How Can I Need a Vacation When I Just Had a Vacation??


An actress made a rather astute observation about her life.  I feel as if she took the words right out of my mouth.   She said, “A Buddhist friend told me that if you’re feeling stressed, get rid of the stuff you don’t need and finish the things you’ve started.  So I finished the ice cream and the vodka in the freezer and I’m feeling lots less stress.”

How can one person be stressed when she’s on vacation supposedly having a relaxing time and yet when she returns home several days later she’s more of a nutcase than when she left?  The nutcase in question would be me.  You see, we did go on vacation.  We went away for a few days out to the country to a lovely cottage (if only it were mine).  From the pic below you can see it’s surrounded by forest and it’s all by itself – nice and private, big and chocked full of luxury.


So what was the problem?  The very first evening we arrived, I hurt my foot – hurt it to the extent I couldn’t walk, just hobble.  Oh, we enjoyed a fire in the amazing back fire pit and we roasted marshmallows and drank cold Rolling Rock beer.  But my foot hurt.  Dammit.  This is vacation.

Devoted Spouse enjoying great outdoors

Devoted Spouse enjoying great outdoors

I tolerated the foot injury, knowing full well it was my own fault.  I put it out of my mind (and put it on an ice pack), watched Devoted Spouse grill some Omaha Steaks, and determined to enjoy the peace and quiet of this woodsy vacation.  Dinner was good – there was some excellent Pinot Noir wine involved which also helped quiet the pain in the foot.  Ahhhhh.

Towards bed time I hobbled into the dressing area to make myself ready for bed.  As I was removing my tee shirt I noticed something – something which freaked me out twenty thousand times more than the injured foot; in fact, I forgot all about the fact my foot hurt.  There at my collarbone was a TICK.  Oh sweet merciful heavens, there was a TICK and thankfully he was still crawling around on me; he hadn’t dug his little Lyme Disease infested head into my body at that point.  I picked him off, threw him in the sink and stood there watching him try and crawl back toward my flesh.  I grabbed some toilet paper, picked him up, flushed him down the toilet and then just for good measure, flushed the toilet enough to make the water meter spin so fast and hard it would change the axis of the earth.  That sucker was gone!  Fun vacation so far…

Thankfully, the next day instead of wearing flip flops (which caused the problem) I suited up in my best arch support running shoes and we were off for a day of shopping antique stores and photo opportunities.  Now, you don’t know this about me, but I have a thing for old barns. Yeah, strange, huh?  I like barns that look like they’re about to fall down and if there are barnyard animals included, well, all the better.  Devoted Spouse helped me locate my favorite barn which I had taken a shot of last fall when the colors were rich reds and orange.  Now everything was green and I wanted another shot.


Of course I found some of my favorite types, too, some even equipped with a cow!


this is actually on concrete and terra cotta stilts!

this is actually on concrete and terra cotta stilts!



So the pictures combined with some excellent finds at an antique shop more than made up for the hurt foot.  The quiet romantic time spent with Devoted Spouse helped, too.  Why am I still stressed?

Well, here I sit Thursday morning  with an icepack on my back, one on my hip, and one wrapped around my foot — I have a mammogram scheduled at 10:00 (ouch) this morning.   It’s now about 7:30 a.m. and I haven’t finished this blog, let alone gotten showered and dressed – and the installer for the new range/oven should be arriving between 9:00 and noon.  I’m hoping I’m at the doctor’s getting my boobs smashed to smithereens while the installer is here at the house with Devoted Spouse and that when I come back home, hopefully with bruised boobs intact, there will be a lovely new range/oven installed in my kitchen with no collateral damage and Devoted Spouse standing there with a smile on his face.

Good Lawd I need another vacation.  Or maybe we just need to move to the country.  I actually found a house I think we could afford:

okay so it needs a little work...

okay so it needs a little work...



7 thoughts on “How Can I Need a Vacation When I Just Had a Vacation??

