Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Part II


Ya’ll remember a few days back I posted on Crap on a Crutch about the Air Force Lt Col that was being kicked out of the service simply because he was gay and how mad that attitude made me?  Well, I dashed off a quick Letter to the Editor of the Dayton Daily News and it seems they actually published it.  If you wish to read it (it’s certainly no Pulitzer Prize winning letter I assure you) go here.  Were you aware that the Services have actually already kicked out around 12,000 of our men and women in the military for just this reason?  Unacceptable.  Whether you approve or disapprove of the lifestyle, the service to country must be acknowledged and appreciated or we are indeed doomed to forever dwell on the inconsequential.

It’s always  fun to have your 15 minutes of fame.  In my lifetime so far I’ve probably had about 6 and a half hours of fame  in 15 minute increments.  Some of it good; I literally ran into Ronald Reagan at the Pentagon once; just flat out came screaming around a corner and stumbled into he and his entourage – gave all of us a laugh fortunately;  some of my moments of fame I’d rather the world didn’t know about. There was that little thing about Woodstock  and my visit, but we won’t go into that right now… But that’s life – with fame sometimes the pictures show the double chin and sometimes you get Photoshopped.

Some years ago I had a regular correspondence going on with one of the staff writers at the Dayton Daily News who wrote a humorous column and wore the strangest little cap – like one of those Greek fisherman caps:


Anyway,  I used to send little stories of what was going on in my life – much like my snippets from Crone and Bear It and sometimes he’d publish them and then my head would swell.  He even took me to lunch one day and I was just thrilled.  Then he left the newsworld and dropped off the face of the earth – I think he still might be here locally somewhere but I’ll have to look him up — what was his name?  Leigh Alan?  Leigh Allen?  Leigh Allan?  Good grief sometimes my memory just refuses to work.  Well, I just looked him up and a Leigh Allan still lives here in the Dayton area – I left a voicemail – heaven only knows who I really called.  Sure would be fun to talk to him again – he wrote some very funny columns during his time at the Dayton Daily News.  Jeez Louize I hope I called the right guy…

7 thoughts on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Part II

  1. I read your letter to the editor and loved it but of course your first comment is from the “troll patrol” and a complete idiot. Here is the comment:

    “What would you think Linda if your husband had to shower and sleep , and use the same restroom facilities in the same room with female soldiers,would you be a little uncomfortable with that, what is the difference, the Gays are attracted to the same sex, they would be looking and ******* and who knows what else,I suppose if we gave them their own barracks, but wouldnt that be a uncontrolled mess, we need to put National Security ahead of feelings, ”
    7:17 AM, 6/6/2009

    OK. The “” are mine the rest of the spelling and punctuation is his.

    Phil obviously is afraid of homosexuals and probably doesn’t have any as friends or has known any or he would know that his statement shows what an Ass he is and how wrong. This is the type of attitude that holds us back. Most civilized countries (Canada, England, Sweden etc.) have no problem with gay people or other races, creeds, and religions. When are we as a country going to grow up?

    If you go back to the link I provided in my blog you will find I answered Philman’s comments with the following comment of my own:

    In response to Philman: My husband and I are secure in our marriage as evidenced by our 26 years together. I would not have cared had he showered with a man, a woman, nor a hamster for that matter. I find you, dear sir, to be uninformed, unenlightened, and, unfortunately, bigoted. The Military Services must join the 21st century and stop this type of discrimination.
    Linda Dix
    10:25 AM, 6/6/2009

    I have zero tolerance for this type of attitude and what’s funny is I think I know who Philman might be. If it’s who I think it is, well, he’s simply homophobic and a sad man.

  2. Hi Cronie,
    I read your letter to the editor.
    Thank goodness we have freedom of speech in our country. I’ve never written anything to any editors, but have often thought about it.
    And I didn’t know your Hubbs was in the airforce.
    My own Dad was an airforce captain in the Korean War.
    Thanks for sharing!
    My dad was also in Korea and in the Berlin Airlift – Devoted Spouse was in VietNam. He retired as a Colonel and I’m very proud of him and so I couldn’t keep my mouth shut on this issue – I have no opinion one way or another about anybody’s lifestyle – that’s their private business – but don’t destroy that Lt Col’s career of 18 years over something this unimportant – he only has 2 more years til he can retire and they want to take all that away from him and it’s just wrong. Hugs!

