Shhhh! I’m Playin’ Blooky (Blog Hooky) Today…Don’t Tell Anyone…


It’s our secret…no tellin’…playin’ blooky is just too good an idea for today.  I’ll be back…but first…let the goofin’ off begin!

Wait – I’ve decided on a new hobby – I’m gonna sit on the veranda and sip my new drink – the Cosmocicle – it’s iced vodka with a sugar-free fudgecicle dipped into it.  No, really, it is.  Then the fudgcicle starts to melt and it’s like chocolate iced vodka – mmmmmmmm.  I’m likin’ this idea of a multi-Cosmocicle Blooky Day.

I don't need no stinkin' bartender school

I don't need no stinkin' bartender school


9 thoughts on “Shhhh! I’m Playin’ Blooky (Blog Hooky) Today…Don’t Tell Anyone…

  1. LOL That’s great! I wish I liked chocolate more than just a little and I might try this for myself. Maybe I’ll try it with a fruity Popsicle. You’re a genius!

    Try the fruit ones – trick is to make sure the vodka is very cold and then slowly let the popsicle melt into the vodka – keep stirring it up w/the popsicle stick as you sip the vodka. It was pretty good, although next time I’d rather try something that’s not sugar-free but it was all I had in the freezer. I like your popsicle idea better. Hugs back atcha!

  2. That is a dangerous drink.
    And it could be even more dangerous – see comment above about using a fruit popsicle instead – that sounds really really good – I enjoyed it, even though the sugar-free fudgscicle didn’t melt as well as a real fudgscicle, by that time I was feeling fine from the vodka and no longer cared. I obviously have too much time on my hands now…

  3. Chocolate and Vodka, what more do you need? Oh, I know something crunchy or salty! Sounds like a great plan to me :0)
    Sure, why not? Throw in some pretzels and you have a party!

  4. Good for you, enjoy the drink. I will have to try that, it looks and sounds very good.
    I do strange things when I’m bored – I like the earlier idea of using a fruit popsicle – now THAT sounds good and letting it slowly melt into the vodka as you stir it would put nicer color into the vodka – mine got kind of muddy looking – but it still tasted good.

  5. Oh I just adore the Little Rascals!
    Have fun away from the computer.
    I’ve been suffering “Slug Flu” aka blogapathy for a couple weeks now. Hope to get back into the swing of things soon.
    I know – me too – especially the little dog!! I’m at the computer – I’m always at the computer – just didn’t feel like writing. So taking day off from being “humorous” and just goofing around. Slug flu always hits at this time of the year – don’t worry about it – blog when you feel like it, that’s the whole point – it’s YOUR blog and you can write when you want. So there – the princess has decreed! LOL A little SA anyone?

  6. Man, I picked a bad week to “detox”…:-). But this on the list of summer drinks. I’m liking the fruity pop idea too…but will definitely have to try the fudge..maybe with some vanilla vodka…..mmmmmmm. thanks for the laugh and the idea!!
    LOL – just try one and only use half shot and a sugar-free popsicle! I’m always in favor of being creative. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. One time a friend of mine gave me peppermint schnapps and some fancy hot chocolate for Christmas (and some dipping cookies). I love minty chocolate, so I thought it was wonderful! Great variation on a Christmas drink (as opposed to the spiked egg nog I normally crave at Christmas). Might just have to try your creation. Sounds ‘licious!
    Yum, yum, mint choc ice cream is my fav! The schnapps I can do without. Fancy hot choc? I’m right there!

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