What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar?


I didn't do it Mom

The last few days around here have been filled with young men and mulch.  Now before you get some strange ideas from that sentence let me remind you it is that time of year when gardens and flower beds have to have some mulch put on them to protect and nourish all the flowers and shrubbery and, most importantly, allow Devoted Spouse some free time from weeding.

Remember the other day I told ya’ll how there’s that stinky product called Liquid Fence that is designed to keep rabbits away from your plants?  Remember the other day I told ya’ll how EmmaLou, the Golden Destroyer went bonkers for the Liquid Fence and thought she had found a new doggie perfume?

Calvin Klein Canine?

Calvin Klein Canine?

Last night EmmaLou received her normal dinner of what Devoted Spouse calls Fish and Chips (a special brand of vet-provided dog food containing fish and potatoes for dogs with skin allergy problems).  She chowed down greedily as if it wasn’t the same old kibble she has received twice a day for the last five years.  Then it was time for the “constitutional”.  Devoted Spouse opened the sliding glass door to the back yard and out went EmmaLou in search of that perfect spot (can you imagine how inconvenient it would be for us if we had to search for that perfect spot every time we had to pee?  Hmmmm….) Anyway, she stopped dead in her tracks on the deck, slowly turned her puppy head towards the right and noticed the first spot of newly laid mulch right under my kitchen window.  Suddenly EmmaLou turned into Super Dog and made a beeline straight for the mulch.  It was like Emeril in a Farmer’s Market searching for just the perfect pepper.  She sniffed, she moved an inch or two, she sniffed, she moved an inch or two, and then she found just the right piece of mulch, gingerly picked it up and took it over to the grass where she plopped down and commenced to slowly chew and savor that piece of mulch like it was part of a gourmet meal.

Okay – no big deal – the dog ate a piece of mulch.  But the mulch stinks much like the Liquid Fence — I imagine there’s a tad bit of manure thrown in for good measure and well, you just don’t have to lead EmmaLou to anything resembling the fragrance of manure – she’s got “stink” radar all her own.  So after she had her appetizer she ran to the closest flower garden and jumped into the middle of a pile of mulch, rolled around on her back, put her head and face into it to fully appreciate it’s “bouquet” and just rutted around like she was in hog heaven.

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

That’s my little puppy girl – give her an opportunity to roll in or eat something that stinks and she’s a happy dog.  I could save alot of money on dog toys this way, but may have to run to Sam’s to stock up on doggie shampoo.

More mulch arrives today — shhhhh, don’t tell EmmaLou please.


7 thoughts on “What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar?

  1. we have Mexican landscapers working in our yard this week, and our cats are freaking out
    Does Mexican mulch have jalapenos in it? Boy would EmmaLou love some of that!!! *kidding*

  2. We had a Border Collie that would find the fresh cow pie to roll in. Summer, fall, winter or spring I would take the outside hose to him every time he did it. He got the message real quick when it was 30 degrees. “Don’t roll in that shit if you don’t like cold water!” He didn’t like cold water AT ALL.
    I guess I could try just hitting her with the hose – I’ve never thought about it before – but she’s fast – she’d no doubt run faster than I could hose her down! LOL that’s my girl.

  3. Hi Cronie,
    I’ve never heard of such a thing!
    Cats do crazy things, but dogs?
    Is Emma fixed?
    Maybe she needs to be fixed.
    Coco needs to be fixed real bad.
    She mounts my BF everyday.
    It’s so nasty it makes us laugh!
    Hi Aunty – yes EmmaLou has had her girly things removed. She just has a fixation for smelly things – we all have our little quirks and that’s one of hers. I like sardines and anchovies, Devoted Spouse likes onion sandwiches – we’re all a little strange in this house, what can I say? As soon as the smell starts to wear off she’ll settle down and leave it alone. EmmaLou couldn’t mount anything if she tried but she does have this annoying habit of backing into you and rubbing her butt on you and I guess that’s the girl dog version of mounting.. Okay TMI – back to crafting – check out my new Crafty Crone page. Plus, I’ve updated my Meet the Crone page, too. I’m just a blogging fool these days!

  4. Rolling in stinky things…it’s time like those when I’m glad my pups have very short, wash and wear coats.
    If I thought I could get away with it I’d give her a buzz cut, but she’d look horrible and she’s very sensitive and would know she looked funny. So I shall have to put up with the occasional stink session.

  5. If you tried to spray her with water she would just think it was fun and shake all that stink on you. That EmmaLou is a mess! Literally….
    I know it would be another Golden Destroyer game to play. There is no answer except to put up with her and take pleasure in the good moments of which, fortunately, there are more than bad moments.

  6. Oh Emma Lou…what a naughty child…

    But of course to her it is just enticing smells and nature…
    (cats are not quite as bad..ours was an angel all of her 20 years EXCEPT when she would drag her butt across the carpet…lol!)
    Ick – I had a cat that did that too, and it was so nasty. Animals just don’t understand the finer things in life like social skills, do they? Then again, maybe we’d all be happier if we just mucked around in the mulch and enjoyed ourselves. LOL

  7. I think Emmalou must be related to Mayzie Doo Doo. Mayz also has skin allergies and eats that same dogfood. She loves to eat sticks and rocks. Weird dog. We go to all this expense to make sure that she eats special food and treats and she’s probably allergic to rocks and sticks. grrr. Good luck with the rest of your mulch. Did you get that case of shampoo yet?
    LOL – That food is soooo expensive and then it gives her the worst fish breath in the world. But she has pretty skin and a nice coat and I guess it’s worth it. The things I do for my dog. She eats rocks, too – She’ll pretty much put anything disgusting in her mouth and many times she’ll swallow it – last night I chased her around the yard (which was a funny thing to watch as I can’t run and was hobbling around the yard looking probably like some type of flippin’ zombie) trying to get her to spit out part of a dead thing. I finally lured her away with the promise of a treat – lucky break; that usually doesn’t work – then I had to go retrieve dead part and toss over fence – I sent it over the back fence to the crazy Chinaman who will no doubt grind it up and drink it. LOL

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