I Have What on My Where?

mammo  repairman


A short time ago I made an appointment to have my annual mammogram – I think I might have mentioned it in an earlier posting distinctly remembering that I wished men would have their testicles slammed between two plates so they could understand how uncomfortable this test is.  Anyway, it was something necessary and so in I went.

Much to my surprise technology has evolved in the last year and the machine was newer, the procedure didn’t hurt much, and the technician was a total sweetie.  We were done in no time at all.  Unlike last year where I had to wait forever in the little cold room for a radiologist to read the results before I was allowed to leave, this year the technician told me sweetly to get dressed, go home and I would receive a notice in the mail in one to two weeks with my results.  One to two weeks I had to wait to see if something strange was growing in a boobie or two.  Well, okay.  I went home.

Several days ago I received a phone call early in the morning.  I’m not an early morning person and as I recall I hadn’t even had one cup of coffee, Devoted Spouse was glued to his laptop, the tv was on with the early morning news, and I had to hobble over to the phone right in the middle of my morning ritual of fixing an icepack for my back and an icepack for my leg.

I heard what I thought was a very young girl’s voice on the phone telling me she was from some health place somewhere and I had to come back in and repeat my test because they had found voles.  What?   Prank call – I hung up the phone.  A moment later the phone rang and it was the same little girl voice:  “Mrs. XXX this is Tina from Health something or other and we got disconnected.  The radiologist thinks you have voles and you need to come back in.”    Me:  “Who are you really and what the hell are you talking about voles…how did voles get in my boobs?”  Are you nuts?”  Do you even know what a vole is?”

This is a vole

This is a vole

Blechh – I have a vole?  I know I spent some time in the woods lately, but c’mon this is bizarre – wouldn’t I know if a vole had burrowed into my boobie?

Okay – I was half asleep and had no coffee and it was not exactly quiet in the family room when I picked up the phone and began talking to helium girl.  I was yelling in the phone and trying to wake up when she got louder and said “You have MOLES and the radiologist wants to mark them so he knows they’re MOLES.” “You have MOLES!”


Not voles, moles.  I have moles.  Those funny little bumpy things everybody gets as they age, not the  gross animals that live in the ground moles/voles, but the freckle skin tag kind of things that just appear out of nowhere in the darndest places during menopause.   He thought I might have moles.  Boy was I relieved. What are you gonna mark them with – a big red X?

So Tuesday I went back in and we went through the procedure again only this time I had teeny little round sticky duct tapey things put on me everywhere there was a vole mole sticking out or up or whatever it is they do as they sit there on your skin.  Again, it was easy except for the peeling off the sticky things which are like ripping bandaids that take your skin with them.  And again I was sent home with the words, “You’ll get a notice in the mail in the next one or two weeks with your results.”

Sweet merciful heavens I hope they don’t call me in the next few days to tell me the radiologist is concerned and  found I actually have swiss cheese boobies and they have holes.  It’s not exactly fun having someone put little sticky tape all over your boobs – it was like having Post-It Notes screaming mole here, mole over here, hey here’s another one.

I went home and ate a banana shake w/whipped cream and I’ll be watching the mail…and screening my calls.


12 thoughts on “I Have What on My Where?

  1. Love the cartoon. That’s the best! So glad to hear you are vole free! *wipes brow*
    Yeah – those little things can really screw up the film I understand… LOL

  2. Next time let DS answer the phone. That would be an interesting conversation. LOL!
    Good Lawd he wears hearing aids – heaven only knows what he would have heard! He probably would have told me the radiologist had a cold. LOL

  3. Why do all Dr.’s offices have a Helium Girl who talks way too fast and calls way too early in the morning? You deserved the milkshake after that!
    Even more importantly, why do they call you at such an ungodly hour – it was around 7:30 am and usually calls that early mean someone has died. Really ticked me off – gah… I saw her when I went back and understood better – she had to be about 20 and ditsy as they come. Amazing. Did I mention that was a damn fine milkshake?

  4. The best thing about experiences like this is being able to award ourselves with a milkshake. I knew there was a reason I liked you.
    Milkshakes can solve most of life’s problems; if only our world leaders had this valuable piece of information…

  5. I’m with ya on the timing of the call. Nobody calls with good news at that hour.
    Amen, sistah.

  6. Hi Cronie,
    That picture of the vole made me fall off my chair laughing.
    Ugh, I hate getting my mammography (aka titty squeeze). But after each procedure, I treat myself to a burger/fries/milkshake.
    A MOLE is another furry creature too, right?
    voles, moles, live in the ground creepy things – at least mine weren’t furry just annoying. I skipped the burger and fries and substituted extra Reddi-Whip. Same difference. I’m afraid it’s “stirrup” time next…oh Gawd what kind of posting will THAT generate???

  7. HaHaHa!! Funny story! My cats bring me voles all the time, but I never knew they where they came from until now. Tell EmmaLou that Jake and Maggie say “hey”.
    thanks for visiting – EmmaLou says “hey right back atcha”!

  8. I have never had a mammogram though I probably should I will be 40 in 5 years. but I have heard so many horror stories and I’m not to sure about having my boobs squished just the thought makes me shudder. But I’m sure it can’t be any worse than nursing a child with teeth .. Thanks for shedding some light on the subject 🙂
    Sweetie, make an appointment and have it done now – don’t wait another 5 years – too many young women are diagnosed with breast cancer these days and it’s so treatable when caught early. It truly doesn’t hurt anymore – they’ve made wonderful improvements in the testing – it’s over in a flash and it could possibly save your life. Do it for me and for all the women out there who are currently fighting breast cancer. Please don’t wait. Hugs!

  9. I detest mammos and I have dense breast tissue that makes a standard mammo almost worthless. I need to have the sonogram type done for the best results but we don’t have that around here so I get ’em squished and hope for the best.
    Nothing is ever simple, is it? Now I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting for results and hoping he really WAS seeing a mole, not anything bad. I hate it when I worry – it does no good. LOL

  10. OMG how hilarious! Voles… *dies laughing*. I’ve never had a mammogram though I’ve been thinking about it lately. Eww, sticky tape on boobies? Ouch! And I thought pulling bandaids off a hairy foot hurt!
    Hairy feet? I hesitate to even ask…Mammos aren’t too bad – but those sticky things hurt like the dickens coming off!

  11. My doctor has that helium voice when she talks to me and I want to slap her and tell I’m not 2 and no she can’t pinch my cheeks and if she doesn’t stop talking like that, I’m going to pinch hers…..HARD!
    Glad you got those voles taken care of. Those suckers can be quite pesky. 🙂
    It was difficult to get the sticky things on the voles coz they’re fast. *sigh* I need professional help…

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