Monday,Monday…Can’t Trust That Day


I just learned that a stupid Monday can be experienced by those of us who are retired.  Bad days aren’t simply reserved for those who live in cubicles.

I was feeling a bit puny on this Monday morning — Sunday evening I had received a nasty comment from a blogger – in fact it was actually the very first totally insulting comment in almost two years – it was so upsetting to me that after I answered him; twenty minutes later I went back and simply deleted the entire comment and reply.  This cretin compared my youthful indiscretions (my 20 Rules I had Broken posting)  to that of Squeaky Fromme.  Ya’ll remember her…some years ago she tried to shoot President Gerald Ford.  Yeah – compare me to her, you old dirtbag, you.  That comment actually upset me to tears (probably lack of estrogen, I know) and I decided it was time to retire Crone and Bear It. If I couldn’t handle one stupid person, it was time to quit writing.

But then, if I retire this blog – what are my 5 loyal readers going to do for laughs?  And with whom will I be able to share the antics of the amazing Golden Destroyer EmmaLou (who btw just tried to steal my chicken sandwich the little scamp; she did get the tomato but I didn’t want that anyway and I managed to rescue the rest of the sandwich).

So let’s go back to my Monday morning.  Started out bad, I was in too puny a mood to even play a rousing game of SmartAss w/my Twitterites.  I decided what I really needed to feel better and perk up my flagging spirits was some good old fashioned retail therapy.  So off to the mall I went.  I was thankful that I was able to walk today – what a blessing that was!  I find counting my blessings also helps improve my mood, but I’m digressing.

First stop  — ATM machine for some cash.  I tried 3 times to get my ATM card in that stupid machine but it kept spitting it out.  Then I actually LOOKED at the card and realized I had my husband’s Radio Shack credit card, not my ATM card.  In my defense, the two cards do look alike.  Duh.  I finally got some cash and headed to the mall.

Next into Radio Shack I went with Devoted Spouse’s credit card in hand, not my ATM card.  It was time to pick up some batteries for his hearing aid and I needed to order camera batteries.  My camera batteries die a horrible death after only two charges and I’m racking up the bills buying more and more batteries – maybe I need a different camera.  But I’m getting off the subject again.  The Radio Shack guy nicely rung up the hearing aid batteries but said he would have to go online to order my camera batteries.  Okay – I don’t mind; I’ll wait.  He went back to the office and  a few minutes later came back out to announce it would have to wait awhile because they use DIAL-UP service for their computers there at Radio Shack and it wasn’t working right.  Radio Shack uses DIAL-UP service?  I was flabbergasted.  I told him keep the battery and keep trying and I would go do some more shopping.

Next to Franklin Covey to get my refill for my day planner.  I’ve always liked Franklin Covey; they have nice employees, clean stores, a good stock of what I need and they always offer a discount on their products for military people.  Until today.  Today I was told rather curtly that the discount is now offered only to Active Duty military.  I told the young man I considered that a slap in the face as my husband had given 26 years to his country, and by extension since I was with him as he was yanked all over the world, I served also.  If you are going to give a military discount, give it to ALL military, active and retired and reserves.  He didn’t care.  I took the business card of the store manager to whom I will shortly be sending a nice, polite email explaining my displeasure over this new policy.  I will  no doubt follow that up with a letter to the Corporate Headquarters telling them why I may not be doing business with Franklin Covey anymore and how I plan to tell ALL my military friends about this sudden change in policy.  Don’t mess with a lady who is having a bad Monday.

I figured Radio Shack still wasn’t ready for  me so I went to the Food Court for a diet Pepsi and some peace and quiet.  I was given a real Pepsi, said the heck with it and drank it anyway.  The peace and quiet were not to be had – I was sitting directly across from the “We’re Renovating!”  Chick-fil-A store and boy were they ever renovating.  I decided I needed the serenity of a soft pretzel to go with my high-sugary Pepsi – so I bought a pretzel and moved to the farthest corner of the Food Court.  I was so far away that I was in danger of being hit by the grease sputtering from the Chinese Wok joint.

Ditching half the pretzel and managing to spill the remains of the not-diet Pepsi down the front of my nice blue Oxford shirt, I headed off in search of something — anything good that would make me happy.  I found Yankee Candle.

Now I don’t often frequent Yankee Candle – they’re expensive and I tend to only pick up the little teeny ones that go in the containers that you put the tea candle underneath – you know what I’m talking about.  But today they had a nice sale buy one full size, get the second half off.  So I bought two full size candles – one Sun and Sand (takes me right to the  beach) and one Country Breeze (which reminds me of sitting outside on the breezeway of my grandma’s house).  Then I picked up some of the car fresheners coz they were half off, too.  And after sniffing all those candles, my spirits perked right up and darnitall I did feel better.

So I stopped at the local grocery for ingredients to make a limeade pie (courtesy of Smart Mouth Broad) – okay this is my second attempt at this pie; the first I made last night and it was a bit soupy.  And as I finish writing this posting, I’m off to the kitchen to have some limeade pie fun!

