Stay Out of the Sugar Canister


Awhile back my bud, Delaney did a posting on a meme she was tagged on Home Staples – what she had in the cupboards – sounded like something I could get some fun out of – heaven knows there are places in my cupboards I haven’t looked at in ages.  Now, while Delaney gave you staples – I thought I’d come clean and let you know what treasures I find as I go through various hiding places.

Starting in the kitchen, since it has the pantry, I opened the pantry doors to find standards like olive oil, Pam spray, Saltine crackers, a can of chick peas, some canned soups from Healthy choice, entirely too many boxes of pasta, a jar of spaghetti sauce and some cake mixes that have been in there for who knows how long  (I don’t eat cake), along with various decorating items like those little bottles of sprinkles (when desperate I have been known to eat them out of the bottle),  a few cans of pre-made icing (Devoted Spouse likes to eat it out of the can – you’d think we were total Rednecks),  and kitchen towels (my kitchen drawers are full of gadgets, Reynolds Wrap, and every Yellow Pages ever printed (why can I not throw them out?  – no room for towels).  The upper shelf holds large items like some vases, a few pots I rarely use, a jar of molasses (why?) and I found an old Vera Bradly lunch tote that I haven’t had use for since I retired.   Further down in the pantry we find the staples like flour, Splenda, and brown sugar that is hard as a rock, a box of Bisquick, a ton of plastic grocery sacks (well, they have to go somewhere), more crackers, an old can of beets, a dog toy (don’t ask), several boxes of Shake n Bake, chicken stock, entirely too many boxes of dried onion soup (they must have been on sale one day) a bottle of barbecue sauce whose “use by” date was sometime last year, several tins of my beloved sardines, and a jar of anchovies in oil (yum-yum).  At the very bottom of the pantry is the box of trash bags, the useless Jack LaLane juicer (the one I wrote about on Crap on a Crutch awhile back) and some junk that doesn’t belong in a pantry like the three-pack of Clorox wipes (again, another sale item) and a Swiffer I never use.  Well, that’s not too bad – there are other items but you don’t need to know them all.

I know I have flour, sugar and those type of staples in the pantry but I also have several Longabarger baskets on my counter that I use to store flour and sweeteners but I don’t use sugar really and that canister is empty.  The other day as we were quickly clearing the clutter out of the way prior to the visit of Gretchen House Cleaner Extraordinaire, I noticed several bags of ammo that Devoted Spouse had bought at a recent gun show – so I shoved them into that canister, put the top on and promptly forgot about it.  Hmmm…

doesn't everyone keep 300 rounds of ammo in the sugar jar?

doesn't everyone keep 300 rounds of ammo in the sugar jar?

Moving to the fridge we find milk that’s a little old, cans of diet A&W root beer and Coke Zero, some moldy broccoli, Velveeta slices (I know, not very healthy, but so good for cheese and sweet pickle sandwiches), sweet pickles, various condiments, defrosting chicken thighs, a bottle of diet Cran-Grape juice (it goes with the bottle of Grey Goose vodka that’s stashed in the freezer), a lime, several packages of cold cuts, bacon, cottage cheese, yogurt, spinach, lettuce, and a few cherry tomatoes that I need to finish using up real fast, a bag of cherries and several tupperware containers of God-knows what – and I’m not opening them either.

Off we go to the hall bathroom where under the sink we find  extra tp (thankfully), cleaning supplies, one of those candle burner thingies we all have, room freshener (self-explanatory), another basket chocked full of Guns and Ammo magazines, American Rifleman, Astronomy, Civil War Times and other manly reading material,  and a dog toy (don’t ask).

Upstairs to the guest bath and we discover more cleaning supplies, another candle burner (what is with this candle fetish I seem to have?) a basket of mini-toiletries I keep on hand for the guests I never have so I pilfer from it every time Devoted Spouse and I travel, several rolls of tp, extra hand soap, a shower cap and an old issue of Country Home magazine .

You already know what’s in my linen closet – I’ve posted about that on an earlier C&BI and I’m happy to report that the linen closet still looks just as nice as the “final” picture I posted on the blog the day I cleaned out that closet.  The only addition to the closet is every morning I take the very shredded area rug out of the guest bathroom and roll it up and store it on the floor of the closet so in case someone happens to stop by and use my upstairs guest bath, they won’t see what the dog does to the rug at night.  Then each evening when we go to bed, out comes the “special” shredded rug just for EmmaLou to keep shredding to her heart’s content.

In the master bath, there is another linen closet – a double wide one with mirrored doors and it holds my beloved Bare Minerals makeup and every cosmetic brush that has ever been produced along with creams, potions, lotions, and all the accoutrements a lady needs to keep herself looking quasi-gorgeous.  Further down on another shelf there seems to be another dog toy (this is getting annoying).  This closet is divided into a his and hers, but Devoted Spouse would say it’s mostly a hers.   He does have about 6 inches worth of room on two shelves that he also has to share with the first aid supplies and I may need to use some of that room for the rest of my stuff soon.   He is much lower maintenance than I, so it’s only fair I get the lion’s share of this closet.  Plus I have to share this with bath towels and shampoos – and more tp.   Oh, and there are the floor of the closet are the flip-flops I couldn’t find the other day—how’d they get in the linen closet?

