I Knew I Couldn’t Do It…I Have to Blog


My dear blogging buddy Delaney got me hooked on the Charlaine Harris series of vampire books which HBO has now turned into a series called True Blood.  Oh Delaney, what you have done!  I wolfed down (wait a minute, can the word “wolf” be used in context w/vampires – oh never mind).  Anyway as I was saying…I wolfed down the first book in the series and ran to Amazon.com (my favorite store) and ordered the rest of the series.  I just finished her latest installment  (book 9) and it’s every bit as good as the first book.   A 10th book will be published in October of this year (yippee skippy).

Well, that just wasn’t good enough for me.  I discovered that HBO had done a series based on these books.  I spent hours debating, should I order a premium channel for my cable (we don’t currently subscribe to any of the “movie” type channels) or should I just assume this series couldn’t possibly be as good as the books?

Then I saw the DVD set at Amazon.com and I knew I would have to go dig out my Discover card because I had to get that series and see for myself what all the buzz was about.  It arrived and I facetiously asked Devoted Spouse if he would like to watch one of the videos with me.  Thinking he would decline (although he DID read the series of books and enjoyed the wit and sarcasm in them), he surprised me by agreeing.  So I popped some popcorn, and popped in the video and guess what happened?  We both became mesmerized by this series – and so the first hour video led into the second hour video and a few days later we had to watch the next episode and so on and so on to the point that we are only 3 episodes away from the end of the season.


So what did I do today?  I went to my friendly Time Warner Cable company, changed our plain cable package to a digital cable package (you get many more channels that way and you need digital cable for High Definition which I hope to buy one of those fancy sets one of these days, but I digress. ) As I upgraded to digital cable this nice young man threw in a free 3-month subscription to HBO and a free year of Cinemax.  My mouth fell to the ground and I said how did you know I wanted to order HBO?  He said, “Honey, don’t  you wanna watch True Blood?”  I about died with laughter – here’s this young African American guy and he’s a fan of True Blood.  We had such a laugh together talking about the show – I was rather surprised.  And it was the first time I have ever had a good experience with Time Warner Cable.  Please let it not be the last.

The Cable Guy (oh please not Jim Carrey)  comes Friday to install the digital  box.  True Blood starts on June 14th at 9pm and I am ready baby.  I am soooo ready.  Sometimes I have such fangtastic ideas.



11 thoughts on “I Knew I Couldn’t Do It…I Have to Blog

  1. OMG, I adore that HBO series (despite the really, really bad accents!) I used to watch it on HBO on Demand every morning as I was worked out, and I’m really surprised I didn’t sprain something from laughing so hard. Isn’t the dialogue just to die for? And the little touches, like the picture behind the bar at the vampire hangout, of Dubya feasting on the neck of Lady Liberty are just priceless. I am so happy to hear that it is coming back on June 14th. Yippy skippy indeed!

    BTW, now you will be able to watch In Treatment. The second season just ended, but you should be able to catch it in its entirety on HBO on Demand. I love it; am going through it now, every morning.
    Well without school lurking over my head I’ll have plenty of time -Yes, I Love the dialog most of all – and it follows the books rather well including the delicious sarcasm and wit. I am such a sucker (pun intended) for this show. Preview for me please, what is In Treatment about? Imagine being so excited over something as inane as television. This retirement bug has hit me hard! I’m going to have even more time to read and craft (oh Lawd ya’ll DON’T want me to craft) and all kinds of travel and I’m just so happy I made my decision. Now if I can get through the next 5 weeks of this class life will take a turn for the better. Woo-Hoo Hugs!

  2. Glad your back to blogging. My wife Linda is working her way thru your 2009 book list.. will probably pass on the vampire books I have a comment for your professor but I better not post it
    Thanks – I thought I could take time off, but I so love to write I simply am compelled to write this blog. Interesting, eh? My 2009 book list really doesn’t include too many heavy items, most lightweight comical and some mystery thrown in with a smattering of religion. I hope to start reading much more nonfiction and increase my worldly knowledge and get off this silly vampire stage of mine. Vampires are just so much fun – or else I’m a strange lady – don’t comment on that please. 🙂 I had comments for my professor, too. It’s truly a shame to be so close-minded and I’m going to miss going to school but I’m not going to miss this particular seminary (yes, I have decided to drop out for now). Life is too short to be unhappy, isn’t it? Hugs!

