Delaney’s Giveway

I’m not posting any new blog updates for awhile but will check comments due to Delaney’s giveaway.  So leave comments please!


14 thoughts on “Delaney’s Giveway

  1. Could I use that vase for pencils? Flowers come to my place to die, ya know. 🙂
    You are such a toad — use it like I do — I have one exactly like this one only it’s yellow and I put silk daffodils in it and it’s absolutely gorgeous. So go to Delaney’s blog and tell her you left a comment – okay it was a smarta$$ comment, but it was a comment nonetheless and she will enter you. Silly goose.

  2. Oo!! That’s a great vase! Found your blog from Delaney’s contest! Thanks for sponsoring!
    Happy to help out – It’s really pretty and I hope you get it! Remember to go back to Delaney and comment. Cheers!

  3. Miss you.
    Sniffle, sniffle, *wipes nose on arm* – I miss you 2 – I lurked at Twitter this morning but didn’t see u. I’ll be so glad when tomorrow is over – I’m getting the jitters no matter how much everyone has told me I will be better after this procedures, I’m getting the jitters. What a goofball. Okay – back to studying again. Ick.

  4. Here’s my comment baby! If I win the vase, I’d leave it empty, so I could see it… to remember you while you’re away. 🙂
    Then, once you’ve returned, I’d put some beautiful flowers in it to represent your return. (I’m such a mush, sometimes!)
    *HUGS!* And get better and smarter soon! We miss you!
    That is so sweet it makes me tear up – you are a sweetie-pie! Don’t forget to go back to Delaney and tell her you left a comment at my blog! Hugs!

  5. So awesome! I’m here by way of Delaney. I used to sell Southern Living @ Home. I always wanted this vase and it’s one of the few things I didn’t get while still selling them.

    Thanks for this great item to sponsor her GiveAway today!
    Good luck to you – I hope you win it – it IS gorgeous – I have one like it in yellow and love it. don’t forget to go back and tell Delaney you commented at my blog. Cheers!

  6. I am so going to leave a comment here and at Delaney’s place. I could really use that vase. Feel better soon. Surgery is tomorrow, right?
    I hope you get the vase or the food thinging or whatever it is you desire – good luck. Yes, surgery is Wed morning bright and early and I’m hoping for a good outcome. I’ll be talking to you later in the week, promise – blog, email, I dunno – I’ll get news to you guys somehow. Me, or Devoted Spouse will put up some type of notice! Hugs!

  7. Coming from Delaney’s place – love the vase.
    It is very pretty and I hope you get it – remember to go back and tell Delaney you visited me. Thanks for stopping by! Good luck.

  8. I am just popping to say “hi” and I see from your tweets you are doing pretty good. Glad to hear it! Relax, relax, relax … try not to be like my mom who thinks she must rearrange her living room the first week after surgery (sheesh!) There’s a reason the dr tells us to TAKE IT EASY. Our bodies need time to heal.

    Hugs and candy and flowers to you!
    (Well, I would send the candy and flowers if I had your address lol)
    Aren’t you a sweetie?! I graciously accept the “virtual” hugs, candy, and flowers and humbly thank you. I am taking it easy. I’m napping, then I putter around for a few minutes, then I nap and read. It’s a nice day for it coz it’s raining here and who wants to do anything but read and nap when it’s raining anyway? You did tell Delaney you visited me, didn’t you? Good girl. Going to my happy place now (percocet). LOL

  9. I am not very good at arrangeing flowers, but would love to have them in my house more. This would be great!

    mariadelgado32302 at yahoo dot com
    Hi sweetie – don’t forget to go back to Delaney and tell her you left me a comment. Good luck – you don’t need to know how to arrange with this vase – the little holes in the top do all the work for you!

  10. EEK where have I been ..and now you are off having a “stiffener” as the Brits say ..
    Gosh I hope that it goes amazingly well and that you will be back all fit and healthy and making us all scream with laughter(or at least making us choke on our tea while sitting at the computer so that the tea comes out our!)
    Hi baby – that’s okay – I’ve been a terrible blogging buddy lately – haven’t visited folks nearly as often as I should. I will when I feel better. Right now it’s like being kicked inthe back by a mule. Hard to be funny, but give me a week or so and I’m sure I’ll have some bizarre and twistedly humorous story of my experience that might make you spit that tea out of your nose after all. Hugs!

  11. I’m visiting by way of Delaney’s world. I would so enjoy arranging my flowers in a pretty vase=)

    Please enter me in this fab giveaway!

    Luvdaylilies at bellsouth dot net
    Good luck – go back to Delaney and tell her you visited me!

  12. I miss you! Hope you are doing ok and getting some rest!
    Thank you swee’pea! I’m a bit sore and yesterday of course I overdid it. We have a church function tonite I MUST attend – so I’ll just have to rest later I guess!!! Thanks for checking in! Hugs!

  13. Hey there stopping by from Delaneys to say hi!~
    Hi Lisa make sure to go back to Delaney and let her know you left me a comment. good luck!

  14. i’m visiting from Delaney’s World…love that vase…I want it to be mine!!!
    Good luck – go back and let her know you commented.

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