Queen of Awesome? Me? Aw…Shucks…


My lovely friend Mrsupole has tagged me with a Queen of Awesome award. Look at this nice award – there’s even a tiara included:

QueenofAllThings Awe-Summm!!!

What a peach she is – go visit her; she has wonderful stories and I love her dearly.  But she’s making me work for this award and you all know how I hate to WORK at anything – so I’m going to try and have a little fun with this.

The rules for me to be a Queen are:

1. Write a list of 7 things that make you awesome. (oh gag)  For the record, I looked up awesome and it doesn’t necessarily mean “wonderful”; in fact it can also mean:  alarming, astonishing, awe-inspiring, beautiful, awful, breathtaking, dreadful, exalted, fearful, formidable, frightening, imposing, mind-blowing, overwhelming, shocking, striking, stunning, terrible, terrifying, or wondrous – did I mention stupefying?  So there are many definitions to the word “awesome”.
2. Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that I love. (hmmm, who haven’t I tagged lately?)
3. Tag those bloggers to let them know that they have joined the Royal Queen’s land and link back to the Queen Bee who tagged you.  (I think I can handle this part okay.)

Here goes nothin’…

7 Things That Make Me Awesome – ahem…drumroll please…

1.  I am the biggest clutz in the world and I’m as consistent as Cream of Wheat with this. I have a true talent for running into every piece of furniture I own and tripping over the dog while never spilling the cup of coffee I’m carrying.  Now that’s awesome.

2.  I can take a grilled cheese sandwich, burn the ever-lovin’ crap outta it and just call it Cajun Blackened Panini and my guests will eat it and rave about it.   That is truly awesome.

3.  I can touch my nose with my tongue.   Looks stupid, but I don’t care – it’s not something everyone can do and that makes me awesome.  I rarely do it in public anymore; invites too  much weird attention.

4.  I was at Woodstock (well, part of it; you see I had to hitch hike from VA to NY at night with a friend and we were underage and stupid and damned lucky we lived through it).  I got there and crashed the gates with thousands of others who didn’t have tickets.  It was awesome and my being a part of it qualifies me as awesome.  Don’t ask me for details – while it’s awesome, it’s no longer a topic of discussion.  Hippie days and pot smoking are over.

5.  The last “typing” test I took I clocked in at 140 words a minute.  I actually enjoy banging the everlovin’ crap outta my keyboard and my fingers can truly fly.  Awesome baby.  My favorite “sentence” to build up speed was:  “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.”  I would type it over and over and over until I was just flying across the keyboard and my adrenaline was pumping and I actually thought this was fun.  I have no life.

6.  Here’s a somewhat sappy awesome – I’ve been married to Devoted Spouse  for just over 26 years now and I would marry him again in a heartbeat – 26 years is awesome!  (oh yeah, so is he!!!)

7.  Here’s my last “toot my own horn” awesome fact:  On just about any day I can make someone laugh outloud or at least smile widely.  I wasn’t known as the class clown for nothing.  My somewhat offbeat, sometimes self- deprecating and occasionally off the wall sense of humor classifies me as awesome.  I will do stupid things just to get a laugh because it makes me feel good and I think when you make someone happy and it makes you happy that’s awesome!

That’s my list and I’m sticking to it. Now here is who I also nominate for Queenship:

Twenty Four at Heart – she has a gorgeous Golden Retriever just like my precious Goldie – go visit her she deserves to be Queen of Awesome any day in my book.

Oz Girl – what an adorable lil cowgirl and what a cool new site she has – git on over to see her!  She’s definitely Queen of Awesome material.

Midwest Mom – this gal tells great stories and I think she is perfect as a Queen of Awesome

Doggonedmysteries – now here’s  a “celebrity” – a real-life mystery writer and a super lady – a Queen of Awesome without a doubt or maybe without a “who-done-it?”  (sorry)

Gladys Tells All – this lady offers up great stories and is always entertaining and I’m sure the fact I’m not on her blogroll is a simple oversight on her part – but she definitely qualifies as Queen of Awesome – go read her blog and you’ll agree with me.

Inside the Shell – this is Tut-Tut as she’s known to us Twitterites – and she’s special.  Her blog is always interesting and I think she’d make a super Queen of Awesome!

And last but not least is a sweet lil gal from Texas known as Confetti Dreams – I love her and her twin (but I believe I’ve tagged her twin before) – she’s doing a Christmas in July giveaway and that’s good enough for me to make her a Queen of Awesome coz as far as I’m concerned giveaways are alot of hard work.

So Mrsupole, there are my 7 nominations and I’ll have you know all these bloggers are being tagged by me for the first time – whew that’s hard work coming up with 7 new folks – but well worth it – go check them out; they are all deserving of this award.  And my dear friend Mrsupole, well, sweetie you know I love the stuffin’ outta you and I am honored you considered me for this lovely award and I thank you.


