next to my bed where I put my feet in the morning , I think he know that is the spot and planned it out in his head.. Glad to hear DS is home big hugs. your quite welcome for the award 🙂 I love coming here and reading your this and thats
    I will surely stop by Mari’s blog. Have a wondermous weekend ***Big Hugs**
    hello my precious – gotta love our fur children and their little gifts LOL – I’m so glad u like to visit – I enjoy visiting u and hangin’ out w/ya in Twitterville. Enjoy your weekend too sweetie. MUAH!

  5. Zzzzzzzzz, oh, hi Cronie. I’m still struggling to keep my eyes opened for more than five minutes at a shot…but at least the itises are slowly leaving me. I’ll have to check out Mari’s blog.
    so sorry ur still suffering with itises – I hate it when that happens – I get them all too often 2. At the present I’m suffering from phys therapyitis and am about to take several icepacks to bed for a little rest before dinner. Will this nonsense ever end? Gah…. Try and have a restful good weekend sweetie – Hugs!

  6. This comment has no relation to anything, but I wanted to say I love that picture of the dog you have at the top of the blog – is that yours? It’s beautiful.
    Yes, sweetie that’s my EmmaLou – go to her page at the top “The Incomparable EmmaLou” and you’ll see more pics of my sweet little girl. My avatar is also a shot of EmmaLou. Hugs!

  7. DS sounds wonderful. I’m the one who usually gets the joy of cleaning up those messes around here. 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend!!
    He is the best! I’m very blessed and I’m grateful daily believe me. You enjoy your weekend too sweetie. Hugs!

  8. You are so lucky that DS cleans up most all of the little presents, it is usually my job to do that.

    And another great award for you. I will try to get to Mari’s site to visit as soon as I can, but it is almost bedtime, so hopefully it will be later tonight.

    I do have one request to make of you. Could you please e-mail me a copy of that lime pie that you made. I looked and looked on her site and could not find. I got to read lots and lots of posts and am now hooked, but I never found it. And it sounds so good. So please, please can I get a copy. I would really appreciate this cause granddaughter is here right now and she might will make it for me. It might help with my recovery.

    Have you been to my Mrsupole’s Crap website. If you go there, please let me know what you think about it. And if I should change things about it.

    God bless.
    Oh God love your heart, it was never on her website, but she shared it on Twitter. So simple, I’ll email you in just a bit with the details and you’ll be amazed at how lovely and delicious it is! I’ll check your website also – I’ve been terribly behind in my blog reading – I’m trying to do some pre-reading for school and I am spending too much time Twittering, too, I’m afraid. Hugs!

  9. I am pleased life is back to normal for you, Wasn’t that nice of EmmaLou to leave a little present for you. She sounds a wonderful doggy though.

    Have a lovely weekend my friend.

    lots of hugs to you.
    I’m happy 2. EmmaLou is such a little stinker, but we love her! Enjoy your weekend, also dear.

  10. Glad to hear DS is home again. The weekend is almost over now but enjoy what is left. 🙂

    Congrats on your award. Perfect. Excellence is your middle name. Muah!
    Thank you my love. You are so good to me. Gonna take some time off now and prepare for school. You won’t see much of me in the next couple of weeks I’m afraid – but I’ll make some comments on your blog (and to others) and I’ll show up once in awhile in Twitterville – but I’m taking a break from blogging to concentrate on upcoming class. Actually my middle name is Kay, but I prefer Excellence. LOL Hugs!

  11. I absolutely hate poopy presents, especially if one of our beloved kitties decide to not go in the litter box but on one of the strewn pants that are in the bedroom. It sounds like a slow and relaxing week you had! I want one! LOL
    I have had a relaxing weekend and I like it that way. Now I have to start preparing to return to school – must get my heart and mind in right place and start pre-reading and working on my time management skills. That will mean less time in blogosphere – but I’ll be back again never fear. If EmmaLou doesn’t stop with the elephant poop in the house I’m shipping her to the puppy farm! LOL

  12. Oh dear. What’s wrong with Ms. EmmaLou and all her inside yakking and pooping? We’d have to have a come to Jesus meeting over that. God knew what he was doing when he rendered me unable to have a dog. LOL Glad DS is home. Glad I’m back home. there’s no place like home…..there’s no place like home…..there’s no place like home.
    She’s just off her routine (like I’m off my rocker) because DS was gone and nobody walked her – hell I can’t hardly walk myself – like I’m gonna be pulled around the neighborhood by an 80 pound dog! I love home…I love home…I love home… Serenity, peace, quiet, dog poop…well one out of three isn’t too bad! MUAH!

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