Shhhhhh! Taking a Break!

definitely time for a vacation

definitely time for a rest

Shhhh.  Do not disturb.

Crone and Bear It is pooped and taking a short blogger break.

Will return in a few days after batteries have been recharged.


7 thoughts on “Shhhhhh! Taking a Break!

  1. Enjoy! You deserve a break of a different kind this time.
    Truer words were never spoken – thanks!

  2. Have a wonderful break! Enjoy, relax, refresh. And then tell us all about it. Hugs!
    I’m taking no chances — not one, but two cameras are going with me! LOL Cya soon.

  3. I’m on break too but I failed to mention it to anyone…….but since no one has noticed, it’s all good. Have a nice break my dear. MUAH!
    I DID notice…I just didn’t say anything… MUAH!

  4. Have fun and don’t overdo.
    In ref your first part, I did…in ref your second part…ooops, I did that too! LOL

  5. Just wanted to say, “Tag, your it.”, you have now been tagged and come to my place to get your tag. It’s a good one. I did not tag someone here so you could tag her. Hehe. I love playing tag.

    I hope you are having fun there. Just keep resting and taking it easy. I hope your back feels better with this rest. I have been praying for you to get well.

    God bless.
    I shall consider myself tagged. I’ll come see you a little later to see what you’ve left either for me or for me to do! LOL Back doing better – thank you so much for prayers – now we pray for foot please which I have re-damaged the old war wound torn tendon from several years ago. One part of me gets better and another part gets hurt – God is having a field day with me! Hugs!

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