It’s a Shoe Lace, Just Tie the Dang Thing and Let’s Go!


Devoted Spouse in his internet wanderings finds the oddest items of interest. I thought for a long time that he spent his lazy hours in the recliner just reading forums and articles on guns and knives and outdoor manly stuff. The other day he surprised me completely by telling me he had found quite an interesting article that I might find helpful. I was expecting a lesson on how to clean a gun (since I have recently acquired a few of my own). But where did he send me?

To Ian’s Shoelace Tying Site.  I’m not making this up.  Ian’s Shoelace Tying Site.  He actually has a byline: “Ian’s Shoelace Site – Bringing you the fun, fashion & science of shoelaces”. There is a guy out there on the web who claims (and shows pictures) of seventeen different ways to tie shoe laces. Seventeen.  And he calls this fun. Tying shoelaces is fun to this man. He has names for all his different ways of tying shoelaces.  If he has names for all his ways of tying shoelaces, what other things does he name, hmmm???   For example there is Ian’s Secure Knot, the Surgeon’s Knot, the Halloween Knot, and the Reef Knot, just to name a few. He has pictures and directions to go along with all these knots you can make.   I’m not sure where this  could lead, frankly.  Today shoe laces, tomorrow who knows what Ian is naming?   (just kidding, Ian, don’t sue me)

These days I don’t care about tying knots — on the days I absolutely have to wear tennis shoes with laces I just do the plain old whatever I learned as a kid knot and double knot it so it won’t come undone in the middle of the store and I’ll have to do the old lady trying to bend over routine. I think Velcro is a better idea anyway. Plus it’s about time for sandals and flip flops so I think I’ll skip trying to learn some of Ian’s amazing knots.

But, go check out the website – go tie it or try it for yourself.  I was simply amazed.  Devoted Spouse discovers the neatest things to keep me amused and keep my mind off the pain in my back.  Simply amazing. Did I mention Ian kind of creeps me out a bit – couldn’t he have just stopped at four or five knots and been satisfied?  And, are we absolutely positively sure he ONLY uses these knots for shoelaces?  I dunno…


10 thoughts on “It’s a Shoe Lace, Just Tie the Dang Thing and Let’s Go!

  1. I an must have a problem – he has hearts on his Converse All Stars.

    No wonder he has a site devoted to tying them.

    In my humble opinion, the world’s greatest invention was fur-lined Crocs. I only had to wear tie-shoes a total of about two weeks all winter.
    I couldn’t get the fur-lined Crocs to fit – they were either too big or too small so I had to settle for my regular Crocs and socks. Crap. I think this guy is weird.

  2. I’d wear those Converse. Of course, only on days that I have time to tie them. Most times it is slip-ons for me. Huh, does Devoted Spouse need something to do because I have a few things down here. I’m just sayin’.
    I just updated Crap on a Crutch to show you how horrible the gardens look – and bless his heart he’s out there now repairing the stone wall, raking up the dirt and getting ready to plant the tomatoes. I think because I put the pictures on the website it humiliated him. Oops. Hey – I can’t be doing this kind of stuff yet – not with my back!

  3. I’ll stick with the flip flops. A no-brainer for me is always a big help since my brain is preoccupied with the intricacies of writing books.
    Unfortunately here in OH it’s too cold for flip flops until right around now! And that’s what I’m wearing, sandals, flip flops and the ever present Crocs. Spring – Woo-Hoo! It lasts about 6 days here in Ohio then it turns to 90 degree weather – sure glad we just bought a new air conditioner. I guarantee we’ll need it soon. Strange weather.

  4. I have about 2 pairs of lace up shoes and don’t wear them very often. I have had 3 (or is it 4?) surgeries on my left foot and I’m missing a lot of bones in it so most shoes aren’t very comfortable. I am a bare foot most of the time or socks when its cold and most shoes are slip on/off and they are off whenever I can. I would have made a great hippie, comfy clothes and bare foot whenever possible.
    When I retired I got rid of all the “work” shoes, the pumps and the heels. Ick. Now I wear only comfy shoes. I have no arches and so now unfortunately it hurts to go barefoot. Dangitall I hate getting old. My doc said my arches dropped and I asked him where could I find them and he didn’t get it. Duh. Practicing medicine must really dull one’s sense of humor. Wed is the follow-up appt w/the doc who did the surgery last week – wish me luck. I am feeling better but I’m still having problems walking far. I’m hoping she says it’s just gonna take a little time to finish healing.

  5. I don’t wear any shoes you have to tie. If I can’t slip my foot into a shoe I don’t want it. I have to say I didn’t know there were so many ways to tie a shoe and I certainly didn’t know someone could and would dedicate a whole website to the art of tying shoes. Wow! How did devoted spouse ever come across that site?
    I’m leaning toward slip on shoes these days, too. comfort first and always these days. I dunno about Devoted Spouse – he finds the strangest things and they’re almost always funny. But this guy just kind of made me feel weird. He doesnt have enough to do, ya know? Hugs!

  6. If I can’t jam my feet into ’em on the way out the door, they’re not worth the bother.
    I’m with you, sweetie – slip on, flip-flop, crocs, some kind of sandal. That’s it. Oh, and fuzzy slippers when EmmaLou doesn’t steal one of them. Hugs!

  7. At FIRST I thought it would be a site for LACING one’s shoes in weird and exotic ways…tying them though???
    A bit OCD, I think…lol.
    and a bit creepy, especially the ones like miniature hangmen nooses…?!

    Oh good for a chuckle though…
    Good that DS is buoying your spirits!
    It was a weird site I thought – Ian needs a job I think. DS always makes me smile. While I was waiting for my back bone cement to dry he kept racing around in a wheelchair and I laughed so hard I cried. Even the nurses got a kick out of him. What a joy.

  8. you tube – Dave ties Shane’s shoes, lol you wouldn’t want Dave to tie your shoes ..
    I think I’ll just give up on the shoe tying bit altogether…

  9. I didn’t go there. Ian scares me.
    I don’t blame you – although the knots were in color and they were very pretty. It’s just the fact he came up with seventeen of them and named each one. Ick. Life is getting stranger every day…

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