Thursday my phone, both landline and cell, rang all day long.  Really…several times every half hour one of the phones was ringing off the hook.  Know why?  Because none of them were within easy reach of me.  Happens every time.  If I have my cell phone on me or next to me it will stay as silent as a falling snowflake.  But put it in another room and it rings its little heart out.  I even had a call from someone I was thinking about — how strange is that?  He was on my mind and in minutes the phone is ringing and it’s him wanting to set up a shooting session w/us for the weekend.  Telephone telepathy.  I’m good.

We don’t get that many calls anymore unless it’s the step spawn or sometimes a neighbor or one of Devoted Spouse’s school buddies.  Isn’t that sad – I obviously have no friends and no life apart from this blog and Twitter. Because no one ever calls me.   How pathetic.   The stepmonster and I quit speaking over a year ago and it looks like that extended to her entire family coz I sure as heck haven’t heard from any of them either (no great loss believe me; these people are the definition of the word “toxic”).   Saves me lots of minutes on my cell bill.  But we do tend to hear alot from telemarketers and if the phone is in the kitchen and we’re in the family room it takes at least 3 rings for one of us to get up and get the phone.  By that time usually whoever it is soliciting heaven knows what has hung up just as I’m screaming for the fourth time HELLO??!!

Devoted Spouse doesn’t understand why I even bother — he looks at the caller ID and if it says private number or unidentified caller or it’s an 800 number, he just ignores it.  I have this horrible compulsion — I HAVE to know who is on the other end of the phone calling me.  I may not want to talk to them and I never want to give them any money, but sometimes I can get in the best conversation with the little old lady who calls every month to see if I want any donations picked up from AMVETS organization.  She’s just a hoot and I enjoy talking to her.  Again, Devoted Spouse thinks I’m off my rocker to have so much fun with a total stranger on the phone.  I really need a part time job or at least more social interaction.


I’m going upstairs now to work on the closet cleaning some more – there’s a phone right there in our bedroom.  I guarantee it won’t ring…unless I make a trip to the bathroom.  I guarantee it.


8 thoughts on “Hello…Hello…Hello…Click…Gah……..

  1. I’m with devoted spouse – if you don’t know who’s calling, you don’t answer. We have a wonderful feature where the phone announces who’s calling. It has trouble with some names, but if it’s not someone we know, it just keeps ringing. This saves us from having to get up, and God knows, we certainly don’t need any exercise in my house.
    My neighbors have that feature and I don’t know how I feel about that yet – computer voices are also annoying. I just seem to be generally annoyed these days. LOL

  2. This is so funny…and really true! We only have one cell phone (I am an older crone than you so I am cheap!). It will not ring for days unless I leave it in my purse! Sigh!

    I’ve spoken w/many people about this and I seem to be in the minority here still having the landline. Old habits die hard I guess.

  3. Good morning Cronie,
    No, you are not the only one with a land line: I have one here and my mother has one in her house.
    After 9/11, when all the cell phones’ circuits went dead, I’ve decided a land line is a good thing to have.

    Back in the day, I used to have a love-hate relationship with my phone. Suitors and wooers would/would not call me.
    Now I hate my phone. It never rings unless it’s a telemarketer trying to make a decent living, or one of BF’s stupid family members.

    And I know EXACTLY how you feel about StepMonster.
    BTW, sorry for not visiting your blog. I’ve been whipped by twitter and by real-life stuff.
    I have so missed your erudite comments! LOL I’ve missed ur blog updates too – get crackin’ and get off Twitter and onto yur blogs girlfriend. I’m keeping the landline – call me an old lady but I’m not ready to give it up – I am canx cable phone svc and going back to a regular phone set-up. Cable phone goes out when elec goes out but reg phone svc doesn’t – didn’t know that when Time Warner Cable bullied me into getting landline switched to them. Grrrr. I really only want a phone in case of emerg like in Jan when we had to call 911 because I was so stupid on the ice. Grrrr-squared. LOL Glad ur back Love ya, mean it!
    Now I’m baaaaaack! 🙂

  4. Hello there! Just searching through non-traditional students and found your blog!! I just started blogging here, and it seems challenging to find fellow like minded bloggers, and to find people who have not abandoned their blogs! Anyway, fun post!! I look forward to visiting again!!

    Traditionally Non-Traditional sherilyndw.wordpress.com
    Thanks for stopping by – I was just over @ your blog and left a comment. I’m struggling with the school issue…am I doing this for the right reasons…can I really afford it and not work at the same time (still healing from a major injury and can’t work)…all the usual excuses…the subject matter is definitely a passion of mine but sometimes I feel I’ve bitten off more than I can chew – so I’m taking a break still and just blogging and doing my physical therapy and living life the best I can. Come back anytime! Good luck in your continued studies – you go girl! Hugs!

  5. I am this-close to getting rid of the landline. I don’t have caller ID any longer, I just try to screen calls. Occasionally I use that feature where you dial *69 to get the number of the last caller when they hang up but 9 times out of 10 it’s a telemarketer. The best way to get my phone to ring is to put dinner on the table.
    Dinnertime – it’s ALWAYS at dinnertime!!! WHY do they think I want to interrupt my dinner to talk about giving some ridiculous outfit my money? Ackkk – makes my blood pressure rise just thinking about it. LOL

  6. We have a landline and cell phones though mine is always turned off. I don’t go any where unless I’m with Hubby so children know to try the house and if I don’t answer I’m with their Dad so they call him. I got my cell phone basically for emergency use only when I’m in the car but since I don’t drive hardly at all any more since I’m with Hubby and he drives, I’m thinking when the contract runs out to drop mine.

    Ain’t seen you around lady – you doing better? I know you were hurting pretty bad at the beginning of the week.

    I’m sending you an email with links for the knitting patterns and I will have a book giveaway that you might want to enter since I think you’d get a kick out of the book – pretty funny. :0)

  7. I have a similar problem, in the UK it is against the law to use a mobile telephone and drive at the same time, which if you have ever seen me drive is probably a very good idea. Anyway you can guarantee my telephone will be silent all day but the moment I start to drive it starts to ring.

    You are not alone though, I have a landline too, mobiles telephones are very handy but when you need them the most you can bet the battery will be flat.
    My cell always rings when I drive – I hadn’t thought about that. I usually pull in a parking lot if available and if I’m not really in a hurry to get somewhere and answer it. I think I just don’t like technology very much even though I’m pretty attached to my laptop especially since today I re-registered for school again! OH MY…here we go again with the studying all night and papers and tests! Ick. Glad to hear from you sweetie!

  8. Murphey’s Law of cell and landlines. I abide by the same set of rules. It’s very tiresome to always be in the wrong place at the right time. 🙂
    It’s just getting to the point where I hate being bothered by the phone, period.

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