Ooooh – the pie actually turned out not so bad – I licked the bowl and it was dang good!  Wish I could eat it – Devoted Spouse is in for a real treat with this pie – thanks Smart Mouth Broad – you were right, I used too much limeade the first time.  Duh.

It’s not such a bad Monday after all.


10 thoughts on “Monday,Monday…Can’t Trust That Day

  1. Crone, if you don’t have at least one asshole in the bunch how are you ever gonna get rid of the shit?

    Hang in there.
    Very good point Gladys, very good point – I shoulda seen it coming but it caught me in a fragile girly moment – Gawd I HATE it when that happens. At least the limeade pie made up for everything! Yummy!

  2. I initially wanted to ask you who the a-hole was but if I know I’ll go visit and why run his numbers up? This blogging stuff makes you walk a fine line of opening yourself up thinking it’s just friends out there. I guess you found out the hard way it’s not just friends. If one of us told you about having that happen, what would you say? Yeah, that’s what I thought…….
    Sh*t happens…that’s what I’d say – delete him and press on. Just caught me by surprise because I’m so spoiled by all of you and the positive feedback I continually receive. Hugs!

  3. That’s why we have a delete comment button. There’s all kinds of crazies out in the wide world. I have my blog set up so that all comments come to me first and if I don’t like them…POOF! They are outta there.

    Wow, talk about a power rush.

    Keep your chin up. There’s always a few people who can’t say anything nice…and we all know what our mothers told us about that.
    My stepmonster told me to turn the other cheek. My inner warrior woman told me to blast the crap outta him. So I deleted him and went about my otherwise amazing life. It just surprised me that something this minor could have such an impact on me — me who normally doesn’t give a fig what anyone thinks. I’ve changed my settings to the same as yours now – I see them and if I don’t like them…POOF! I like POOF! I could use that power elsewhere right now…

  4. I completely understand. Whenever I get mean comments I’m always so hurt. I know LOGICALLY I shouldn’t be, but it doesn’t change the emotional reaction. People can be such jerks … or just plain insensitive.
    I think it just surprises me — I don’t mind if you don’t agree with me, in fact, I welcome any dialog at all to further explain something you might not have understood – that’s why electronic communication is difficult – you can’t see my face as i write and I might be laughing but when you read it, you’re frowning. But I don’t do mean – it’s wrong and only serves to make everyone involved miserable.

  5. So sorry you had that experience. There are lots of jerks and insensitive people out in the blogging world. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.
    Thank you sweetie – as Scarlet said, “Tomorrow is another day!” I’m over it and back to my normal, nonsensical self – Yay!

  6. If you quit blogging I’ll just stale you in other ways;-)
    But baby, I’m already stale…that’s the problem… (I know u meant stalk, just kidding!)

  7. stalk! STALK! Is it still Monday!??
    see above comment — I knew what u meant and that scares me… *giggles*

  8. I knew you could do it! And that twitpic looks way better than any pie I’ve ever made.

    WOW! You had a very busy day. I love Yankee candles too but like you will abstain as they are way too expensive. Love the deal! Hate the jerk. Love the pie. Hate the spills, Love the pretzel! Love you to pieces!
    You are one of the reasons I continue to write this blog – you are always so full of love and encouragement and I could squeeze the stuffin’ outta you just like a teddy bear if you were here – that’s how hard I’d hug ya coz I love ya right back swee’pea!

  9. We all get the jerks and trolls, just part of the blogging experience we would all like to avoid but, like everyone said, delete is empowering. Once in awhile I get one I publish with my reply when I feel I have a good enough come back.

    That person was just being mean and you were right to delete it but don’t take it personally. Some people just love to be hateful and those need to be deleted quickly then forgotten about. You have plenty of us that would be very sad and upset if we didn’t have your wonderful sense of humor and stories to brighten our days.

    Just feel the power and control of the wonderful DELETE button and screw the haters of the world.

    Luv ya’ babe :o)
    I’m feelin’ the love – you are so special! MUAH!

  10. I had no idea my comment caused you such profound grief. My sincere apologies. Thankfully, your readers were here to support you through this difficult time.

    Again, apologies.
    It’s no big deal – I overreacted to someone I don’t understand. My blog is so tongue-in-cheek most of the time and I took your comment literally when I probably should have taken it for what it was; just a smart reply. And I overreacted to words you use on your own blog – which is kind of nuts – it’s a free country (so far) and it’s none of my business what words you choose nor should I judge your choices. Now if you truly meant your original comment (which I obviously deleted) then I’m confused that my simple rule breaking nonsense could get such a rise out of someone. See? I don’t get you; maybe you don’t get me. Quit apologizing – you did nothing wrong – I just really took your comment in the gut and I don’t think you meant to be mean – so let’s just be friends and enjoy each other’s very different takes on life and blogging, coz life is too short. I am quite sure there are many people out there who have a not-so-nice opinion of me and that’s okay. Thank goodness we have the freedom to openly not like someone or something someone says. Let’s start again, shall we? Hi Don (may I call you Don or do you prefer Donald?) I’m Linda and this is my world – Welcome to my blog and I’ll come visit yours soon, promise. How’s that for a peace pipe kinda moment? 🙂

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