Facts…Funny & Freaky for Friday

alligatormating season

Since staying relatively close to home and resting my injured body these past many months, I’ve found many hours of free time with nothing to do but read books, peruse the internet, and look at local papers.  One finds the strangest stories in the local paper and I can’t help myself — I have to relate these items to you because it isn’t any fun unless one shares.

Not long ago I awakened a bit foggy-headed, made my way downstairs to my comfy chair where Devoted Spouse had the morning’s paper waiting.  I hadn’t had any coffee and I wasn’t really with it, but I started reading the paper anyway.  I came across an article which stated that Ohio Chlamydia cases surpass those anywhere else in the U.S.  There even was a little chart with red and blue lines showing the rise of Chlamydia cases over a period of years.  My first thought was , well, damn skippy good for us;  at least Ohio is first at something.  Then my coffee was delivered, I took a few sips and my brain kicked in.   I realized that Chlamydia is a venereal disease and  it’s safe to say my pride in my state was just all shot to hell.  What a fact to be famous for.  Ick.

Yesterday, again I picked up the local paper only this time to find out some scientific stuff that is truly creepy.  It seems that alligators in Florida are developing stunted genitals. What a surprise the female alligators are in for during mating season – can you imagine the snickering going on in the rivers as the lady alligators get together and start comparing notes?   Not only that, it appears there are some bizarre deformities showing up in other water animals, such as frogs, salamanders, and smallmouth bass.  The smallmouth bass are becoming “intersex fish”; in other words, there are boy bass who are laying eggs.  What is this world coming to?  Then I got to the part of the story that is really scary — this stuff is happening to people, too.  This article claims 7% of newborn baby boys are being born with undescended testicles which, fortunately for them, tend to self-correct over time.  Now here is a perfect spot in this story for me to talk about men who have no b@lls, but I won’t sink to that level. It is, however, tempting.

Instead I will tell you what the “experts” think is happening.  There are chemicals being released into the atmosphere, the world, the water, and various other places known as endocrine disruptors.  You didn’t think you’d get a science lesson today, did you?  These endocrine disruptors are “widely used in agriculture, industry, and consumer products.”  The problem is the article never explains what the heck these endocrine disruptors are — what is the chemical(s) being used and how do we stop this?

The article went on to tell me that some of these chemicals are showing up in our water supply — from (this is not nice) the estrogens in human urine (as in when a woman is on the pill) showing up in our sewage and water treatment plants.  Oh crap on a crutch, we’re all drinking estrogen.  Now that might explain why over the last 25 years my Devoted Spouse has become so much more of a sensitive guy – ya know, the kind that cries when the National Anthem plays, or if a puppy gets hurt…good Lawd he’s drinking estrogen out of the kitchen faucet.  I swear I’m going back to bottled water for him.

There actually is a group of people known as the Endocrine Society who issued a 50-page statement on this — 50 pages of what these endocrine disruptors are doing to all of us.  One of the more amazing side effects is a link to cancer in both men and women, issues with thyroid, metabolism, and obesity.  Whoa up!  It’s not the Whoppers or the Big Macs, you nasty marketing sumb*tches…it’s endocrine disruptors wreaking all this havoc.  Holy moley Batman.

The EPA has known about this since at least 2003 and yet I’m just now finding out that a honcho at the Science and Environmental Health Network thinks we should be concerned.  I’m feeling pretty sorry for all those fish who don’t understand why they’re laying eggs and those poor alligators who can’t get busy,not to mention the impact on humans.

Here’s a direct quote from a professor of environmental health science at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Robert Lawrence.  Are you ready?  He states: “It’s scary, very scary.”  Ya think d*pstick?   I say it’s time to stop worrying about mercury in tuna and find out what the heck is an endocrine disruptor.

And for goodness sake limit your water intake from the kitchen faucet unless your spouse needs to be a bit more sensitive.  But, if you find your husband trying on your lingerie – that’s it – rip that faucet right out and hand him a bottle of Evian water instead!


10 thoughts on “Facts…Funny & Freaky for Friday

  1. This just made me laugh out loud – thanks.. Happy I found your blog… now I’m going to walk around feeling sorry for alligators with small penises..
    Thanks for stopping by — I know it’s making me sad, too! LOL

  2. Forget the bottled water sweetie, most of them are done straight from city water not filtered or spring. You are paying for the convenience of the bottle not fresh, filtered and safe water.

    They have found traces of all types of medications in water sources besides estrogen. Joys and side effects of modern medicine where we need a pill for anything and everything.

    Love the top picture, what a hoot! Have a safe and great vacation. You and DS deserve it.
    We always drink tap, coz I’m too cheap for bottled – we even bought “green” bottles to take water with us whenever we go out so we don’t use plastic. I’m happy to be taking a short break – see ya in a few.