  3. It is truly wrong. My father was a colonel (chaplain) in the USAF, he served in WWII. He left the military to be a missionary in the Philipines. Then the korean war came along, he was reactivated and was on active duty for 26 years afterwards. He would’ve blown a gut over this farce.
    So would my Dad. Had he lived long enough this would have angered him to no end. Fortunately, he left behind a big-mouthed girl who is never afraid to speak her mind on any subject at any time or any place.

  4. Linda, I am very proud of you for making a stand on this issue. Those of us who know homosexual men and women know that they are not going to approach a heterosexual. Totally aside from that this serviceman was doing his job and he must have been doing it well since his rank was so high. Anyone in corporate American knows that you don’t get rid of great, effective and intelligent people for sexual orientation. If you do you just may be left with idiots.
    I don’t know that I did anything worthy of your praise, I simply felt strongly about this issue as it speaks to freedom of choice and that’s something we are losing more and more in this country lately and that makes me mad as hell. What made me madder was in this particular instance this Lt Col was doing his job – and a civilian outed him – why, I don’t know, but I’ve seen people do this before — it happened where I worked at my last job – a civilian hinted at the supposed sexuality of one of our co-workers and I was absolutely outraged so outraged in fact that when she came into my 4-person cube and asked her “pertinent” question I immediately replied, Why I have no idea, let’s go ask and find out. She left. It is intolerable behavior and this backwards attitude that people have that just because someone is gay they are immediately going to hit on every person of their own sex within walking distance. Preposterous. See? I’m getting all riled up all over again. I’m just absolutely ashamed at how this man is being treated. He’s already gone before a Military Tribunal and they WILL be kicking him out. If Obama does nothing else during his stay in the White House, please let him take action on this subject. The unjustice of it all just frosts me.

  5. It appears that Philman’s comment has been removed. I recently discovered that you don’t have to be an American to join our armed forces. We will throw out gays but allow non-Americans to join? Is it me or there is something really wrong with this picture?
    His comment is still there, they only show so many, you have to click on the button that says something to the effect of Show All Comments. Another one has shown up, too, trying to explain to me that the military has rules and rights and I don’t know the definition of “discrimination”. I shall be replying to Brian’s comment later today. I can’t let that go unanswered because I agree the military has rules, but I believe this man was singled out – of course we will never know the full story. but yes, there really is something wrong with this picture and it needs to be addressed and righted or this isn’t America where everyone is free and diversity is welcomed. I neither condone nor condemn the lifestyle but I will defend the right to live one’s life as one sees fit provided one does no harm to another til the day I die. That is MY America.

  6. Thanks for writing your letter Linda and for this post. I personally have several friends who were booted from military service for this reason. I always laugh at the insecurities of people. Oh no, some guy might check me out in the shower – like homosexuals are just sexual creatures with only one thing on their mind. To tell you the truth, gay people avert their eyes in locker rooms and other places so as not to get “pegged” and I image that in the military this would be even more of a practice since a hope of continued ability of service is at stake. Gay people serve honorably and I always feel so proud at gay pride parades where retired gay servicepeople lead the parade carrying the flags of this country and all the military branches.
    What people do in their personal lives is their business and this nonsense just made me so mad I was spitting. I think most people, straight or gay, avert their eyes – it’s the proper thing to do and that’s how most would act. We make way too much of this – it’s time to get with the program and let people live they way they want to as long as they do no harm to others. I get real funny about personal rights – like my right to own a gun and my right to freedom of speech – and when I feel mine or anyone else’s rights threatened or see stupidity in print or in action I tend to get right into the middle of it. My disciplined retired military husband supports my opinions and never interferes – he’s usually proud of me for standing up for others. In fact we laugh at the fact that while he was serving in VietNam I was in Georgetown, DC getting maced in an anti-war march. (We weren’t married back then and he’s about 10 years older than I). I’ve become much more conservative over the years but I hate discrimination and bigotry and this country is so much better than that. Oops – starting to get on the soapbox… Hugs!

  7. I just don’t get it. What’s the big ruckkus over happy people being in the military?

    o.k. that was lame, I know but what can i say that hasn’t already been said? Ignorance and bigotry just piss me off. Thanks for writing that letter.
    It wasn’t lame at all. We have much more important subjects to tackle right now than whether or not someone is gay and serving in the military. Oooh – we’re so afraid of the gays. Garbage. It just irritated me to no end that this man was being punished the way he was. Apparently there is a fund set up for him and I believe I’ll contribute a bit to help the cause. No one should be made to suffer the loss of their retirement for this idiocy. And sometimes I just get my dander up and then batten down the hatches, Linda’s opening up her big mouth to the world again whether they want to hear her or not! LOL Hugs!

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