The Picture of Innocence


Beef in bourbon sauce, mashed potatoes, carrots & broccoli, peach cobbler.  All courtesy of Healthy Choice.  That was my dinner Tues evening.  Well, it was supposed to be my dinner Tues evening.  The fun part was I was eating it in the family room and watching a rerun of one of my favorite shows, Bones.  And then the inevitable happened…the plastic tray tumbled off my lap in slow motion towards the white berber carpet and an eagerly awaiting EmmaLou.

EmmaLou likes beef in bourbon sauce, mashed pottoes, carrots & broccoli, and peach cobbler.  She cleaned it all up rather nicely leaving just a slight stain which her new best friend Resolve managed to get out, thankfully.

EmmaLou learns to clean the carpet

EmmaLou learns to clean the carpet

Since I’ve started to feel just a tad bit better lately, EmmaLou has become once again the cheeky monkey she was in the past.  She’s counter surfing again.  The other night she ate part of the little plastic thingies you tie around the loaf of bread to keep the bread fresh.  Fortunately I caught her before she actually ate the loaf of bread which was the next course I’m almost positive.

She’s doing something new lately; scratching at the carpeting before she lays down; almost as if she’s trying to make a nest or a bed.  It’s very annoying, not to mention what it’s doing to the berber carpeting in the family room.  I caught her doing the same thing in a corner of the dining room and again behind my wingback chair in the master bedroom.  And then as mysteriously as the behavior started, it stopped.  That’s never a good sign with EmmaLou.

She likes to wander the house at night now that we no longer keep her in her crate.  Sometimes she hops up on our bed and sleeps down in the far corner (thankfully not on top of my feet).  Sometimes she sleeps by the bed or partially under the bed.  I hear her wander during the night.  She likes to sleep at the top of the stairs because she can see through the window at the front door and bark at anything outside — of course she waits until about 3 a.m. to alert me to the fact there is a rabbit in the front yard.

The past few nights I haven’t found her.  Again, that’s not good.  This morning for some reason I used the guest bathroom upstairs – a bathroom which is carpeted and which also has an area rug over the carpeting.  Much to my surprise the very nice area rug is virtually shredded — guess where EmmaLou has been sleeping and making her little scratchy bed?  Yup – my nice guest bath.  Yet another door I need to remember to shut.

Cheeky monkey.


12 thoughts on “The Picture of Innocence

  1. Oh my. ELPH has to put his shoes away otherwise Sparkie eats the laces. Mine? I can leave anywhere, she doen’t touch them:)
    EmmaLou likes fuzzy slippers. She used to chew on flip flops but lately has left them alone. Just like us, her tastes change over time. LOL

  2. EmmaLou is being a pill. Maybe she’s jealous of all the attention you’re back ailments have been affording you. She is nearly human, ya know. 🙂
    I think you have it – she feels it’s now her turn for the attention. I’m not ready for this resumption of doggie antics.

  3. What a mess! Poor baby, she is just looking for the right spot to park her cute little furry butt. Maybe if you leave that shredded rug in your bedroom she will just stay there. Well, you can hope.
    Actually I just flipped the shredded rug over to the other unshredded side, and then accidentally left the door ajar. This morning I went into that bathroom out of morbid curiosity to find that she had, indeed, during the night shredded the new side as well. I haven’t decided whether to just let her sleep in this cool bathroom at night and continue shredding this rug, or replace the rug and demand that the door be left closed. I’m leaning toward suggestion No. 1; it’s only an area rug and the dog gets little enough pleasure in her life as it is. After all, she’s not allowed to eat the rabbits she catches, nor the plants she digs up, nor poop in the house, nor sit on the furniture nor does she get nearly enough time walking around the neighborhood checking pee-mail, so what’s the harm in the eventual destruction of a small area rug if it makes her happy and keeps her away from the real carpeting?

