It’s the End of the World as We Know It

Yes, it’s the end of the world…why?

Opie is on the cover of AARP magazine this month.  Opie.  Lil Opie.  The one we all grew up with fishin’ with Pa and eating the yummy food from Aunt Bea and hanging out with Deputy Fife.  Oh sweet merciful heavens I’ve become an old woman in an instant.  Opie…AARP…ackkk

Opie on AARP

Now we all know and recognize him as the successful director Ron Howard

Academy TheatreTo me he will forever be this little guy:


This I simply can’t get my head around:

Opie on AARP2

I know its unrealistic to think people don’t change but there are some who should forever remain as they once were and in my pea brain Opie is an icon of what American life once was.  Small towns,  fishin’, local barbershops, good home cooking with the family sitting around the table.  Oh I know  women were repressed, there was terrible racism with blacks having to use separate entrances – no, everything wasn’t wonderful – so don’t send me hate mail.  But it was a more innocent time and  I miss the days when front doors weren’t locked and you knew your neighbors.

Opie on AARP represents a paradigm shift for me.  It’s the end of the world as we know it.  I’m starting to find myself reading obituaries and looking for anybody I know and that’s a good enough reason to cancel my subscription to the paper.  The next thing you know I’ll be discussing the benefits of colon cleansing and listening to other old folks’ surgery stories.  Gah….

I blinked…Opie grew up and is a model for AARP and all I can think of to say is  Gaaaawleeeee.  I miss those days.


10 thoughts on “It’s the End of the World as We Know It

  1. Ron Howard and I are the same age so it is funny to watch him in “The Music Man” and realize that I was that age when that movie was made. Yep, we are all getting older even those we thought would always be young.

    Now I feel really old.

    Payback for the tarantula story isn’t it??
    you catch on fast my friend – I would be more cruel but you were so nice to send me the knitting info that I have now officially let you off the hook for the tarantula story. *still shivers*

  2. Whadya mean ‘start reading obituaries?’ That’s the first section of the paper that I turn to. I freak out when there are more than 3 people in there under 60.

    But I agree…..the Andy Griffith Show is one of my all-time favorite shows. I would still watch it in reruns if I could find it. A simpler time for sure.
    I’m trying to break my obit reading habit because I’m finding entirely too many people dying too young (to me that’s anyone under 50!). I think at a point in our lives we all get nostalgic even though we had our share of issues and problems way back then, we remember the good parts and that makes us want to revisit that time in our lives.

  3. I live in fear everyday that I will become my mother. She insists on calling me just to read me the obits about people I don’t know but she says; Michele, you have to remember so and so because you went to school with his/her granddaughter/niece/cousin. I told my kids to just shoot me if I ever do this to them. It will be a mercy killing.
    My reading obits doesn’t really bother me too much – mostly I discover older people I once worked with or former neighbors; not people in my own age or my friends as much. I don’t think it’s that unusual behavior, really. If it was the first section I turned to every morning, then I’d worry. Now, if I EVER start turning into my stepmonster, I will personally throw myself off a cliff. She is evil personified and is the type of person to call you to give you “information” (aka gossip), just because she knows something you don’t (and that you don’t need or want to know in the first place.)

  4. I avoid the obits for fear of seeing my own name there. AARP? Don’t they give you discounts on your car towing? No wait…those are those people of that National Association for Advancement of something or other, right?

    The sad part about that show was that Aunt Bea was probably representing someone our age, on that show. *sigh*
    Okay buggerbutt, Aunt Bea might…might have represented someone close to our age…close but still older…but I dang sure don’t look like Aunt Bea and you don’t either! Aunt Bea was not a sexy older woman, d’ya remember the orthopedic shoes? Huh? Not us, baby, not us.

  5. OK, I have been a religious obit reader for about 20 years now, but I have to agree, it is a bit disconcerting to see Opie on the cover of AARP. I had forgotten what a cute kid he was. I used to think anyone younger than me was young, but I’m realizing that group is increasing every year.
    Scary, isn’t it? I’m about 22 in my head until I look in the mirror and get the shock of my life at who is staring back at me. Gah…

  6. I really wanted to leave a comment on your blog but as I have no idea who Opie is and have never heard of AARP magazine I can’t comment much.

    So I shall contend myself with saying a simple “Hello”.

    I am off now to Google “Opie” and AARP magazine so I shall be better prepared next time.
    It’s okay sweetie – Opie and AARP are strictly American — Opie was the name of a character on a tv show back in the 1960 – just a little boy whose father was the sheriff of this small town – the show was The Andy Griffith Show (Andy Griffith is an American actor who is very very old now). Anyway “we” all grew up with this show and I didn’t realize that the man who played Opie (Ron Howard, who is now a famous American movie producer and director) was in his 50’s – just didn’t occur to me. AARP I believe stands for American Association of Retired Persons or Retired People or something like that and it’s a very big company for folks around 50 or so who retire and it has its own magazine and tons of other stuff – I imagine you have something equivalent in the UK for pensioners. Sorry to confuse you. 🙂

  7. Nothing quite like Opie on the cover of AARP to remind you that it’s time to start counting backwards! How did that happen so fast!? Dang!
    I was mad at Devoted Spouse all day for holding up the cover in front of me and grinning. That was mean. LOL

  8. thanks Opie for the years of an un blemshished USA
    Yeah, back when kids could go outside and play all day and not be abducted from their own front yards! I miss that innocent time.

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