Uh-Oh, Broccoli Night & Tues is Agador Day


Hmmm…lately I’ve started eating more protein and veggies which is resulting in my losing a few more of those unwanted pounds.  I’ve also noticed a slight side effect from some of the veggies.  See pic above and you’ll know what I’m talking about.  This is reminiscent of my post on eating the Fiber One bars and then having back surgery the next day.  Yup – another bodily function post.

My dinner Mon evening included a healthy dose of broccoli, green peppers, and cucumbers.   Holy crapoli Batman, what was I thinking?  I have a Physical Therapy session at 8:00 Tues morning  (I get to return to my beloved Agador) and my legs are gonna be twisted, pulled, pushed and heaven knows what strange contortions I shall have to endure.   Hmmm…crunchin  cruciferous causes gaseous giganticus.  Right before the first bite, I scarfed down not one, not two, but THREE Beano tablets.  I’m taking no chances that Tues morning as Agador adjusts my back and legs and presses my knees to my chest anything untoward will be expelled.  A girl can never be too careful, you know.   Ya’ll remember my former and now present again physical therapist, Agador,  don’t ya?  I sure hope he’s not in for any unexpected surprises.  Yikes.

Agador, how I've missed you!

Agador, how I've missed you!

Speaking of unexpected surprises…I wonder…  if Beano works for people, why not try it on dogs?  EmmaLou can clear a room faster than a Category 5 hurricane – and you never hear it coming.  It just wafts over you with the amazing aroma of vinegar for some strange reason, and takes your breath away.  All the while, she lays on the floor in doggie oblivion.  Gah…  yeah, Beano for dogs – good idea.

I read an article once that claims  a dish of ice cream may block  the negative gaseous effects of the broccoli.  I’m thinking perhaps Devoted Spouse needs to go out this evening and pick up a half gallon.  You can never have too much protection these days — ice cream as a prophylactic…sort of a broccoli condom, I’m thinking.

Maybe I should just reschedule the appointment…


12 thoughts on “Uh-Oh, Broccoli Night & Tues is Agador Day

  1. LOL! OMG! I have this same fear everytime I workout in the gym. Those last two reps are really a strain!
    It could turn out to be an interesting session.

  2. I would recommend gas-X or something similar in the morning before going just to be on the safe side. Hope all goes well.
    I’m thinkin’ Duct Tape might be in order…

  3. Makes you wonder what these physical therapists face on a daily basis. I’ll bet some therapist out there is writing a good blog!
    I got some interesting stories from them the last time when they worked on my shoulder. The really funny stories are about the older folks who come in with hurt knees, etc. Some of the stories they told made me laugh so hard I cried. Then I hoped to heck they never told anyone any stories like that about me! LOL

  4. I always fear that when going in for my annual “women” check-up.. And if they make any type of Beano for dogs good lord I hope they have one for cats as well, Give kitty some wet cat food and stand back.. Thanks for this post I needed the laugh ( no not laughing at you)
    Oh sweet merciful heavens I had forgotten about the cats – my little Benjamin died a couple of years ago, but he would curl up next to me at night and go to sleep and I loved it until about 3 am when I would wake up literally in a fog! It was amazing the aroma that emanated from a little 10 pound cat! LOL

  5. I’m not sure which dog of ours can clear a room faster. At least Patty has the grace to look embarrassed. However, Gavin has enough sense to move away after he farts and it’s no wonder since his green clouds can make you pass out.

    I hope you’ve protected your PT with the 3 Beano tablets. Good luck!
    I doubt the gas will scare him; he’s worked on really old people and they have no control as we’ve all heard. I took the beano last night but this a.m. I’m drinking coffee and that often has the same effect so we’ll just go and have some fun. I’m going to make him feel bad about working on my back while it was broken. I’m feeling particularly evil this morning…

  6. I ain’t so sure that I would want you taking something to curb the ol’ gaseous vapors rumbling from the abyss if I was your trainer.

    Personally there is nothing funnier than twisting and pressing someone’s legs and having to dodge artillery fire in the process. I say blast his ass and get your money’s worth. If he finds no humor in that then get yourself another trainer that packs a damn sight better sense of humor.

    But that’s me.
    Well, how refreshing…someone with a different take on it. I’m not taking anything this morning and I’m drinking very strong coffee…the kind that still has a few of the grounds in the bottom. That should do the trick. It would serve him right – although he was amazing with my shoulder, he worked on my back while it was broken and I think I might hint that he did more damage just to scare him a little and then hit him with the gas. What else have I got to look forward to today anyway? The dog goes to the groomer – big whoop. And I’ve found that bodily functions make for great blog material anyway. Thanks for stopping by. Don’t be a stranger. BTW he does have a sense of humor as I call him Agador to his face and he rather likes it. But that could be another issue…

  7. I was ROFLMAO when I read this. I had wondered if my grandson would come out of the bedroom he was in and think his grandma was crazy.

    I have to say I really do hope the Beano works for you. But if not, then I hope you just laugh about it. Just ask the PT if he was talking to you and then tell him you gave him your answer. That is what my hubby does to me all the time. Which always gets a laugh if someone else is around. I try to ignore it and then if it smells to get away as fast as I can.

    Good luck with your PT, and my cats are just like Emma, letting it all out and acting like they did nothing wrong. P.U. They are little stinkers.

    God bless.

    PS…glad you are eating well.
    Hi sweetie – Session went very well – he has magic fingers and worked me over and I had no “accidents” – He laughed when I told him I blogged about him and my eating broccoli. He’s got a good sense of humor – but man am I sore from the workout – I just hope this works this time!

  8. I do not know which one of you were funnier, simstone or you. You both had me ROFLOL!!!!
    I don’t know about my new buddy, but making you laugh is what I live for. 🙂

  9. Thanks to each and every one of you for a good laugh. I thought gas was an old person’s problem until I remember attending a neighbor’s “get together” back in the early forties. I’d eaten two of three apples before attending. Spent most of the evening outside with some old folks who were discussing their various old-age problems while my peers were enjoying the party inside.
    Ya gotta laugh coz it’s funny – just part of life. We all make weird noises and our bodies betray us at all the wrong times and that’s when you turn to the person next to you and give them that dirty look. LOL

  10. Yougurt a day will keep the gas away
    probiotic culture bifidus regularis
    I eat yogurt regularly but I don’t know if it’s that probiotic culture biff stuff; I’ll have to check. Thx. 🙂

  11. So how did everything come out….uhm….I mean turn out? If you did do anything embarrassing, I’m sure you aren’t the first. I never feel the urge so badly as I always do the second I get in that little exam room at a Dr. office. Yesterday was no different. Ugh….
    The only sounds heard throughout the room were laughter and giggling as we had a good old time. I want to bring him home with me and keep him so he can work on me daily. Gawd that sounds obscene – he just has such magic fingers and all my muscles simply melted and I feel better after even just the first session. I’m so happy I could dance – but he told me not to just yet. I’m not allowed to bend forward or backward either which surprised me as the doc never said not to bend – but Agador says it is putting extra pressure on where I had the cement put in and he wants that area of my spine to rest. Whatever Agador wants, Agador gets. He sent me home with a paper showing some new exercises to do and he even put at the top where they note who the physical therapist is…Agador. I love it. I can’t wait for my next session Friday. I’ll be careful what I eat Thursday evening though. I told him about the blog posting and he laughed alot and said you wouldn’t believe the “sounds” they get to hear in the course of a day! He gets such a kick out of the fact I Twitter and blog about him. His fifteen minutes of fame. LOL

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