News Flash…Dr. Frankenstein’s Medical Notes Sold on eBay…


Hello all of my faithful 5 readers.  By now thanks to the amazing reliability of Twitter  you know I am going to have to have some mechanical work done on my back.  Apparently when I fell in January I fractured a vertebra and no one noticed because they were busy putting my arm back into my shoulder socket.  So this fracture is what has been causing the back spasms.

Fortunately a compressed disk fracture can be fixed by filling it with bone cement through a surgical procedure called a vertebroplasty.    Let’s hope they use something a little more reliable than this:


This procedure will be done on Wednesday the 13th in the morning.  It is outpatient but I’ll be there awhile while the cement dries (please don’t  use crazy glue and leave an instrument in my back accidentally).  Plus I made sure they promised to sedate me so that may take awhile for me to come out of it.

But I’ll be home sometime later that day and have to have a bit of bed rest for a day or so and then should return to my usual wacky self.

I’m hearing rumors that EmmaLou may deliver meals but she’ll probably snack on them on the way up the stairs.


Hopefully I will be walking with considerably less pain soon and may be able to plant flowers after all, or at least throw out some wild flower seeds and turn my garden into some type of prairie.  But I’m still leaving the laundry for Devoted Spouse.

Both of my blogs:  Crone and Bear It and  will  be taking a break for awhile.  I must work ahead in school to turn in assignments before I go have this procedure coz heaven knows what the pain meds will do to me afterward and I hesitate to turn in homework with slurred typing.  So I’m off to study ahead and get some work done.


Now let’s have a little levity  — I told Devoted Spouse that if anything would do it, this procedure would certainly cement our relationship.

Here in Ohio there has been a weird fascination with concrete geese.  People buy them, dress them up in strange outfits and then put them on their front porches.  The outfits change with the weather or the occasion.  It’s bizarre.  I wondered if having cement in my back would qualify me as one of these geese and would the crazy woman down the street put some strange outfit on me and park me on her porch.  I don’t want orange feet.

concrete geese

I also wondered would this procedure help solidify my study processes for school.  Of course my study habits are never set in stone so we’ll just have to wait and see if this treatment firms up my school priorities. I can be such a bone head. I simply have no choice; I must be putty in the hands of these doctors and hope for the best.

Please God, let the concrete harden and do its job, and don’t accidentally spill any on my butt coz I’ll never be able to live that down. (HardA$$). I’m already a SmartA$$ (Twitter inside joke). Smart Mouth Broad will be happy to explain it to you.

Try and stay out of trouble until I return. Feel free to email me – I will answer emails but I probably won’t be on Twitter.

Wish me luck –  I’ll be back as soon as I can.  But now I must hit the books!


18 thoughts on “News Flash…Dr. Frankenstein’s Medical Notes Sold on eBay…

  1. I’m happy they found something to fix and fix it they will do. I had bone taken from my hip and placed in my vertebrae and it took me longer to get over the hip part than it did from having my throat slashed. I just tell everyone I use to date O.J. Simpson. Ha!

    What a clever girl you are….weaving all that cement speak into this post. Do the pain meds help with that? If so, could I borrow a few. Please??
    While I’m dreading the procedure itself and the recovery (although my web research indicates i’ll be up and around in about a day) (they obviously don’t know me well) – at least I can wean myself off these meds. I’m building up a tolerance (I always do that and it sucks to have to take a double dose of things- just not healthy for your kidneys, liver, etc.) I may be quasi-clever but I’m scared of a little old glob of cement. Maybe they’ll use the kind you use on model planes and I can sniff it first to calm myself down before the procedure.

  2. You need to take some time off to concentrate on your schooling and your health. Get back to us when you can.
    You are so right – I’m shutting everything down (including Twitter) for about a week or so – school just has to take a priority and of course my health – Devoted Spouse and I have worked out a plan – I will dictate the answers and he will use the laptop. Fortunately I have a wonderful Professor – he said do what you can – I have to grade every week and if you don’t complete the assignment I will grade it accordingly. But keep me informed and when you DO get that assignment done, turn it in and I will re-grade it. That’s pretty nice I think. That’s why I’m trying to get some of this stuff done ahead of time – so I can lay in bed in narcotic dreamland and not worry about having to answer some discussion question about which I know absolutely nothing! Hey – you didn’t email your address so I can send the cookbooks! Hugs!

  3. We’ll see you when you get back.
    When DH’s mother fell and fractured her leg they completely missed her shoulder injury. Remind me to stay the heck out of the hospital.
    I hate hospitals and I’m so unhappy about having to do this. I just want to get it over with.

  4. Maybe you could borrow a bit for you face, then you could have a stiff upper lip. Sorry. It’s late and when I’m up late the brain turns sideways and spits out dumb stuff.

    Good luck.
    I think that’s hysterical and wish I’d thought of it myself! Thanks for the good wishes and thanks for visiting.