  4. At almost eight years of age Gavin still sleeps in his crate at night and so does Patty. Their crates are their dens, they love them and will dash for them as if shot from a cannon when you tell them “bedtime” or say, “kennel”.

    Why? Well because I had one bull terrier eat an electrical cord which, fortunately for him, he pulled from the wall first. Since then my dogs have always slept in their crates. Their safety comes first. Patty’s door is never locked because we figure if someone breaks in she’s the one who’ll take quick and silent action.
    EmmaLou occasionally is put in her crate to remind her it is HER crate and I can have her stay there whenever I choose. She doesn’t mind it – I just think it’s a little restrictive for 8 hours at a stretch. I’ve become an old softie lately because not feeling well, I get so much comfort from knowing there is a soft furry little animal at the foot of my bed just waiting for me to say, c’mon up here with me so she can nestle down next to me and lick my chin thereby taking away all my cares in the world.

  5. Both Rosey and Lucy do what I call the ‘nesting thing’ before they lay down. Lucy has blankets in her bed and on the corner of the den couch where she sleeps so it makes sense but Rosey does it on the den carpet like EmmaLou. Some ancient ritual deep in their doggie psyches I’m guessing. It’s a funny thing to watch as she scratches and spins before plopping down in a heap.
    I’m losing my patience with this ‘doggie genetic’ behavior as it’s destroying my carpets. She only started this behavior about 3 months ago which I find totally odd. Fortunately, it’s old carpeting which will be replaced when I get around to it, and it takes place in corners around the back of furniture where most people wouldn’t think to look anyway – but it’s disturbing nonetheless and I’m constantly calling her on the carpet, if you’ll excuse the pun, for this behavior.

  6. I have always wondered about the spinning thing before they lay down to sleep. Sometimes my cats do that too. I think you need to find a place in your bedroom for the shredded carpet and then maybe Emma will sleep in that spot. Otherwise you might need to start a carpet fund. I think she will keep shredding the carpets somewhere in your house if she does not have one to sleep on.

    When granddaughter asked me to watch her Chihuahua for a while for her, that dang dog chewed up my shoes. And then would hide them. I have since refused to let that dog stay here anymore. But her father has now taken the dog to live with him.

    My dog Scotty, may he RIP, used to chew a lot of different things too. He even chewed a pocket calculator once. If he ever got mad at me he would chew things of mine. We were blessed to have him for 18 years and I would take another 18 if I could. He was my baby and I loved him so much, sorry I always tear up when I think about him. I do not even tear up as much about people I know who have passed away. (grabbing kleenex) sniffles. I think that no body ever loved me the way that dog loved me and when I worked about an hour before I was supposed to come home he would go sit at the front door and wait for me. He would always bark and jump for joy when he saw me. Everyone else was like oh, your here. The girls, when young were the same as Scotty, but the girls stooped it after the age of 9 and so I only had Scotty to show his love and happiness when I came home.

    And I think it affects me a lot more than a normal person, because I cannot ever have a dog again due to my allergies. If I was go come visit you some day, you would have to have all your windows wide open if Emma was in the house with me and the windows were shut, I would have an asthma attack and start to suffocate. Iget out of vacuumming the floors cause I get an ashtma attack doing that too.

    Anyway I forgot what I was writing this about, so just enjoy Emma and let her have her shredded up rug and know she loves you.

    God bless.

    PS…and glad the toots went well at the PT’s. And what did you eat for dinner. You also need to get one of those TV tray tables that they show on TV. I use one for my laptop cause it is so frickin heavy, and it is great. I think Target sells them online and maybe at the store.