11 thoughts on “Queen of Awesome? Me? Aw…Shucks…

  1. Why thank you! I’m very flattered. You definitely deserve the award. I’ve been a bit flaky on my blog reading lately but I want you to know I really enjoy coming here to visit. Thanks again! Hugs!
    You are welcome sweetie and very deserving. I have been a horrible blog visitor myself lately – just too much drama in my life lately! Hugs right back atcha!

  2. Oh, so are you saying that you do not want the obsession award that I still have to work on, or any of the others I have yet to do also. Dang I cannot keep up with them all. Since I have so many from when I was sick that I have yet to do. But I was good and did not do the ones we have in common, but let me tell you tut-tut was almost on mine but I really worked hard to double check almost everyone’s list.

    I do think this was one of the hardest ones to do cause we do have to toot our own horn, which I found very hard because I am not used to doing that. I do like that I made you look up the meaning of awesome, so that was very awesome of me. Hehe!!

    So not spilling a drop of coffee, now that is awesome, I just have sipper cups if I am gonna walk anywhere with a drink. It really helps. And are you gonna post a nose licking pic? I wanna see, just kidding, but that is cool. My tongue had to have surgery when I was 3, just so I could stick it out past my lips. Heck I cannot even lick my chin.

    26 years, you two totally rock!!!!

    Are you sure though that our Hippie pot smoking days are over, cough, cough, uh, I mean, uh what, uh, cough, cough, uh, well you uh know what I uh mean, they can’t really ever be over, can they. I mean you know I got all those uh “tomato” plants uh growing in the backyard, uh, those are real tomatoes that I was picking off of them tonight. Oh dang, you are right they must be over. But you know they were fun while they lasted. Peace, brother, peace. Or is it now: Peace, sista, peace.
    You are the epitome of awesomeness because you always crack me up. I actually DID take a picture of me touching my nose w/my tongue but it was so disgusting I didn’t post it. Really. I had a hard time w/this one – I had to take a humorous stab at it because I couldn’t come up with anything seriously awesome – I simply cannot “toot my own horn” – not really – only about junk that’s not a big deal anyway. I was so thankful you hadn’t picked any of my blogroll – that happens often and makes it hard for all of us – it’s hard enough finding someone you haven’t tagged recently. And, no, I’m not overly fond of these things because they make me work too hard. Seriously – it’s hard to come up with these 7 of this and 5 of that and 9 of something else and most of it is crap nobody wants to know about me anyhow. LOL As for the pot smoking days – well, I like to think of of them as my lost years and we’ll just leave it at that! Hugs! *makes peace sign* MUAH!

  3. Gee, thanks!

    I guess I have a subject for tomorrow night’s post now. Hmmm. This is going to be a real pain in the ascot.

    Seven things, huh? Holy crap. My brain is going to sputter and fry. It’s not used to this, I write fiction for heaven’s sake.

    Yeah, Linda is awesome she even offered to drive to my cousin’s wedding with me–if only she lived closer.

    The wedding is about 10 minutes away from Niagara Falls. 😉
    Thank you for the awesome note – and I really WOULD drive with you to keep you company but I just can’t drive that far to get to ya kiddo – my 2 hour drive to the vacation cottage was hard enough let alone try and get me close to Niagara Falls!! Now look here, just coz you write fiction doesn’t give you an excuse not to do this – If I can come up with 7 so can you. Your thinking cap is much better than mine, you “celebrity” you! I’m sending you murderous mysterious hugs… LOL

  4. Congratulations Queen of Awesome!! Well deserved, now I’m off to catch up with your nominees.
    Thank you sweetie – Yes, go see them – they’re awesome, but then, so are you!

  5. Thanks C&BI. I will correct that small oversight as soon as I get Big Bertha back from the V.D. clinic. Yes she contracted a Trojan when she should have been USING a Trojan.

    Now I have to relinquish this computer to the man snarling over my shoulder.

    You’re welcome sweetie – you deserve it – I love reading your blog. Sorry ’bout Big Bertha – nothin’ worse than a case of computer clap – my poor baby caught a bug from Twitter and I’m seriously thinking about stopping my Twittering for just that reason. Heck nothin’s safe these days. Enjoy your “crown” – Hugs! Cronie

  6. Aww! Thank you! You’re so sweet!!
    My pleasure – wear your crown proudly coz you are awesome in my book. Tell twin she’s awesome too but she’ll get another award on another day! LOL

  7. Well you are very awesome and very deserving of this award. Congrats sweetie!
    Thank you swee’pea – you came very close to being one of the tagged ones but I thought it was only fair I try harder to show the world the awesomeness of some new folks (new to me anyway) – the world already is aware that you are awesome!!!

  8. Why, goodness gracious! Thanks for thinking so highly of me. I plan on being much more in evidence on the social networking circuit, including my own blog. I tweeted today!

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