Shoes, Glorious Shoes…

sandalI thought I’d do a little online shopping since I’m trying to rest my back.  So off to the Web I go in search of something just a little different but definitely pretty so I can wear them out when I get a new pedicure.  I found this site and they had lots and lots of sandals from which to choose.  I was in sandal heaven.  I was all ready to order them in the same color as the picture above when I just happened to notice the price.  They were OVER $200!  More than $200 for one lousy pair of sandals – plus they were made in China. Holy crapoli!   I about had a cow.  Now I like shoes, but for $200 I figure I could go to the dollar store and buy 200 pairs of rubber flip flops – c’mon $200?  For ONE pair of sandals?  I don’t think so.  At least they offered free shipping.  I’m going back to L. L. Bean – they have fun flip flops with cute pictures of whales or dogs or lobsters.  In fact the ones I have on right now are light blue with dark blue whales on them and they’re cute as the dickens and they only cost about $20.  Big difference.  Now I don’t have the most gorgeous tootsies in the world (it’s time for that pedicure) – but the pics below will show you how cute the flip flops are.



You should see the ones with the little red lobsters – it just doesn’t get any cuter.  Hmm…I could use some new shorts and a new bathing suit, and a new straw hat and EmmaLou needs some new toys…………

8 thoughts on “Shoes, Glorious Shoes…

  1. Come from Amelia’s blog, had to check you out ’cause thename of your blog is sensational and look what I find the most gorgeous pair of sandal with gems I have ever seen. They look lovely on you, as for me, I have stunning slim feet (I wish the rest of me followed suite) but anyhoo, I have horrible nails though, nothing to paint either. I think your feet look adorable…Having said all that I’ m going back to see aforementioned sandals and see if I can find them anywhere lol
    The sandals in the picture are from a place called – I have no idea where a cheap version might be. Good luck. Thanks for visiting.

  2. what would become of the economy if women stopped buying shoes?
    The same outcome as if men stopped buying guns and technical gadgetry… LOL

  3. Oh my! You could get out the hot glue gun and make 10 of those sandals for the cost of that one pair. Then feel good about yourself for such a clever craft project.

  4. $200 for flip flops?! The day I’d spend $200 for shoes or even an outfit would be the day I’d walk around saying, “Shoot me, please.” Hell, my wedding gown didn’t even cost that much and it was pure silk–pays to buy off the sale rack, it only cost me $75.00.

    Cheap? Me? HELL, YES!
    I’m with you, sister! I got better things to do with my money than invest $200 in one pair of shoes!

  5. I love those sandles but I have a problem…swelling feet, and if I overdo it or get too hot or maybe if the moon is a certain way my feet and even legs balloon.

    So needless to say footwear is a problem and painting the toenails doesn’t happen for who wants to draw attention to the whole ball of wax?

    But your feet are awesome!

    covetishly yours
    What a sweet comment – and here I’m complaining about my chubby little tootsies badly in need of a new pedicure. You’re such a sweetie! I have problems w/shoes, too coz my arches fell. Now I asked the Doc where the hell did they fall to? He just looked at me like the idiot I am and patiently explained I shouldn’t wear flip flops because they don’t give enough support. He can kiss my flip flop. I’ll never give them up; but I promised not to go barefoot anymore. Sometimes getting older just bites! LOL!

  6. Those sandals ARE really cute but I just can’t and won’t do $200. That’s over $100 per shoe. Your tootsies are cute and so are the flips.
    I guess if you’re Paris Hilton, $200 for sandals is chump change. I’ll stick to my $20 flip flops from LL Bean thank you. My tootsies badly need a new pedicure – I didn’t realize how long my little nails had gotten until I looked at those pics – oh well – maybe we’ll just focus on the flips and not on my chubby little tootsies. LOL

  7. I can’t see paying much for shoes unless they are heavy duty work boots with steel toes. Money is worth it to save your feet in the dangerous workplaces. Other than that I buy mostly from Lands End when they are on sale. There shoes seem to be about the only ones my feet will tolerate comfortably.
    I think the key word here is “comfort”. Many thousands of years ago I worked at the Pentagon and I wore heels and walked the concrete floors day after day and it about killed my feet (made my legs look sexy though). Then I wore pumps for years at other jobs until finally at my last job I wore comfy low heeled shoes. Now that I’m retired I’ve worn fancy shoes several times in the past 2 years for a specific function but otherwise I stick to Crocs, tennies, and flip flops. I will never wear another pair of heels, not even for gobs of money! BTW suddenly your comments are all coming in as spam. Stupid wordpress. Good thing I check spam, huh? LOL

  8. I love shoes.. but with 200$ I would rather spend on shoes for my kids which for that price I could get each about 6 pairs (maybe) my feet have stopped growing but with them it seems like I buy a pair and with in 3 months I have to buy more..
    Yes, $200 will buy alot more than just one pair of sandals. Right now I’m thinking it could buy about a thousand Oreo cookies with enough left over for milk, too… LOL

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