    God bless.
    EmmaLou does the spinning thing, too. It’s as if she looks for the space, thinks maybe that’s not exactly the right spot, turns around and looks at it again, does that one more time and then says the heck with it and plops down. Who knows what this means? Probably some deep-seated genetic memory of early dogdom with significance. I can live with that. I think I’ll leave her the rug in the bathroom because it is very cool in there and she likes that and when that rug is SBAR (shredded beyond all recognition) I shall buy another just like it for her. I also think this may very well be the last dog we have. I have too much invested in her emotionally and cannot imagine the pain I will experience when I eventually lose her. I have never been attached to any of my animals as much as this one and that’s a bit overwhelming in itself.

    The food dropping on the floor was my own fault. I don’t like tv trays although we have some nice wooden ones. I tend to knock things off the edges so I simply use the coffee table like the rest of the slobs in America who eat in front of the tv. What a stupid habit this is becoming.

    Should you ever wish to drop in, EmmaLou will immediately go to visit her other home (a kennels close by that she loves because they fawn over her and they have lots of land and a big pond) and there would be a thorough vacuuming of the house prior to your arrival plus the whole house fan (part of ac and furnace) would be running to keep the air circulating. So there. No asthma attacks in this house are allowed. 🙂

  7. Plus I am wondering if you got the e-mail about The Feedom Seed that I had posted on my blog site. We are trying to get that emailed and posted on as many blogs as possible to share our support for the protestors in Iran. If you read the comment I got from an Iranian girl then you would understand. But the more and more times it gets shared then I feel that the governments might actally do something to stop the killing of innocent people. So if anyone here can help, just let me know.

    God bless our freedom.
    Wonder no more; yes I did.

  8. Sounds like EmmaLou needs a playmate………ya think?
    I’ve actually thought about getting her a roomie – maybe a rescued Retriever but I don’t know – she’s been top dog for so long, and then again she’d just teach her new roomie all her bad habits. Nah, I need to think about this more…

  9. I love EmmaLou…She is so cute…it is hard to stay mad at her probably. But you know what? Patches, our collie scratches the carpet too before she lies down…
    So, what’s the deal with the scratching – it has to go back to early doggie behavior in the wild and making a bed by scratching up stuff around them to lie on. That’s all I can think of. Yeah, she’s cute alright, cute and deadly.

  10. Freddie does that scratching thing on the couch (which thankfully has denim slipcovers) before laying down and I have these cheapie flannel lap blankets on the couch which he and Marvin both move around to make themselves more comfortable. For less than $10 a pop for the blankies that wash up easily, they make themselves at home and I don’t have anything torn up. Maybe EmmaLou has a need for something comfortable to lay on since she is getting older. I’d give her the throw rug and let her do her thing.

    I will never have white carpet since I know that the dog and/or cat will upchuck on it and I am a klutz and will spill something that wouldn’t come out. For us, the darker the better :0)
    I have decided to let EmmaLou have her way with the area rug and hide it in the hall closet on the alternate Fridays when Gretchen the Housecleaner Extraordinaire is here – and take it back out when she leaves. As for the carpet, well I didn’t make the best of choices – it replaced an older Berber that was in the house when we got here and I just thought it looked nice and at the time we only had a cat and who would have imagined I’d ever get EmmaLou so, next time no white. For now, Resolve seems to do the trick – that, and the strategic placement of furniture!

  11. My old Pepper is like a menopausal woman. She is hot all the time so now she prefers the tile bathroom floor. It’s good. She can’t ruin a tile floor and if she pees on it, that’s better than any carpeting. And I will add that lately I don’t eat a meal without spilling something on my top.
    Unfortunately when we bought this house the bathrooms (with the exception of the first floor half bath) were all carpeted. No, I don’t like it but I had every intention of replacing the carpeting in both the upstairs bathrooms with tile and it’s been 6 years now and I haven’t gotten around to it. You know how that goes. Heck it’s been over 5 months and I haven’t replaced the broken oven – I’m just such a procrastinator. As for the spilling, I just noticed I have mustard on my tee shirt – dangitall – mustard is so hard to get out of a white tee. Oh well. I learned that trick from Devoted Spouse – he attracts mustard like a magnet. LOL

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