  1. Welcome home, missed you. Love the barns….what is it about barns, especially the falling down kind, that just speak to us?

    And have you considered hooking an ice maker up to your tub and just getting into it?
    Thanks for the welcome home. I could take pictures of falling down barns all day long – I really truly love them. I’m thinking of investing in some decent camera equipment and going on the road just to photograph barns. Is that nuts or what? I like the ice maker idea, coz I’m running out of kitchen towels to wrap the ice in! LOL

  2. So you played the, “we could afford that” game. That place looks like it has glass in them winders. Too rich for my blood. LOL!

    Sorry to hear about your foot. Go get your boobs smashed then fill a glass with that Pinot Noir (hey, it’s 5pm somewhere)
    Yeah, it actually still had the porch attached! What a bargain, but there was a goat tied up behind the house so I figure this is inhabited by really smart folks who would drive too hard a bargain for my checkbook! LOL Pinot Noir here I come – it beats Calgon any day!

  3. Girlfriend, I’m going to have to give you one of those bubble wrap suits I gave my dear sister, just to keep you safe. I always need a vacation from my vacation, no matter how much fun or relaxation I enjoyed. I think it’s Murphey’s law…..or something like that.
    MUAH! Glad you’re back.
    I just give up – I think I read your blog on Hawaii and your back and so I had to “one-up” you by hurting my foot. The bad news is this is the same foot (and the same problem) I had a couple of years ago with a torn tendon where the doc made me wear the big black plastic boot from hell for about 8 weeks. I’m so flippin’ freaked out I’ve damaged this tendon again Murphy’s Law is right! I just suck at being a normal person. LOL

  4. It looks like a lovely cabin in the piney woods!
    But there is something about coming home and laundry and cleaning out cars and watering plants and who knows what else that just adds the stress back.
    Hey, ELPH! When can I retire??
    It is lovely and secluded and has all the amenities. But you’re right, you come home and there is laundry to do and trash to take out and a new oven to have installed and a dining room full of cookbooks and misc junk that was moved out of the kitchen to facilitate the installation of the oven. And Gretchen the Housecleaner comes in the morning and if she sees all that cookbook clutter in my dining room she is going to have a fit – so I best get my butt in gear and load them back up into the bookcase that fits on the other side of the kitchen island. Groan… poor back….my poor foot….my poor husband…

  5. Welcome to the Klutz community.

    I’m so coordinated that I once (last summer) sprained not one, but both ankles at the same time. You can’t even use crutches properly when you’ve injured both. I did a lot of hobbling.

    Glad you’re back, hope the oven is installed and Devoted Spouse is smiling at you while holding out a glass of Pinot Noir.
    It is the story of my life my dear. I am the world’s biggest Klutz possible. If something stupid can be done to hurt myself, I’ll find a way to do it. The oven is in, it’s gorgeous and I don’t have time for the Pinot Noir I have too much work to do to put the kitchen back in order! The wine will wait till Friday! LOL

  6. My dear, I am glad you are back but it is now official, you are more of a Klutz than I am and I truly thought I had that title won hands down. Naw, I now bow at the feet of the Queen of Klutz – you! Thank you so much for taking that title from me though I wish you would stop hurting yourself. Enough already!
    I know it’s true. I admit it. If there is an object within twenty feet of me I will run into it in one way or another guaranteed. I think often it’s because I don’t pay attention to my environment – I’m in my head doing something else and BOOM that leg hits the coffee table again. As for hurting myself, I agree that this “trend” is getting rather old – 2009 has certainly become the Year of the Ongoing Injury for me. Sometimes life sucks and you just have to go with it — in my case, I have to put up with a hurt foot now for awhile and instead of moving around (which I was actually beginning to be able to do without alot of back and leg pain) I now am back to more of a resting mode. Oh well. This too shall pass. 🙂

  7. I think as we get older, we are more prone to having accidents. Dumb accidents. I am anxious to see a picture of your newly installed stove.
    I put a picture of it on my other blog, Crap on a Crutch.

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