  3. Yes, ma’am, that’s why I love my well. Rather have a little deer poop or mouse carcass in my drinking water than to experience better living through chemicals…..!
    We used to have a well at our old house and I loved it too. Oh well. (sorry) LOL

  4. Yes, I have to agree with Delaney in that bottled water is just tap water that is filtered. Years ago I worked for a bottled water distributor and so I know a little bit about it. I laugh at the one where people who buy Arrowhead Water think it all comes from Lake Arrowhead. When I explain to them that they sell more bottles of water in one day alone, than the amount of water in the whole lake, it is funny to see the “duh” moment. The bottles of water that cost about 40 dollars a bottle are probably the only ones that come from the real source. And when you buy bottled water, most of what you are paying for is the plastic to make the bottle, the cost to fill it up and the transportation cost to get the bottle to you. The actual water only costs a few pennies per bottle. But they have the public so trained to buy bottles and bottles of water each year, when they could just turn on their tap and fill a cup for pennies. I just fill reusable plastic bottles from Rubbermaid with filtered tap water and leave the house with those. I try to explain this to others and they look at me like I am the crazy person. Oh well, it is their money.

    But yes, I have known for more than a few years now about the medicine being found in our water. The government has known this for years and you would think that they would do something to neutralize it. Plus all the chemicals they put in our food. When you look at a food label and you do not recognize anything on it, makes you wonder why you are even eating it. Supposedly this is why children are going through puberty before they become teenagers. People need to quite buying these products, me included, to make them clean up their act. We seriously need to just start eating real fruit and vegetables, seeds nuts, only things that our grandmas used to make. They say that this would improve our health and help to control our weight problems. I have tried to stop buying food at those fast food joints. It is hard but lately I have been doing pretty good. It is forcing me to cook. And I do not like cooking anymore due to my back and shoulder problems, but I am doing okay. Hubby has to help more and if grandkids are here, than I make them help.

    Well better go cause I wrote another bookish comment again.

    God bless. And really have been having fun and lots of laughs reading your posts every day.
    I love your bookish comments! We drink tap water and take it with us in our own “green” metal bottles so I’m doing my thing for the environment. When we lived in Belgium we drank Evian water (Evian was in France just down the road from us so it wasn’t expensive over there). Evian is one of the few left that actually is true mineral water from a spring in France but boy is it expensive! I’ve lasted on tap water this long and haven’t grown any extra toes, so I think I’m okay! Hugs – Have a great 4th of July holiday and I’ll see you in a few.

  5. Do you think that all those lovely chemicals in our water might explain the rise in violence in our society today? Something to think about.

    I do what Mrsupole does, I carry my own filtered water in reusable bottles.
    Nothing would surprise me anymore – we have so destroyed our natural environment from pollution in so many forms. We do the same thing by carrying our own water. We’re all so good and “green”! Happy 4th of July to you – I’m taking a short break and will be back online in a few days. Hugs! BTW I have had several of the nicest emails from John Lamb; he has Golden Retrievers like my EmmaLou – what a nice guy. Cya soon!

  6. We never drink tap water because we are on a well but still this is very scary. An yet……….funny, thanks to you. 🙂
    If something has to kill me, better the tap water than the alligators, even with their teeny weenies! LOL

  7. My goodness, it’s always something. I think we’re just doomed. :-0

    Thank gawd I don’t drink tap water. Nope, only milk for this gal. Oh wait a minute, I think there are issues with milk too…..
    I think there are issues with everything except currently Green Tea. LOL

  8. The purest, coldest, best tasting water I ever drank came from a open, cement-walled, spring in the corner of the dirt-floored cellar of the first of three farms on which I lived, beginning April, 1942 through 1969. I was told the critters that scattered about the water when disturbed, helped to keep the spring in good condition. One does not live on bread alone but on faith, and I sure had to have faith on that score!
    Mary, I love to listen to your reminiscences and I bet that water was delicious – I used to have a well at our last house and it was great water. Heaven only knows what is in the city water I’m drinking!

  9. I knew John would write you back! Yes, he’s a very sweet man.
    I was a little surprised – I mean you guys are busy writing your books and going to conventions and signings and all that stuff — I feel more like you’re a friend of mine even though you’re a “writer”, too. We correspond as we have a common thread – blogging! I had hope he would acknowledge my note to him, but after the first email to which I replied, I didn’t expect another talking about his Goldies and asking for my link to EmmaLou’s page. That was very nice I thought. I’m reading as fast as I can – there are too many books and not enough time! Would you all please slow down just a little? LOL

  10. We have tap water in the house but also have a well in our backyard. I love turning on the hose and taking a deep drink of that pure well water. Sometimes I just go out and get a pitcher full just to make tea or coffee. I don’t think any of us want to really know what is in all our food and drink. Yuck!
    Yeah there’s something about water from a hose no matter what its source! I’ve given up on worrying about what is in my food; if it tastes good, I’m satisfied.

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