Grasshopper Finally Snatches the Pebble

David Carradine as Kwai Chang

David Carradine as Kwai Chang

I remember Kung Fu as being one of my favorite shows.  I was a bit young at the time and I thought I’d go into martial arts until I saw that weird ritual at the end where they picked up the huge hot iron pot that left the Shao Lin image in their arms.  That’s when I decided I’d stick to aerobics and not even think about martial arts.

I thought being called Grasshopper was almost the best part of the show – that and my favorite line:  “Master Kan to young Caine: When you can take the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to leave.”

Hokey?  You bet it was.  I loved it.  And I loved the way David Carradine spoke – the pauses he used for effect and the softness of his voice  – what an actor that man was.  Go here for some interesting tidbits about the show from Wikipedia.

Okay, so lately I got a little disturbed by his Kung Fu impression on the Yellow Pages commercial and I was a tad bit worried that he had sunk that low.  But wasn’t he in Thailand to shoot a new movie?  Maybe he was tired of being relegated to a “B” actor in bad movies.   Perhaps that’s why we lost him – no one will ever know – and that’s the horror of suicide.  So sad.


A few moments of silence for a man who had a very interesting career and entertained this “little kid” for many years.  Bye, grasshopper, we’ll miss you.

7 thoughts on “Grasshopper Finally Snatches the Pebble

  1. Hmmm, yes, well, I read this morning that it may have been accidental. Since they found him in the closet, naked, with a cord around both his neck and family jewels, it looks like one of those erotic asphyxia things.

    At 71. Go figure.
    That’s exactly what I said to Devoted Spouse last night – this was no suicide – this was stupicide. What a waste of a good life possibly just for kicks. I will never understand.

  2. I’m too young to remember David’s show, but my buddy the Geezer does. The codger is old enough to remember David’s father who was also an actor (And a damned good one!) He says the show was the precursor of the fascination with martial arts and ninja’s et al. It was pure entertainment. I hope his manner of death will not cast any shadow on his talent.
    Hi Sandy – EmmaLou’s mom here – I hope people remember him for his work and not how he died and I, too, remember his dad as an amazing actor with the most mesmerizing voice and such a way with facial expressions. Life sometimes is sad – I shed a tear and EmmaLou was sad that I was sad but I guess you understand that sometimes we humans are an emotional bunch. Thanks for coming to see me – EmmaLou is reminding me that I need to visit you soon! And she sends a friendly “woof” and a goofy grin to you!

  3. I was afraid it was one of those aphyxia deals — ouch!
    Sad, huh? I will never understand why people are willing to die just for a thrill. I can’t imagine how his family must be feeling. It is heartbreaking.

  4. Grasshopper, take the pebble from my hand… Or, if you find me hanging in a Bangkok closet naked, take the rope from my neck and genitals. May God bless his troubled soul.
    I, too, wish his spirit a peaceful journey and know that God will welcome him into the fold and I pray He wraps angels wings around the family because the memory of how he died, not what he accomplished, will forever be remembered and talked about and that’s truly sad. We are all human, and sometimes we cannot help the way we are or the stupid things we do.

  5. It is truly sad. I too hope that he’s remembered for his career and not his tragic ending.
    I don’t even want to watch tv because this is all they will talk about for days on end – it’s so “sensational” and it will be exploited and I feel sorry for his family to find this very private information out about someone they love. Sad, sad, sad. The tabloids will have a field day.

  6. What a sad and lonely way to die and since he was an actor this will be immortalized with him and his poor family will never be able to forget how it happened. Hubby loved that show and watched the reruns whenever he found one.

    I feel for his family and hope they work through this soon.
    Absolutely – only now more details are being released and it either seems as if he knew what he was doing or someone may have been with him and “playtime” went too far. It is still a sad way to be remembered.

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