Crone and Bear It Has Left the Building…


Due to a heavy school schedule and upcoming minor back surgery, Crone and Bear It is taking a break from blogging.  I should be back in a week or so.  Until then visit all my blogging buddies on my Blogroll – I guarantee they will keep you plenty amused and entertained.


10 thoughts on “Crone and Bear It Has Left the Building…

  1. You MUST check in sometimes, just so we know you aren’t buried under those books or the cement didn’t travel to your fingers and prevent you from typing. Really.

    I’ll miss you. MUAH!!!

    My prayers will still be with you.
    I’ll lurk on Twitter every once in awhile and I’ll post a blog in about a week – I got my homework done (7 hours of typing and about 1,200 words in reply to to discussion questions). So, I’m tired. Mon, Tues I have a few things to do, and I will read ahead for next week’s assignment and start working on those questions. I also must get started on my Research Paper which is due in about 5 weeks (20 pages!!!). So, while I’m working on school and healing, I’ll still be around. You can’t get rid of me that easily. Love ya, mean it! Thanks for the prayers!

  2. Hugs and kisses, we’ll miss you. Hurry back.
    Love you, too – I won’t be gone long – I have too much smartA$$ stuff to get out of my system and simply must blog about it all! MUAH!

  3. Get well and get caught up soon.
    I will certainly give it my best shot (get it? shot? injecting bone cement…? ROFLMAO)

  4. We’ll wait patiently for your return! Hope all goes well! Take care 🙂
    Thank you sweetie – won’t be too long I hope.

  5. Hang in there! I know what you mean, as I am screaming right now too………..ahhhhhhhhhh
    I will – I’m meditating and praying and staying calm because there is nothing else I can do – I can’t control the situation so I might as well leave it all in God’s hands and just get my homework done. Take a deep breath – life will get calmer I promise…. See ya soon! Hugs1

  6. Take care of your back and then your studies.
    We will be here when you get back.
    The other day I took my laptop into the bathroom.
    Don’t tell anyone.
    It’s good to kill 2 birds with one stone.
    I have the entire church congregation and the church staff and pastors praying and I’m thinking the procedure will go well because God is getting tired of hearing about me. LOL. I finished my homework Sunday – took me 7 hours to write out the answers to 2 discussion questions but I got it done and will submit them on Tuesday. Now I’m reading ahead for next week’s assignment and disc. questions. Okay – you took your laptop into the bathroom. I was going to let that go (get it? let that GO…hehehhehehe) but honestly, girlfriend, get some time away from the technology. Already just walking away slightly from Twitter I have gotten so much more accomplished. We must not be ruled by our technology (except for that chip I know they planted in my neck….) See ya soon. Hugs.!

  7. You will be missed! I always enjoy seeing what you are up to (besides being in pain) and what EmmaLou has done.

    Sounds like you are definitely studied out, yikes! I can’t imagine typing for 7 hours!

    My thoughts are with you and I hope that all goes well with your surgery and you will finally be pain free.
    I’m just exhausted – this school is taking its toll on me; me and my bright ideas…we had some insurance snafus today and it looked like they weren’t going to approve the surgery – I just went ballistic – but now it appears they will authorize it. I’m going in tomorrow whether they authorize it or not and get this done – I hurt too much to wait any longer. Cross your fingers insurance comes through (kind of like getting a last minute reprieve from the Governor at the execution!) LOL Looks like your giveaway is going full strength. I’m getting comments and reminding them to go back to you and tell you they came to see me. Wow – what a lot of work a giveaway is – I think I’ll skip doing any of those. I’m busy enough trying to keep EmmaLou off the new furniture.

  8. Hope all goes well, take your time will be here waiting your return, till then *hugs*
    Thank you so much – I’m over the worst part now – just need a little more rest. Hugs!

  9. Stopped by to say “Hello!”

    Hope that surgry goes quickly and your back to being YOU!
    Thanks for the visit! I’m getting better every day – surgery went well and I’m glad it’s over!

  10. Just stopped in to say HEY.
    Yes, Twitter is like quicksand. It’s tough to get out of it.
    I’ve been twittering from the gym, for crying out loud.
    Just stay focused on getting well, and getting your assignments done.
    When you get that sense of accomplishment, it will be well worth it!!
    Getting well, every day a little stronger. Happy ahead in school. Need more hours in day…

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