I think I’ve shared enough staples with you for one day.  Next time maybe we’ll explore dresser drawers – oh yippy skippy that should yield some interesting treasure.


11 thoughts on “Stay Out of the Sugar Canister

  1. I was hoping to God that that top picture wasn’t your real pantry. I’m a pantry maintenance freak and mine doesn’t look like that. Only you would have ammo in their sugar jar. That cracks me up.

    You brave woman. I will NOT under any circumstances divulge the contents of my bathroom cabinets. FYI, you deserve the lions share of any and all closets. JR gave me part of his walk in closet. Little did he know that part meant most all.
    I wish I wish I wish I wish that was my pantry. It will never come close to resembling my pantry. I’m too much of a disorganized slob unfortunately – no matter how much I wish to change my evil ways. I never told you about any of the clothes closets, now did I? Let’s just say, they’re mostly mine and leave it at that.

  2. If I started to go through ANY of my cupboards, I’d never finish the post, cause I’d be too busy throwing stuff away and creating a bigger mess by piling everything on the counter. So everything just stays a mess. It’s easier that way.
    I keep thinking, while I’m here healing and not doing anything very useful let’s just tackle this house one drawer or one closet at a time – maybe one every other day. So far, I’ve cleaned out one linen closet and one nightstand drawer. I’m pretty sure this is going to take much longer than I thought…

  3. Congratulations on cleaning out your pantry, bathroom cabinets, etc. I need to do that, too. I shudder to think of what is in the depths of these places in my house! Once in a while I’ll pick a drawer and go through it, but mostly I just try to keep the clothes cleaned out (the ones the kids outgrow, the ones I won’t wear anymore). Oh, let’s get real. I’m not so good at that either!
    I was rooting around in the kitchen one day looking for some obscure item when I noticed that way back in the far reaches of one of the little cupboards in my kitchen island was one of those small Christmas bags — sure enough it was a cheap little candle someone at my old office had given me for Christmas one year and somehow it had ended up being thrown into this cabinet. It had to be at least 2 – 3 years old when I found it and tossed it in the trash.

  4. The reason I can’t do this meme is because it would scare me to go through my pantry, cabinets, and drawers. Yikes!! You’re a brave woman. HUGS

    p.s. Yes, ammo in the sugar canister is a staple everyone should have in their pantry.
    I have a use for ammo, I have no use for sugar – makes sense to me.

  5. Why does this not surprise me that you have ammo in the sugar container? I guess if you get a new gun for Easter then it isn’t too far of a leap that ammo is in the kitchen. Silly me :0)

    I think you need to give EmmaLou the toys you have stashed around the house. She deserves ’em.

    Don’t most men lose the space in the closets? I thought that was part of the marriage vows?! Hubby has an entire closet – it just happens to be in the spare bedroom/junk room and not the master bedroom. That one’s all mine.
    Devoted Spouse has one half of our master closet – at least that’s how it started. I am now encroaching on his space and have taken over about one quarter of it. I gave him the use of an antique armoire in one of our spare bedrooms and the use of an antique dresser in the same room and I think that should suffice.

  6. The dog has to have a dog toy when it vists the bathroom — I hope that you put it back!
    Actually, I did leave it there, but I laid it on the floor of the closet and left the door ajar so when EmmaLou the Golden Destroyer wanders at night she may discover “treasure.” Plus she’ll wonder why she left it there…

  7. Living in a small apartment with no pantry keeps one from having too many staples that will not eventually be used and I do find myself forced to store kitchen type items in various other places around the apartment, BUT AMMO IN A COOKIE JAR!? Ha ha, you guys are a couple of rednecks and I believe you should post a warning for any guests you may have who get late-night munchies that they should look before they leap…
    I like the idea of living in a smaller place – less chance to acquire crap. However, my darling, we are anything BUT rednecks – rednecks can’t afford Longaberger canisters (she said with her nose in the air) LOL!
    What we are is LAZY!

  8. I won’t list the contents of my cupboards, nope.

    Ammo in the sugar canister? Gee, DH couldn’t do that since he’s the sugar monster in this house. I never know we’re out of sugar until he gripes about it.
    I didn’t divulge everything – some things were simply too horrific to note in a public forum and shall forever remain my secret. I’m just glad to know I’m not in the minority here. Whew – thought something was wrong with me for awhile.

  9. I can’t have cake mix or cookie dough in the house. ELPH will mix it up and eat it. It never gets baked:) Ammo in the sugar canister! BRILLIANT! I’ll have to remember that. Very handy!
    Ditto on the dough in the house – Devoted Spouse will also eat it right out of the container. Thank goodness I didn’t have any of the stuff that was recalled – on any given day you will normally find at least one partially eaten tube of it in my fridge. Ick. He reads this blog and when he got to the part about the cans of icing in the pantry I could hear him out in the kitchen rooting around looking for one.

  10. Ammo in the sugar cannister….? Absolutely….come here, Mr. Burglar and I’ll give you some sugar…..

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