I Don’t Wanna Go – No – I’m Not Getting Out of the Car…


Some of my 5 readers know I had a nasty accident back in January.  I’m not going into details because by now the other 3 of you who read this blog are sick to death of hearing about it.

Let me just quickly note that even though the shoulder has healed nicely, the back is not healing and the pain and annoyance from the back spasms make me want to get in my car and drive it straight into a brick wall at 120 miles an hour.  (just kidding, don’t put me on Suicide Watch).


So Monday I went back to the Doctor who in March increased my Valium for the same spasms and hobbled in to show him this is not working and he gets this great idea.  Let’s go have an MRI done.  Oh jinkies.  Let’s put the world’s most claustrophobic, panic-stricken, anxiety-prone crazy woman into a machine that looks like a coffin and makes horrible banging noises.  Yes, that’s a lovely idea.  Sounds like loads of fun – I’d rather chew a dead rat, frankly.

Then he told me about an Open MRI so I won’t be totally enclosed.  My blood pressure decreased, the sweat mustache on my lip dried, and I gave in and agreed to the procedure.  Guess what?  They have an appointment open the very next day – well at least I don’t have to sit around for a week and worry.


So – Tuesday morning at 9:30 I will be having all these weird magnetic images made of my lower back.  With a little luck and some serious prayer the MRI will show whatever is causing these spasms and that it is treatable.  Please.

I’m a complete and total whack job at the moment just thinking about this.  Since I’m not really in the mood for chicken for dinner tonight I think I’ll just substitute Valium – I hear it has no carbs.

Diet be damned – when it’s over I’m making Devoted Spouse take me out for ice cream.

Wish me luck.




15 thoughts on “I Don’t Wanna Go – No – I’m Not Getting Out of the Car…

  1. Yikes!!! I hate MRIs. They make me feel as if I am going to be buried alive! However, I do wish you luck and I have plenty of ice cream over here! I’ll share!
    Offering to share your ice cream is the nicest thing you could have said to me. Hugs!

  2. Oh Honey, I wish I could send you some Blue Bell. You so deserve it. Good luck. Let us know what they have to say.
    Thank you swee’pea – I had to look up Blue Bell – we don’t have that here and I bet we’re missing out on something mighty tasty. My Devoted Spouse will find a sufficient substitute I have no doubt. Although I plan on taking both Valium and Percocet before I go, so it might be interesting afterwards watching me try and get ice cream into my mouth! LOL Hugs!

  3. Prayers are being sent for you, my dear. It will all be o.k. and you’ll be good as new. I have faith!!

    p.s. Should you eat a dead rat, we can no longer be friends because every time I’d look at you I’d see you with a mouthful of dead rodent. YIKES
    Thank you for the prayers – I am strengthened at the moment by Psalm 29:11, Hebrews 10:35-36 and of course Philippians 4:13. Whatever it may be, I will find the strength to get through it and I know it will be alright. Shoot, I got ice cream waiting for me! MUAH! P.S. I promise never to eat a dead rat.

  4. I’ve actually fallen asleep during an MRI but then I’m not claustrophobic. DH has one or two a year to check on his MS.

    You’ll get through it, I promise. Just think of the ice cream.
    I’m taking a valium and a percocet before we go so I’m nice and calm and not in pain. I’m confident I can do this. Or I’ll walk in the room and stroke out. LOL

  5. I am hoping for a great result and that the fix is something easy. It sucks when you can’t move without pain. I agree – no to the dead rat and yes to ice cream and lots of it, diet be damned! Life is too short to not enjoy it.
    Okay you guys, I promise no dead rat in my mouth, just some drugs to calm me down and the promise of ice cream and I’m gonna get through this. We have to find a solution to this problem, that’s the bottom line and sometimes in doing so we must do something we’re not too excited about. It’s just a short time out of my day and I’ll pray and hopefully nod off during the procedure! Hugs!

  6. Since I, too, fall into the “claustrophobic, panic-stricken, anxiety-prone crazy” category, I am relieved on your behalf that you will get an open MRI.

    And good luck, dear – I hope it’s something they can do something about. And soon.
    Me too baby – thanks – I just want my life back.

  7. Getting here late and by now it’s all over. Hoping all went well and they found the source of the problem. Prayers are going up and fingers and toes are crossed for good measure.
    thank you so much for all your kindness and caring – I hope they found it and it’s treatable – if it’s that alien baby thing I’m really gonna be pissed…

  8. I will be thinking of you, I am sure everything will go well and you will be doing somersaults and back flips before the year is out.
    Sweetie thank you so much for your kind thoughts – I’m trying to stay upbeat and praying for a good and fairly simple resolution. We’ll know in a couple of days. the waiting is agony…

  9. Maybe you could skip the whole thing and he can take you out for a bucket of beer and a platter of rats…
    Too late…the evil experience is over with and while the bucket of beer sounded tempting it just wouldn’t have mixed too well with the Valium and Percocet I took prior to going into the medical facility. There was no way they were getting me in there in my right mind (not that my mind has ever been considered “right” but that’s another story) – fuzzy mind…okey dokey. Devoted Spouse also took me out to lunch at Noodles & Company, a wonderfully tasty place but deadly in carbs and calories. And darn it all if they weren’t out of the rat tempura – sometimes a girl just can’t get a break…

  10. Sorry to hear you’re still having the back spasms. Prayers & best wishes being sent your way that the doc can help!
    Thank you sweetie for the prayers. I have a sneaking suspicion God has a big poster board up in heaven and it’s just covered with yellow sticky notes with my name on them!!! Hugs!

  11. My thoughts and prayers are with you! Would’ve replied sooner but I have the regular flu so I’m not all here. Yep, we’ve got plenty of ice cream!
    Thank you sweetie – I’m sure it will all work out. Now you get over that flu!!!

  12. I’ve gotta have ice cream for breakfast now.
    Can you tweet from inside an MRI machine?
    Wishing you the best
    Thanks I’m hoping for a good resolution to this problem. Tweeting from an MRI – now that’s an interesting idea. LOL

  13. When do you expect the results back?
    I hope today (Thursday) or tomorrow. The sooner the better coz I’ve been in bad shape for too many months now.

  14. With all my heart, I’m wishing you a complete cure and freedom from the back pain that has been plaguing you for far too long. Something doesn’t seem fair. Here I am, if not an atheist, a darn good agnostic, I’ve reached the ripe old age of 89, going on 90, and while I’ve had my share of painful episodes such as badly mashed feet from being ground under the hoofs of huge cows, survived a few bad falls from horses and the like, I’ve never had to deal with any kind of lasting pain. Keep us, your devoted blog-friends, informed and I know we all are thinking of you.
    Thank you Mary. I go in Wed the 13th and they are going to actually inject bone cement into my back because what the MRI showed is I have a compressed fracture of my first lumbar vertebra. See? I told them I hurt my back but the damn emergency room people were so concerned with my shoulder they ignored my back. All this pain for all this time and it could have been fixed back in January. Oh well. I’m hoping and praying or a good outcome. My doctor is confident this will work and I will be fine. I’ll be taking a few days off next week as I have to work ahead in school before the surgery. So feel free to email me – I’ll be checking email, just not blogging for the next week or so. Hugs! Linda

  15. I hope your back is feeling better…I have found that acupuncture works like magic!
    Hi again – thanks for the sweet comments. Accupuncture is great unfortunately I have a fractured back which will need some minor surgery — oops don’t think accupuncture will quite do it this time. Rats! Come back and see me again! Hugs!

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