  3. In Treatment is a series about a therapist and his clients. It’s on every night of the week, a different patient each night for four nights. Gabrielle Byrne plays the therapist, and Dianne Weist plays his therapist on the fifth night each week. It sounds boring, but I find it absolutely riveting.
    I’ll definitely try it – sounds interesting – similar to a show I’ve started watching called Intervention where they follow some type of addict (drugs, alcohol) and the efforts of the families to intervene and help them clean up their lives. It’s like peeking into the lives of others and I’m apparently a peeping Tom (Thomasina?) LOL

  4. I shall have to get the books because – alas! – Beloved refuses to watch a movie channel (much less pay for one) that shows television series. His reasoning is that it is a MOVIE channel. So I wait for stuff like this to come out on DVD and hope that I can bring it in the house under the radar until I can get him hooked on it.

    Hey, he isn’t crazy about commercial television, and now we own every season of CSI on DVD.
    I found the entire series through Amazon.com and they will tell the order the books were written – I suggest you try the first one and see what you think — or maybe you can find it at the library. Her first Sookie Stackhouse book (I think if I remember correctly but you can look it up at Amazon.com) is called Dead Until Dark and it’s about $7.99 @ Amazon and it’s written by Charlaine Harris. The library may carry them; I don’t know. Or you might be able to get them from a place that trades books like BookMooch.com. I would loan you mine, but I refuse to part with any one of the series; I’m that fond of these books! I have a problem, don’t I? Much too attached to my books. LOL Devoted Spouse and I just watched Episode 8 from last season and I absolutely love this show – I can’t wait for the new season to start and i’m so glad I worked a deal for free HBO! Woo-Hoo – it takes so little to make me happy. Hugs!

  5. Glad to see you back. Don’t let the whole reading thing get in the way of your blogging. Wait, did I just say that? Don’t tell the librarian police.
    The only true reading I absolutely must do right now is pull out research from 7 different scholarly books, go through a couple of journal articles and refresh my memory with some of my own textbooks — all this to help write this 20 page research paper which I simply have to do in order to pass this course. Once I get that digested I’ll be able to get stuff down on paper and when i start writing the words just flow so I know I’ll get the paper done in no time — I plan on starting on it Saturday morning -and frankly, at this point I don’t care if it’s A or B material – I just want to pass and get it done. I’m reading and outlining research now. As for other reading, well I can’t help it, I’m a voracious reader – and the more I read, the more I find out silly stuff I can blog about – so it all works out in the end. BTW I found one of my Amazon.com boxes that fit the Ina Garten books perfectly and they will be in the mail to you in the next couple of days. Hugs!

  6. What a bummer about what your teacher did. He needs to take a break, a really long break from teaching. You think he could have come up with something to write back to you all instead of just taking the easy way out and deleting it. I hope you tell him this too. I would never want him to teach myself, my kids, or my grandkids. And I guess just because they are a teacher that does not make them good. He sucks in my view, and I do not mean like Suki would want him to do. Oh okay I have watched them all too. I did not read the books, but I have to say that sometimes I was bored with the series and other times really enjoyed it. But I must of enjoyed them more since I watched them all.

    The series I am waiting to come back on air is Monk. I have watched every single one of the series that has aired. It is on USA channel and maybe you get that channel now. Plus they are bringing back another Stargate series in the fall. I have also watched all of those. I am a Sci-Fi fanatic for some reason. If I did not have this flu, I would have gone to see the new Star Trek movie and the Terminator one too. The new Transformers will also have to wait cause I do not want to go around anyone until after I get well enough for the surgery. I guess I can always buy the DVD’s or wait until Cable airs them.

