Oh, Alright, I’ll Count Through the Pictures Folders, but Just for You


The other day I was unofficially tagged  by Smart Mouth Broad for a 6+6+6 meme.  She explained it as going to your pictures and finding the sixth folder and then the sixth picture and posting it – but I want to know what the other six means…I’m so confused by these memes.  And I can’t count worth a hoot – 6 + 6 + 6 is 18 in my book and I should get the 18th picture but I’m gonna follow her rules and find the 6th in the 6th folder. And not all my pictures are in folders.  Oh, this hurts my head.  So, are we ready to see what it is?  Here goes nothin…

spread 'em

spread 'em

Well, I was afraid something like this might happen – I followed the directions and what I found was a picture sent to me back when I was working several years ago.  This was one of those stupid pics that makes the rounds of an office and everyone laughs and gets a kick out of it and of course realizes it’s not real.  Or is it?  Maybe that little dog was a bad dog and I should show this to EmmaLou and tell her “Let this be a lesson to you.”

And just because I’m in a good mood today I’m going back to my pictures collection and count to 18 and see what I find to show you:

Larry retirement 92

Larry retirement 92

Okay, now this is more like it – what a hoot – this was taken at Devoted Spouse’s military retirement in 1992 at the Industrial College of the Armed Forces  (where he was teaching as his last assignment) at Ft. McNair in DC.  This particular picture was part of a scanned group of pictures used at Devoted Spouse’s retirement from the defense contracting job to show the life of Devoted Spouse and myself over the years.  And yes, that’s me on the right – look at the size of those glasses – good grief what a fashion statement!  I’m sorry it’s in black and white but that’s what the military provides.  In case you care, my hair was dark auburn and rather long, and I had on a black printed dress.  I still have the dress thinking (I’m so delusional) I might get back in it one day – it’s such a lovely dress. *sigh*   Devoted Spouse and the General were in their blue uniforms looking spiffy.  I was so proud of my Devoted Spouse the day he retired – he had quite a wonderful career.  Plus like I mentioned in yesterday’s posting, he was just cute as the dickens in that uniform!

So there you have it – my answer to Smart Mouth Broad and her picture meme.  Now, according to her, I’m supposed to tag six other bloggers but I’m taking the easy way out this time and I’m simply going to invite anyone who wants to try this and see what they come up with.  But no cheating – you post the correctly numbered picture!!

SMB – don’t make me count again please – it hurts my brain.  Hugs!


9 thoughts on “Oh, Alright, I’ll Count Through the Pictures Folders, but Just for You

  1. LOL! I knew you could do it! I love the “bad dog” photo! Thanks for playing.

    My cousin is a bird colonel in the USAF and I can only imagine how proud you must be as DS’s wife. What a distinguished career(s) he had. I always thought MHS would look good in a uniform but I can’t get him to enlist. LOL
    It was fun – and as for DS career in AF it was fun – I was a very untypical Col’s wife — I was the one that you’d find at the party having fun and when we lived in Europe, boy did the Germans know how to party! I am proud of what he accomplished and like to think he left the Air Force a little better for his service. But that picture of me is a hoot – you’d never know today that’s me – man how we change over the years (damned expanding hips). Oh c’mon I bet u could get him to play Mailman (ooh baby, ooh baby deliver the mail)…LOL

  2. bad dogs, bird colonels….now I’m getting confused. I told you there was no miliary going on in my family. Let me tell you that you missed being tagged again for this same game by about 3 seconds…….but I took pity. Doesn’t mean you can’t visit me and see who I DID put the arm on.
    Oh man – thanks for not tagging me – memes are hard for me to do and I always comply (eventually) but I’m not that crazy about playing. I’ll come visit soon I promise!

  3. Hey, we all had the over sized glasses back then so don’t feel bad. I’d like to get back into the clothes I wore 2 years ago so forget about something from 1992!

    DS looked pretty spiffy there, see why you were attracted to him.

    If I had a scanner I’d put in a picture of the glasses I wore when I actually met him in 1979 – man they were Huge and had these weird crooked side pieces. Ick – funny how times change and we change too. I guess back then if I looked at the little red glasses I wear now I’d think they were funny, too.

  4. Very funny stuff. I like the picture of the dog, also I like the cartoon at the bottom. Very nice. You have a great blog.
    Thank you Eric. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Nope, when I saw what pic my 6th folder 6th picture was I made the decision that it wasn’t going online. Not now, not ever! Sorry! Not gonna happen here.
    LOL I was fortunate coz my 7th photo was not a pretty one and I wouldn’t have wanted it out there for the world to see. Ya never know with these memes how things are going to work out and I guess that’s the fun of it.

  6. Totally love the picture. Devoted Spouse is quite the looker…of course, I’m a sucker for a man in a uniform, or a suit. . .

    As for those glasses? I’d make fun of them, but you see…I know that you were actually quite in fashion with your big glasses and big bangs! You go, girl!
    Hey at one time I had that Farrah Fawcett look going, too. It’s funny the things we wear and think we look good coz everybody else is doing it too. Jeez – I’m old enuf to have worn “hot” pants back in the ’70s and what a goofy craze that was – of course I was a cute young thing and could do it – wearing hot pants now would literally burn someone’s eyes out! LOL I LOVE looking back at old photos and laughing.

  7. I love the dog picture. If Zeus ever had to do that, I’d have to take pictures and show them to everyone. Which reminds me, I wonder if they sell doggie prison costumes at Halloween. He’s look perfect in it!
    I try to dress up EmmaLou for Halloween and she gets a little miffed – it’s like when she’s at the groomer’s and they actually put a bandana around her neck and bows on her ears – she doesn’t like it one bit!

  8. **Typo** Apparently, I can’t spell today. I meant “He’d look perfect in it.”
    It’s okay, baby, I knew what you meant. I’m good that way…

  9. I wore my hair just like you back then and wanted to wear glasses soooo bad but never had to until almost 50. btw, those glasses are coming back in style. You were just way ahead of your time. HUGS
    It was a popular style – they’re coming back? I’d be so happy to have larger glasses again – these tiny things they make hardly give you enough room to see through. My prescription sunglasses are huge and look like some hollywood celebrity and I wish I could wear them all the time because I have actually a much wider field of vision. Stupid designers.

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