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pic from National Archives

I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it…yippee skippy – I finally made it to the shooting range Saturday and got to try out my new Walther P22 that Devoted Spouse gave me for Christmas.  I have waited so long to feel good enough to be able to go out and shoot.

I was worried that my hand wasn’t strong enough yet and might shake; I worried holding my arm out straight would hurt my shoulder, I worried that the Taliban would pick that exact moment to attack the shooting range; I just worried about everything.  Silly old fart.

We took a friend of ours, Greg (you may remember him from an earlier post w/the pic of everybody eating Graeter’s ice cream).  Anyway, he came along and his son Todd and Todd’s girlfriend Amanda joined us too, so we had quite the shooting party and plenty of firearms and ammunition.

The highlight of the day was Greg being able to shoot a gun that his deceased father-in-law had made – it is a Connecticut Valley Arms black powder .45 caliber percussion pistol and while I couldn’t find the exact picture (it was built from a kit) it looked alot like this one:

black powder pistol

It was way cool to shoot — but took awhile to prepare for each shot; you had to load the powder, put the shot in, tamp everything down, put a percussion cap on – way too much work for me!  But I got to shoot it and it threw out lots of smoke and made noise and I don’t even know if I hit the target, but I was having fun.

Spent about two hours practicing — I used my new Walther P22 which I enjoyed shooting but my aim was waaaay off with this gun so I need some practice.  Then I spent some time with my baby – my .380 Bersa and did pretty well hitting the target.  After that Devoted Spouse let me try out his brand new Ruger .380 LCP and I had some trouble with that one – it’s tiny and packs a real wallop.  Lest you think I’m making this up, here I am working with the .380.  Devoted Spouse was not familiar w/my camera and the battery was about dead so he only got one pic and it’s not the best, but you get the idea…


Greg got some pics on his phone camera – I’ve added them below.

There was a downside to all of this hilarity and raucous fun — I really wasn’t quite ready to be on my feet for two hours straight and I was seriously limping on the way back to the car.  We went out for a quick lunch and then I came home and put icepacks on my back and my hip (as usual).

I managed to get Devoted Spouse to the airport Sun morning, but I was really limping by the time I got to church — it was one of those times when you just have to say…”but it hurts so good” coz the fun shooting was worth the pain and stiffness.  I have promised my friends and Devoted Spouse that I will totally rest Monday and do nothing at all but relax.  I don’t have a PT session until Wednesday and I’m gonna need to be worked on seriously by then to get these muscles stretched out again.

Here are pics of Devoted Spouse playing with the black powder gun and the coolest pic is of our friend’s son Todd – check out all the smoke that baby puts out!

Devoted Spouse shooting black powder gun

DS loading gun

Todd shooting black powder gun

Some days are so much fun it’s worth the pain.  That was my Saturday – I’ve waited forever to have this kind of fun!  Woo-hoo!  Can’t wait to go again – but next time I’ll set a spell and rest these old bones  (oh my aching back…)  LOL


11 thoughts on “Home, Home on the Range

  1. That’s why I take one of those folding camp chairs whenever we go do something out and about like that. I have a bad back and have to sit down or my back will kill me. We just throw one in the back of the car and leave it there.

    Glad you had a good time though but be sure and rest up and don’t over do it any more.
    I had a lawn chair and a picnic table, but did I sit down and rest? Of course not because I AM SHOOTER, HEAR ME ROAR. Stupid woman. Next time I’ll stay no longer than an hour and spend as much time sitting and resting leg as I do standing and shooting guns. I just never learn sweetie – I was like a kid eating too much ice cream coz it was just soooo good. LOL

  2. I want you to know that you are inspiring me to get my permit to carry. Paul has been trying to get me to for YEARS and I’ve never really wanted to. I have lived with the Great White Hunter for nearly 25 years and have only been shooting twice: 1) with a .22 rifle at the range and I smoked the target! Did REALLY well. 2) with friends in VT about 15 years ago with their black power pistol which I LOVED loading. Weird, huh? That was the funnest part.

    When we were on safari in South Africa in ’02 the professional hunter offered to ‘let me shoot something.’ Uh, no thanks, you must have me confused with someone else….I don’t kill things.