    Another series you would also like is Weeds, but it is on Showtime. That show always has me in stitches laughing so much. It is hilarious at what happens to everyone. Anyone who watches it also says the same as me. People should start Weeds viewing parties. I am sure that watching it with a group of people is even funnier. Seriously, try to find someone who has Showtime and see if they will let you watch it. It is in the On Demand section of Showtime also. Plus they sell the DVD’s for it.

    Well now I will go crawl back into bed and suffer some more with this flu, or maybe go take a bath and see if that helps. Yesterday I left to take our cat to the vet’s because he got bit by a big mean spider and his leg got infected, he had surgery on Friday and needed to be checked up on. Those are the vet’s words. I was there for not even 15 minutes and then on the way home picked up the 8 year old grandson and by the time I got home my chest was in so much pain. I have been staying home and hubby doing all the running around, but he had to work late and could not take the cat. My lungs hurt for many hours afterwards last night. They finally stopped the pain, but my body aches and my head still hurts. Not like a headache, but just the whole thing hurts, like the whole body. If I die they sure had better confirm that the swine flu killed me. Trust me, feel sorry for anyone who gets this. I guess I am lucky that it is slowly going away and that I so far have not gotten pneumonia.

    Okay I have written enough, it must be the same thing you are suffering from. I can write and write and write. Okay stopping now.

    God bless and thank you for the prayers.
    My dear heart, I shall continue to pray for improved health – you have been through quite enough with more to be expected as you get closer to surgery. You are always in my heart sweetie. As for the professor well, frankly it’s not very Christian of me, but he can kiss my a$$! I will finish this course (another almost 5 weeks) and then I shall be resigning from this Seminary – they are too closed-minded for me and I cannot take it anymore – their opinions actually are interfering with my learning and I question the spin they put on theology frankly. I will be taking a different path — oh I will still study Theology, I just may not be at a Seminary to obtain my Masters Degree — who needs a bloody Masters Degree anyway? Humph. 🙂
    On the cable issues it has been a nightmare here trying to get the cable company to do anything right – I’ve wasted my entire day with them and they are totally incompetent – we now have one system upstairs which doesn’t even work – the software wouldn’t load and the technician didn’t even wait to make sure it worked before he left, plus the system on our main tv is not compatible with our DVR so I had to order a completely new (and more expensive) system which comes with their own DVR attached. Hopefully they will be here early Saturday to fix the damage they have done. But I’m exhausted. All this because I wanted to be able to watch and record one damn show – just one damn show. Honestly. I hate technology. Oh, BTW, I absolutely adore Monk – his obsessive compulsiveness just makes him all the more endearing. I was saddened when the actor who played his shrink died in real life. Well, time for me to sign off and go do some homework. Please take care of you – and your poor little cat, too. Spider bites can be so dangerous! I asked Devoted Spouse today if we could adopt a cat so I could name her Sookie. You should have seen the look I got! Don’t think a kitty will be arriving here any time soon. LOL. Big Hugs your way!!!

  7. Hi Cronie,
    I have a couple titles in my school library. Some of my students love it to death!!!
    Haven’t tried it myself.
    Too much work, too little time.
    Will add it to my summer reading list.
    Hope you are feeling better.
    Hi baby – find the time and at least read the first book in the series – I think you will be pleasantly surprised Charlaine Harris has a wonderful way with words and dialog and she’s a sarcastic little wench just like u and me! If Devoted Spouse is addicted, that has to tell you something — coz here’s a VietNam veteran, very straight and narrow kind of thinking, logical and analytical even though he has a dry wit who doesn’t much like to socialize but loves to tinker with wood and shoot guns — and he’s thoroughly addicted. You need to read the first book. Trust me on this one. I am feeling better – I’m moving more even though it sometimes hurts the exercise is good to get those muscles back in shape. I spent a good part of today refinishing a piece I found at a garage sale that I’m going to hang on the wall to hold bills – it’s a neat piece with cubby holes and a mirror in the middle – I sanded off some of the finish and dry-brushed it a green shade called yew (which means you in Louisiana, but I’m talking about the bush-type yew, LOL). I’ll take a pic if it turns out good enough to show ya’ll. Hugs!

