The Ongoing Saga of the Slug Flu


For those of you who read my prior post on my case of slug flu brought on by my hateful reaction to a quiz at school – well, I deleted the entire posting and all your comments along with it.  Please don’t take it personally – I enjoyed your comments and tried to answer as best as I could.  However, I’m a little angry right now with my school and especially with my professor who had the audacity to delete a posting of mine which was on a general forum where students are encouraged to express their concerns – and even though you all know my big mouth, my posting was nice and respectful but asked the question did other students feel the same way I did that the questions on the quiz didn’t really apply to what we were learning but gave the impression of being tricky and were composed of minutia.  He deleted my posting and sent me an email demanding that in future if I have a concern I address it to him and not discuss it with the class.  That’s narrow-minded as far as I’m concerned.  But there I go shooting off my big mouth again.  So I will finish this class and re-evaluate my Seminary journey at that time.  I’m not sure I agree with the teaching methods or some of the attitudes I have come across.

I’m studying – but posting wise I have slug flu and am not going to be online for a little while as I give some deep thought to what I’m doing, why I am doing it, and where I want to go from here.



7 thoughts on “The Ongoing Saga of the Slug Flu

  1. I think we all have times where we need to take a step back and look at the big picture to see if what we’re doing is best for us, or not. I read the post you deleted and I didn’t see/hear anything other than frustration and you are totally entitled to express yourself any way you want, any time you want.

    HUGS and much love to you as you seek the answers to your questions.
    I knew that you would understand – but I’m supposed to make you guys smile and laugh, and that posting was ugly and full of venting and I don’t want to do that again – so i need to step back, calm down, think about my school journey, decide if I want to continue or not, and just be quiet for a few days or so. I’ll be back – too many things in life crack me up to never blog about the silliness again. I said in an earlier posting that I was going to take a little time off – apparently I came back too soon. Enjoy your upcoming vacation and thanks for being my blogging buddy! MUAH

  2. I will miss you with my morning coffee ( especially the Emma parts) but think you are doing the right thing for you right now.
    Be good to yourself!
    Thanks sweetie – I appreciate it – I said in an earlier blog post that I was going to take a little time off and I think I just came back too soon — I want to be the same old silly, irreverant, full of goofiness CB&I that you guys enjoy reading, not some hateful, frustrated woman who is considering dropping out of school because she’s so unhappy – people don’t want to read that kind of junk. So obviously I came back a little too soon. BUT never fear – my stories of life and the antics of EmmaLou will return – and it won’t be too long, I promise. I think you are right that I need to be good to myself and that means a short respite from being the “fun kid.” If you get too bored, go to the archives, I have some great early EmmaLou stories posted. Hugs!

  3. Your blog is whatever you want it to be. You always do make us laugh and/or smile but please don’t feel that you have to do it. Just be you, (that sweet, sarcastic, charming, insightful, honey we all know and love) and the humor will shine thru. Love ya! All the best on your self-eval.
    Thanks for the encouragement – life’s a bit shaky right now between the back acting up, school issues, and now our brand new air conditioner has decided to pee all over the basement. I think I qualify for quiet time! There’s nothing I hate more than self-doubt and that’s what’s happening @ school – I’m almost feeling just too old to go through this nonsense so I need to have a Time Out! LOL Too many stupid things occur in this world for be to be gone from blogging for too long – I’ll lurk on Twitter sometime too when I can. Right now I need to do something calming – and that’s finish my Nelson DeMille book! ROFL MUAH!

  4. I missed the post you deleted, but it sounds like you’ve had an unfortunate incident. Don’t stay gone too long! I understand your need to get your thoughts together, however, and best of luck. Sometimes a little solitude is good for the soul. I’ll be thinking about you and Emma Lou.
    Just as well you missed it coz it was just one long rant about school and old Southern Baptist attitudes. I’m still posting to my other blog, – but I’m taking about a week or so off from this one. But that’s what I said the last time and I came back about 3 days later. I just can’t stay away too long. Life is too funny and there are too many goofy things (like EmmaLou) to write about. Take care and I’ll see ya real soon. Hugs!

  5. Hurry back! But do take care of yourself first.
    I won’t be gone long and I’ve updated my other blog if you need something else to read. I’m just in over my head at the moment with the back treatment, house problems, and school issues. I’ve only temporarily misplaced my funny bone — I’ll post something soon never fear – I can’t seem to stay away anyhow! Hugs!

  6. We’ll miss you!! Although I may not post a comment, I am reading your blogs!! Take care of yourself and come back when you can!*Hugs*
    Aw, gee, thanks. I won’t be gone long – I just don’t feel real good w/my back right now and that affects my writing (I get cranky and then start to rant instead of being humorous). Let me get a little physical therapy done, and write a few papers for school and then I’ll be back – I promise. And it may even be sooner coz I can’t seem to stop blogging regardless – it’s my addiction!!! You may find me sometimes on Twitter. *hugs right back atcha!*

  7. Is that ethical?
    That seems a bit nasty of the prof to do…and what about freedom of speech…isn’t that every citizens right?
    I hope that you don’t stress about it all too much, and please don’t feel that you have to make us laugh…you are a lovely person and would have a loyal following regardless of humourous posts or not..
    Take care (and take care of your back too)
    ((big hugs))
    Apparently it is to them. His school, his rules. I’m pretty much over it. But I’m seriously thinking of dropping out of school – I’m not so sure I’m cut out for this and while I am interested in the subject – I can learn enough about that on my own – I don’t want to preach – I wouldn’t mind teaching, but I’m not the pastoring type – so it’s sort of a crisis – a mid-life crisis I guess! LOL I won’t be gone long – just have to have some down time. I think if I calm down a bit the back will feel better – plus I have a new series of physical therapy appointments set up and that will surely help. I need to find the fun in my life again – that’s the big issue right now. Cya soon, I promise! Big hugs right back atcha baby!

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