    Am I supposed to write a post in your comment section? Anyway, great post, you look great and hope you’re feeling better today.
    Thanks sweetie – I’m so thankful to be back on my feet and able to hold a gun again. It was so much fun – my first experience with black powder and that IS fun but so much work – I can’t imagine what the soldiers in revolutionary or civil war must have gone through using these types of weapons. I would love to go on safari but could never kill anything either – those are God’s creatures and they are so beautiful to behold. And, yes, you can write a post in my comment section anytime – I tend to write long replies, so we’re even! LOL

  3. WOW! Talk about an arsonal! So glad you had a good time but you’ve got to learn to take a break Girl. Hope you are resting today. No house cleaning or grocery runs. Lay around & read & eat Bon-Bons;)
    Sis was here w/kids all weekend so we didn’t go to the range. ELPH wants to go up to my Dads real soon to try the indoor range up there.
    Take it easy today.
    Oh that was just a few — we had two Glocks and a 45 revolver and a 38 revolver with us, too. The more the merrier. I just wore myself out, that’s all. I’m really taking it easy today – in fact, it’s about time to hit the couch with some icepacks and a movie. VERY quiet day I promise. Oh damn – I do have to go to grocery, but that can wait a few more hours. LOL P.S. don’t talk to me about batwings you goofball. ROFLMAO

  4. It makes my heart glad every time I see a lady firing a weapon. There is still hope for this country.
    I like shooting. I don’t like shooting living things, but I’m wild about paper targets and will gladly shoot the livin’ crap outta them. Now, on the other hand, should a living thing come into my home unannounced with the intent of doing me bodily harm I will shoot the living crap outta him or her, too, and never think twice. I’m out of shape, and out of practice as I’ve been laying around for 6 months trying to heal — one of these days I’ll be back in top form hitting the bulls’eye more than the white spaces! Don’cha love goals?

  5. I am really impressed that you can shoot guns, I don’t want to sound like a baby but they scare me. When I was at school we went on a day trip to the local barracks and they let me have a go on their shooting range. It was only an air powered rifle but much to the soldiers amusement I was shaking so much I couldn’t stand still.
    Shooting a gun is a powerful thing. It’s not a toy and it’s not to be taken lightly and I don’t blame you for shaking. Guns should be given respect and handled accordingly. It makes for a very enjoyable hobby, though. I absolutely love target shooting – just need to get stronger.

  6. My mother did target shooting and so did her mother…but with a bow and arrow. As you know, guns are only part of negative stories more often than not.

    Most (legal) gun owners are not criminals and this sounded like a lot of fun…other than you not resting. Keep practicing…you’ll get used to it soon enough.
    I always wanted to try archery…but I was afraid with the muscles you use on one side of your body, versus the other side, that one boob would get larger than the other, so I never signed up for the class. Besides if anyone came into my house it would take too long to get my trusty bow and arrow ready…

  7. Love, Love your site. Just started one of my own. Please check it out. Mothermari.wordpress.com.
    Thank you – I’ll come visit you!

  8. Sor.ry….so new at this mothermari’s.wordpress.com
    It’s okay, we were all new at one time… LOL

  9. Hey Cronie,
    Delaney55 had some great advice about sitting down. I can’t stand more than 30 minutes. Don’t know why.
    Those pics are cool. Looks like you all had some good shooting.
    My BF loves his gun & rifle. Goes to a range only 1x each month.
    I don’t know about Ohio, but here in NYC firearms is very expensive and ownership is difficult.
    Needless to say, BF was very impressed with this post.
    Tweet ya later!
    Hi sweetie – I knew I should rest, but I was having so much fun the time got away from me and suddenly I was limping and realized I had overdone it. Oh well. Difficult lessons. Some firearms are expensive – DS’s new Ruger was about $350., but my P22 was not that high. We could be buying boats, or other stuff; we choose to buy guns. Not hard to own; background check thru FBI like everywhere else I imagine unless you’re buying this stuff off the back of some guy’s pickup truck – fortunately we buy our firearms legally. 🙂

  10. I can’t even describe how jealous I am. LOL Our range was closed for zoning problems. Opening soon at a new location. Watch out!
    I can’t wait to go back – I really need the practice – I just need to remember to rest a bit. Gah — I hate how long it’s taking me to heal – dammit I should have a normal life by now; it’s been 6 bloody months since I was hurt. Grrrrr. At least my shoulder works and my hand works so I can shoot. Okay I’ll stop whining now. LOL

  11. You know that if you ever got to shoot an M-16, you would just fall in love. That is why the military has kept using them for all these years. Yup, I was trained and so was hubby. I have a pellet gun target that sits above the TV in the bedroom. Grandsons and I lay on the bed and just shoot the heck out of it. Just gotta move all the glass out of the area. Yes, we have shot the glass and broken it. Good thing we can shut the doors to protect the TV.

    And shooting guns is so much fun. We just have to make sure our “right to bear arms” is never taken away. Out here in CA, there are many who would take that “right” away if they could. I can see assault guns being banned, but not just regular weapons and then part of me also thinks assault weapons should be allowed to be owned by law abiding citizens.

    And like everyone else here, I think you need to take it easy, but look at me still trying to write comments with one hand and I need to stop. But could not stop myself with comments for you.

    God bless.
    Hi sweetie – Bless your heart for even writing – I’m glad you’re doing the one-hand keyboard dance coz that means you’re getting stronger and that makes me happy. Almost as happy as getting to the range! I keep praying for your continued healing. Hugs (gentle ones)!

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