  8. Dude, I know the feeling. I was the same way about The 4400 that was on USA. Holy crap! I had to order the series from NetFlix and watch from start to finish. (But, then the canceled the series on me! ACK!)

    Hope they don’t do that to you with this series. Maybe I’ll have to watch it sometime to see what the fuss is all about.
    I’m so bummed I missed the 4400 coz I heard it was good. Watch this series you’ll get hooked – but ya might want to pick up the first book in the series because her writing has alot more dialog and some wit and sarcasm in it that I just love (being the non-sarcastic wench I am you know)…. LOL HUGS!

  9. I didn’t know I was creating a total monster when I suggested the Sookie Stackhouse series! I want to read Charlaine Harris other books but my book club doesn’t carry them so I will probably have to get them through Amazon.

    I did hear that the HBO version is going to veer more away from the books though. I hope they don’t get too far away from her story line cause that would be bad news.
    Well cable guy just left and we now get HBO but our DVR doesn’t seem to want to record on that channel so it looks like I have to GO BACK to Time Warner and get one of theirs! Will this repair/install constant situation ever end??? If you like I’ll bookmooch you the Aurora Teagarden series she did – I have probably the first 4 books.

  10. I’m a Charlaine Harris fan too. I have all her books and she’s proimised to sign them for me if we ever get a chance to meet.

    Another of the great writers of vampire books, often ignored and difficult to find, is Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Her vampire, Saint Germaine has to be the sexiest one ever created. She has been around a long time and knocks Ann Rice out of the park.
    YOU KNOW CHARLAINE HARRIS????? When you go to meet with her I’m coming with you and bringing my bag full of her books, too. I’m already excited to know ONE mystery writer (you, in case you didn’t get that reference) whom I’d love to meet, but I’d love to meet Charlaine, too. That woman came along and cracked me up with her witty writing right when I needed that. How cool. I’ve not heard of Chelsea but will look for her — I’m zipping through a YA series Vampire Diaries at the moment and I get the distinct feeling I’ve read this before — it’s VERY similar to the Twilight Series which makes me wonder about Stephenie’s “dream”. It’s still vampire – and that’s acceptable. I have this weird requirement of my vampire stories – they can frighten me, sex is acceptable but not explicit (for example I was reading Laurell Hamilton’s Anita Blake series and they simply got too explicit – I mean I understand sex; I don’t need every little detail – I want more vampires!), they can be witty and silly, or serious and gory. I like it when they make me look around and hear things. And of course I love the suspense to build. LOL I feel the same way in general about sci-fi – the more strange, the more I love it. The Endymion series by Dan Simmons simply knocked my socks off – I want that type of imagination!! I read Bram Stoker’s Dracula in high school and some years later found Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot and I was hooked (bitten?) and I’ve had this bizarre love affair with vampire stories ever since. Okay – end of story. LOL Hugs!

  11. I didn’t say I know her…what I did say was, she promised to sign my books if we ever get a chance to meet. That was said to me over on The Lipstick Chronicles where she was a guest blogger a while back. I do have her site on my blogroll.

    I did meet a couple of the book tarts from TLC at the Pennwriters conference. Lots of fun!
    Oops, I misunderstood and thought you had met. I would much rather meet an author than a Hollywood celebrity – authors are the true talent in the world and I’m so in awe of anyone who can do what ya’ll do! I’m gonna have to go grab her site off your blogroll. I’m glad you had fun at the conference. Now that I have time on my hands I’m thinking of taking all my Crone and Bear It blogging posts and expanding them and trying to assemble some type of quasi-witty humorous book from them. Not sure if that’s a good idea or not but I’m mulling it over. I have this twisted fantasy now in my head of becoming America’s next Erma Bombeck. Heaven knows I’ll never be a mystery writer – my imagination isn’t quite devious enough, darnitall! Hugs!

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