  5. Hey Cronie,
    Amen to MLS comment.
    And the sedation part is the best, you know!
    BTW, I don’t know how anyone can stay focused on real school work these days. Blogging and twittering is too damn distracting.
    So if you don’t respond to this, I totally understand. Get your work done. That is more important.
    Funny pics!!!
    You always make me laugh.
    luv ya!
    Hi baby – I always respond, what’s the matter w/you?? I’m seriously thinking of giving up Twitter because it DOES rule my life and school is just too important right now. I don’t know how people work full time and then do Graduate School work afterwards – for me it’s almost a full time job. So I need to re-prioritize and I may get on Twitter occasionally (when the homework is done) but no more sitting at the laptop for three hours in the morning playing. See ya back here at the ole blog in a week or so. Hugs!

  6. Hope and pray that all will go great for you.
    Will look forward to reading you again with my morning coffee.
    God Bless all 3 of you!
    Hi Cheryl – Thank you so much for your kind comments – give me a week or so and I’ll return with more nonsense I assure you. Till then you take good care – Blessings, Linda

  7. So glad to hear that they found the source of the problem and have a solution. You take care of YOU and we’ll be here for you when you’re ready. I’m not that great at email but I will try to be better for you. Coz I love ya that much!

    I know what you mean about twitter and have pulled way back myself. I like to play on Fridays but mostly just play SA and than I’m out the rest of the week.

    Take care and I’ll keep you in thought and prayer.
    Thank you baby for all the thoughts and prayers – Doc says not to worry – Linda replies ACKKK…you know me. I’ll update via Twitter probably the day after the procedure coz Devoted Spouse wouldn’t know how to Twitter if his life depended on it, bless his heart. Love the stuffin’ outta you! Cya!

  8. Yikes! I hope it all gets done in a professional way! Maybe that number will come in handy!
    Well, sweetie I would certainly hope they don’t bring in Bubba off the construction site to do the procedure!!! ROFLMAO – You’re so cute! I didn’t even think about the number – at least it’s not a Friday. Hugs!

  9. Me stay out of trouble?? Never! He he I am sending my thoughts and prayers your way for a speedy recovery!
    Silly me, what what I thinking?? Thoughts and prayers much appreciated – love ya tons!

  10. Wow! What a turn of events. That is a lot to deal with and we all wish you a speedy recovery.
    Wow is right. But I’m a strong old broad and I’ll get through this, too. Thanks for the good wishes, I’ll see ya before too long!

  11. How could it have taken so long to discover a cracked vertebra? I think I’d want answers. I hate to think of all that pain you endured since your accident in January, and perhaps, for no good reason. Here’s wishing you a successful “operation” and a speedy recovery.
    Because no one would listen to me – I told them I hurt my back – duh – should have been obvious – I’m tempted to sue the hospital, but it’s just too darn much trouble. I’ll get through this and hopefully be out walking the neighborhood streets and getting into trouble in a week or so! Thanks for best wishes. Hugs!

  12. Sweetie, if Devoted Spouse starts dressing you up in little dumb outfits after your surgery, tell him to PLEASE learn to Twitter so he can send us pictures. MUAH!!
    If he dresses me up in little dumb outfits and posts the twitpics he will never be able to laugh at a testicle joke again if you get my drift…MUAH! right back atcha!

  13. Wait a minute. I need a do-over.

    Sweetie, if Devoted Spouse starts dressing you up in strange outfits and then parks you on the front porch….tell him to PLEASE learn to Twitter so he can send TwitPics. MUAH….again.

    (it’s 12:50 a.m. and I should be in bed. Can you tell??)
    Do-over accepted. Again, if he paints my feet orange and parks me on the front porch he will forever be speaking several octaves higher… LOL MUAH!

  14. Best of luck tomorrow. I know everything will be fine, and you’ll finally be out of pain. Wow, it’s been quite a year for you so far. What are you going to do for an encore??? Nothing, I hope!
    Hi sweetie – thanks for the good wishes – it’s 5:30 am Wed here as I write this and I’m wide awake and ready to get this over with. Encore? Something fun I hope – Walk around the block maybe. That would be a relatively new experience. Start a running regimen? Oh, if only. Hike out in the wonderful woods of Southeastern Ohio? Oh I hope so. Live a relatively pain free life? Please, God. Hugs!

  15. I’m impressed you’re answering comments already – that’s a great sign. Prayers for a quick recovery!
    What can I say? I’m addicted. I hate to think someone has made a comment and I haven’t replied. Thanks for the prayers – I’m of course sore from the surgery but I’m already walking better and that’s a good sign. Doc said it was quite successful and she expects a 100% recovery from me. Yay!

  16. Well, its now the 14th so I hope the worst is behind you! Heal quick and hurry back!

  17. I just found you today! I know by this time you have had the surgery. Hang in there the first week is the roughest and then it gets easier.

    The cement will set and you will be sound as ever. Take it easy and do as much as you can as soon as you can and we will see you back here blogging all your funny pics again!!
    I’m so glad you found me – I had no idea I was lost – just kidding! Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your kind words – as usual I’m trying to do too much too fast and it’s showing – need to rest a little more so hang in there I promise to blog in the next week or so and hopefully it will make you smile. I’d show a picture of my surgery site but it’s not too funny – okay Devoted Spouse thinks it’s cool, but that’s a guy thing. Cheers! I’ll return the blog visit as soon as I feel a little better.

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